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    • Washington's medical history

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      pandaaaaaa Cooper Ayulo

      So as you know if you've watched thus far, Agent Washington was shot in the throat and transported to the nearest hospital by Locus. 

      I am making this theory based on the assumption that he lives.

      I get the feeling that if this season of RVB is connected well enough to the rest of the series, Wash is going to have some trouble at the hospital. It was said since season 6 that Washington has a very messy medical history because of his AI implant. For those who wouldn't know, Washington was given the AI Epsilon which was the Alpha's memories. The memories that were not his own drove him insane for a short while and after he recovered, he refused any sort of further experimentation. It also gave his "strong feelings of anger and a need for revenge." as the counselor says in season 6. They further emphasize this in the rest of the recollection series and in season 13 when the counselor comes back. And I can't help but feel that Wash is going to have some kind of incident in the hospital or something. He's had a lot of psychological trauma and I think that, whatever it be, he may have more problems than just a gunshot wound to the throat. 

      Also the Reds and Blues have been off the grid for a long time and are wanted by the UNSC so that might not go over very well either. 

      I'm probably wrong but who knows?

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    • What is your favorite season of Red vs. Blue?

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      pandaaaaaa Cooper Ayulo

      I don't know about all of you, but I love all of it. I do have favorites though.

      Here's a list.

      Season 13

      Season 6

      Season 8

      Season 10

      Season 9

      Season 14

      Season 5

      Season 12

      Season 11

      Season 4

      Season 2

      Season 1

      Season 7

      Season 3

      Season 15

      Also this is just my personal preference. You are welcome to tell me I'm wrong. You're probably right anyways. 

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    • I want to work at RT Animation soooooooo badly

      1 year ago

      pandaaaaaa Cooper Ayulo

      Boy oh boy I do... So much. Please hire me.

    • K can we just talk about this? I love roosterteeth so much.

      1 year ago

      pandaaaaaa Cooper Ayulo

      Freaking roosterteeth is the best thing on the planet. the fanbase is so nice and the people in the company are so nice and the community is great. The videos lift your spirits. The personalities are just so (for lack of a better word) Personal. I can relate so very closely to many of the people working there. I get recognized wearing roosterteeth merch and it feels great to know that you have a common interest with that person. Achievement hunter retweeted my tweet and people commented and it made me feel s great and I love it. It's really just amazing that a company so widely loved can be such a personal company and a company the interacts very closely with their fans. 

      We love you roosterteeth. 

      Thank you. That will be all. 

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