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    • Some RWBY Theorycrafting For A Change

      1 month ago

      papajohn56 Dulator

      So I was watching the first two chapters of V6 and something stuck out to me. 

      Why the inclusion of a  Tweedledum and Tweedledee reference?

      So I originally thought it might be just a feint to the Alice in Wonderland universe, because that would open up a whole world of potential references (and thus characters). But reading the origin of Tweedledum and Tweedledee was interesting. 

      Tweedledum and Tweedledee
          Agreed to have a battle;
      For Tweedledum said Tweedledee
          Had spoiled his nice new rattle.
      Just then flew down a monstrous crow,
          As black as a tar-barrel;
      Which frightened both the heroes so,
          They quite forgot their quarrel.

      A couple things jump out at me here:

      a. Dee and Dudley volunteer their services in a potential battle.

      b. Qrow "flew" in and scared them into solving their actual problem (open caboose door). 

      Knowing this, it seems like Dee and Dudley might truly be one off references. If so, kudos to the writing staff on the elaborate head fake. I see you.  barbara

    • I'm Broken

      1 month ago

      papajohn56 Dulator

      First off, disclaimer: this is going political and I'm a super liberal. I need to vent and if you don't want to hear the ramblings of an exhausted democrat, please kindly move along. I'll be open for rational debate later.


      I'm tired. I'm tired of living in a country, state, county, district, etc. that has watched the last two years and said, "Hey, that's okay."

      Hooray, we took the House. I'll celebrate the ability to conduct necessary investigations and counter policies later. We won the bare minimum to consider it a win. Somehow I just can't get excited about that. I guess that's why I'm writing this an hour after I should have gone to bed. 

      Two years ago, my naivete was shattered. Tonight, as the 538 live blog succinctly stated... 

      "The governor’s race in Florida looks like a rerun of the 2016 presidential race. And interestingly, if you want to predict the 2018 Florida county-level results, they look more like 2016 than 2012. That’s true in the Ohio Senate and Georgia governor races, too. I don’t know if that will hold in other states, but it’s indicative that 2016 wasn’t a total aberration."

      So tonight, will be hailed as a victory by Democratic leadership. We can thwart this president and have the constitutional power to dig into his dirty laundry. But being able to treat the symptoms doesn't cure the disease. 

      A sizeable portion of this country has watched the last two years and decided that this is what they want from government. Another chunk of society said leading through fear and hatred of the "other" is okay by not voting. Another segment said the ends justify the means. The economy is good and I feel safer so, the status quo works for me. 

      I'm so desperately tired of moral victories. Of declarations that this result was a turning point. That the next election will be different based on turnout and demographics. Of filtering and sorting the data points to death trying to find the silver lining

      I want my country to take pride in helping the less fortunate. I want to be a citizen of a country that sees a caravan of immigrants WALKING FOR MONTHS TO ESCAPE DEATH, and says, "Yes, you are the people that will build our next generation." I want to live in a country that believes in radical empathy. That isn't just out for themselves. That isn't terrified at facing the world without a bombastic toxic masculine leader. 

      Shit, I'll fucking settle for a country where facts matter and knowledge isn't belittled. Where there's no such this as "alternative facts". Where science is used instead of mocked. 

      So yeah. I won't be celebrating tomorrow. We moved the trench line. But the enemy is still out there and they're lines are fortified. And I don't like how easily a World War I metaphor just encapsulated my feelings. I don't know how to fix this. But something has to give. I can't keep going on like this. I can't accept that among the politically active citizens of this country there's nearly a 50/50 split who think bigotry and authoritarianism are the necessary evils to lower taxes and increase "freedom". 

    • Back again; now with RWBY thoughts!

      1 month ago

      papajohn56 Dulator

      So I was watching V6C1 (for like the 18th time) and something struck me. 

      My exact thoughts were, "Damn Blake's ear animation has really brought a new level of emotions to her. The new animation program and experience is really showing through!"

      But then something just clicked in my head. They had the ability to move her ears in V1. Because they did. It may have been hard to get the engine to do it, but they did it. As a clue to her true heritage. 

