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    • 427_stroker

      12 years ago


    • apes891

      13 years ago

      Awesome bands, the Pixies are fan freaking tastic

    • 427_stroker

      13 years ago

      To all Pantera, Damage Plan, and Dimebag fans, please read my journal and reply or reply to the thread under music titled "In Memory of Dimebag Darrell"

    • 427_stroker

      13 years ago

      Hell yes you've got some competion. But I'm a NHRA kinda guy, so I doubt think we'll meet up head to head anytime soon. As far as guitar goes, we more than likey play different types of music, so I doubt we'll be in an axe slinging contest anytime soon. I'm more of a prog player, know you, heavy riffs in odd time signatures, a little flair of melody and a blazing solo. I'm one of those jerks. But I am currently working on a friends car that I convinced him to let me build a motor for. It might be street legal when I'm done. My car is going to be turned into a street car when the final payment is made. I'm thinking 427 c.i. stroked LS1 with maybe a turbo. should be fun.

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