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      The following is a true story. When i was 25 I got into a car accident going about 10-15 miles an hour. So naturally I took my car to a shop to get the damages looked at. The first shop I went to must of thought I was dumb or they must have been total jerks because they wanted to take me for all they could. They sat me down in a room and gave me their inspection assessment. I read the price for the repairs would be $1500 and that sounded mad and then i started reading the list of damages. The first item on the damage list was as follows

      "The interior of the left front headlight has ruptured and is going to start leaking fluid"

      I read it 3 times. Thought to myself, there is no way, they got to be kidding! This has to be a joke right!? So I looked at the manager in the room and asked. "Are you trying to say my car is leaking Head Light Fluid?"

      Then the manager said "For lack of better words, Yes"

      At this point I pretty much turned my brain off in an effort to preserve it as I figured they were about to spew bull crap and listening to them in anyway further would detrimental. I told them to screw off as polite as i could and left. I eventually took the car to another shop and got the issues that were wrong with it repaired for about $700. I have one regret besides getting into the accident in the first place, I wish I had read the rest of the damages list. The head light fluid thing was not $800 so part of me does wonder what other made up stuff was on there

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