      But then something else hit me. She was hiding her ears. 

      Now before you say, "DUH, you idiot. Of course she was hiding her ears." Think about it for a second. All the animation, all the emotion, all the movement her ears have now. She had to control them. She. Had. To. Control. Them. 

      She had to have a poker face for the entire volume. For the whole application process. For most of her first semester. For everyone not on teams RWBY and JNPR for a couple volumes. 

      Thinking about this just added such a layer of meaning to all of her actions. Of course she was withdrawn. Of course she snapped during an emotional argument with Weiss. Of course, of course, of course. She always had the emotion. She just made sure we didn't see it. 

    • RTX Feedback

      3 months ago

      papajohn56 Dulator

      This post in response to Bethany'sEzra's request for feedback. Overall, RTX was an amazing experience and was definitely improved from last year. For background, this was my 2nd RTX. Last year (2017) I went as VIP (Platinum), this year (2018) with a standard Weekend badge. Both years I went solo in terms of travel. This year I stayed at the JW Marriott and was there Thursday through Monday. 


      1. Information Distribution - I think this is the biggest area for improvement overall. In both years that I have attended, I've felt that RT and the events staff does a good job of getting the pertinent information out across various social media platforms. However, I believe there needs to be a central hub of information. The number of times I had to go back and search Rooster Teeth's twitter account for a specific detail of information, only to not find it. Then go to the RTX Event twitter, but no; it was Bethany who announced it so I had to search her account. It's frustrating and I definitely think it leads to people missing out on info if they only use one platform or only follow one account. I would love to see a centralized depot of information. Something that is continually updated and linked across all account/platforms. It would make life soo much easier and move the burden of keeping track of these details away from the individual attendee. The app is about as close as we get (and the app is awesome), but it doesn't come out until a week or two before the event. There were ticket sales for night events, hotel deadlines, ticket statuses, discount codes, and general hype that came and went weeks prior to the release of the app. 

      2. Ticketed Events & Signing codes - I would love to have a single profile/account for all the ticket sales and codes. This most likely a tech limitation as building the infrastructure to handle mass ticket sales is not feasible or, at minimum, not financially viable for the current Rooster Teeth business structure. Even if Rooster Teeth can't handle the entire process, it would be nice to have a profile that we could view and change information on. There's just a lack of transparency/consistency given the multiple providers, who each have you create an account and if there's an issue you need to contact each individual company.

      3. Let's Play Live - Awesome show. I would love more screens given the fact that the seating was so flat. The current set up wasn't bad. It was just such a large, flat space and certain angles didn't have the best views. Also more than one drink line, more than one raffle line, more than one line for anything. There were a ton of people and each line was massive. 


      1. Lines at the JW Marriott - The first two panels I went to were at the JW Marriott. Staying at the Marriott was super convenient for this, but there were a couple of ways it could be improved. First, the line to the queuing room for the Grand Ballroom 5/6 ran right through the elevator banks. Staying at the JW, I just took the elevator down to the floor and exited the elevator to a wall of people, who immediately started saying, "Don't cut!", "The back of the line is that way!", etc. Really awkward. Second, early on Friday (specifically the Camp Camp Panel Panel), it seemed like the JW wasn't ready for the lines. The line filled the queue room, the hallways around the queue room, and out into the area where people attending the previous panel would exit. This led to a mass of people with very little organization. The guardians did their best to organize it, but the JW staff were rolling out stanchions and re-organizing the line on the fly. The guardians did an amazing job of maintaining the order as best as they could, but I think the JW should know by now that RTX brings a ton of people and the stanchions should have been set up in advance. 

      2. Lining up for the lines - The biggest panels (RWBY, Off Topic) have an issue that even though the line doesn't start until 1 hour prior to panel start, the line to get into the line, starts way earlier. I don't necessarily have a problem with this, but it crowds the walkways and causes havok with getting from place to place in the convention center. I don't have a solution to this, but it definitely causes problems. The only thing I can think of is to have duplicate panels. This year there were 3 RWBY panels and I think having alternate casts for the panels is a great idea. Maybe next year you could have two RWBY panels at the exact same time. One at the ACC, one at the JW. This could spread the crowds out. I'm not sure. There may not be a perfect answer to this.

      3. Exhibit Hall Space - I felt the aisles in the exhibit hall were too tight for the crowd size, especially in indie alley. There looked like there was a huge curtained off area by indie alley that had turnstiles but I never saw anyone using. It appeared that the aisles could have been widened significantly without much impact. I know the exhibit hall floor is always going to be crowded but there were many times were I was accidentally bumping into people just  trying to navigate from point A to point B. This, combined with what appeared to be unused space; seems like a mistake or a plan to force attendees closer to booths to encourage more purchases. 

      4. Escalators - Both years it seemed like at the end of each day the escalators became stairs. I don't know what the heck causes this. If they're breaking then talk to the ACC. However, I think it might just be assholes hitting the emergency stop buttons. Weird and probably unsolvable. 


      So that's about it in terms of "negative" feedback. The show was awesome and a lot of those are definitely nitpicky. But here's a few things I loved or things that were greatly improved.

      1. Pre-RTX & Night Events - Holy hell. Let's Play Live, First Night, Theater Mode, Bloodfest, Jeff Williams Concert, Always Open Mixer, Platinum Party, etc, etc, etc. You all stepped up your game. The Jeff Williams Concert was probably my favorite event all weekend. Bravo.

      2. Queue Rooms - Guardians did an amazing job of loading the panel rooms as soon as possible. The queue rooms were filled and emptied quickly. There was very little standing around. As someone with a bad back, I greatly appreciated the minimized time just standing there. Get me in the room, get me to a chair, and I will love you.  heart_eyes

      3. Metal Detectors - Fuck yes. It was perfect this year. My longest wait was like 90 seconds. Seriously. Granted 2 out of 3 days I started at the JW, so I probably never saw the max line, but still. Coming off of the "Friday fiasco" last year and adding in the attacks that RT and Austin have suffered this year, the security felt adequate and unobtrusive. Which is the perfect balance. 

      4. The app - As always was super awesome. Love the amount of detail that goes into it. 

      5. RT Store - Much bigger than last year and the line always moved quickly. One negative is that I didn't see any of the 4XL sizes that appear on the online store and that were there last year. Given that's my t-shirt size, I didn't buy any shirts because of this. However, I didn't visit the store until late the 2nd day, so they could have just sold out quickly. 


      To sum up, I loved RTX this year and will definitely be coming back. No issues this year were "deal breakers". My feedback is all for quality of life improvements. So kudos to Bethany and the events staff. You all are super planning, coordinating wizards. 

    • Pilot Month Thoughts

      6 months ago

      papajohn56 Dulator

      So when Pilot Month was announced the only series I had heard of was Achievement Haunter. Everything else was brand new. I think the advertising for Pilot Month itself was well handled. Before seeing any of the shows, I was most excited for Achievement Haunter and Murder Room. But the promotion definitely got me hyped for all without giving too much away. As a fan, I think all 5 series could be given more time to develop a voice and audience. I don't think there are any stinkers out there. But I'd still like to give a critical review/thoughts on each series. 

      <<Spoilers for all shows from here on down.>>

      Branded. Pilot: 4/5 stars; Potential: 4/5 stars.

      I went from not knowing what this was to being pleasantly surprised. The Joel Heyman thumbnail was a decent misdirection, but after enjoying the pilot as much as I did, I'm sad he was basically a cameo. I think this is one of RT's best acted shows ever. Casting the show mostly from outside the company really shines a light on how much professional actors can bring a project. I don't mean this as an insult to RT employees, but there are very few professional actors in house and most of their content is personality or improv driven. Aside from the cameos and the obvious influence on the premise of the show, this series is something I could see being aired on a major network. The writing is solid, the characters are well thought out and developed on camera, and the humor has a broad appeal. I honestly think this might the most fully realized series out of the 5 pilots shown. 

      However, I don't know if RT First is the best platform this type of show. I'd love to be proven wrong, but I think this show is too broad to drive a consistent audience on such a niche platform. The closest comparison I can think of to Branded is CrunchTime. Granted CrunchTime had a much more unique premise, but the bones of the shows are very similar. Comedy show staffed by non-RT regulars with a premise that skewed toward demographics that the RT community has in high numbers. I loved CrunchTime and was disappointed when it didn't come back for another season. Sadly, I think Branded will suffer a similar fate, despite it's obvious quality.

      Prediction: Picked up for 1 season, or potentially shopped to another distribution platform. 

      GORQ's Quest. Pilot: 2.5/5 stars; Potential: 3.5/5 stars

      I love Todd Womack as GORQ and Chad James as host. I think they deserve to be more central RT personalities. But overall, I didn't really feel strongly about this show. The sassy robot is fun. The game show aspect seems unnecessary and scattershot. The questions/topics were hit or miss. 

      I think this show wants to be a live in person version of the Jackbox games. Which is a solid premise. I think the show might be improved by moving a little quicker between segments and loosen up on the gameshowy aspects. Like move to a more Whose Line Is It Anyway format. But that might overlap too much with On the Spot. I don't really know if this shows has a quick fix. I think it's going to be loved by some, hated by others, and most will be indifferent. 

      Prediction: Might get an extended pilot run, but not picked up long term.

      Achievement Haunter. Pilot: 3.5/5 stars Potential: 4/5 stars

      I was very excited about this after hearing about it. And while the pilot was entertaining, I don't think it quite lived up to the hype. I loved seeing AH personalities outside of games, but I think my biggest issue was the balance between pre-scripted bits and live interaction was off. I loved the little snipets in the intro. My biggest issue, I think, was with the pacing or the editing. The live stuff seemed to jump between serious/scary and funny/prank-y too quickly or too much. It felt inconsistent and never let me get comfortable with the show. I wanted to like this more and I think it has potential, but something was just off. 

      Prediction: Picked up for more episodes, but probably doesn't have more than a season or two long run. Great merch opportunities though. 

      Million Dollars, But Animated. Pilot: 3/5 stars Potential: 3/5 stars

      I don't have a lot to say about this show. I simply think this should just be part of the regular MDB series. Maybe confine it to having episodes where all the scenarios are animated versus jumping back and forth between live action and animation within an episode. Animation opens up a bunch of scenarios that just can't be filmed live. So that's fun. But honestly, I think the viability of this show lies in its costs. Is animating a given scenario cheaper in dollar cost than live action? Is it more cost effective in terms of time, given that RT has a huge animation department? Does RT Animation have idle work hours outside of all their other projects? If those metrics are favorable, than yeah, make some more. If not, revert to live action. 

      Prediction: Not picked up as a standalone series, future MDB episodes may include animated segments.

      The Murder Room. Pilot: 4.5/5 stars Potential: 5/5 stars

      The promotion got me hyped. I wanted this. I was ready. I love escape rooms, whodunnits, puzzle games. I was so ready to go all in on this show. And for the most part I was right. But like grains of sand in shellfish or an itch you just can't reach, there were a couple of things that keep this from a perfect rating. So I'm going to list some nitpicks, but overall this show is great and I love it.

      Nitpick #1 - I love Blaine, but I think he was definitely trying too hard to forcibly insert comedy. The premise and fanfare that was built around the show lends the show to be serious. And, while humor shouldn't be outlawed, the #jokes stuck out like a sore thumb and took away from the overall experience. 

      Nitpick #2 - This comes directly from my experience as a DM for tabletop RPGs, but it felt like the cast didn't know the rules of the game well enough. I understand you might not know what you should do in a situation, but you should know what you are able to do. As a DM, I hate putting hours of work into a session only to have a player sit down and ask me how do I attack, or not know what the character they built is capable of doing. 

      Nitpick #3 - I like not having RT "personalities" as the callers, but I think tapping some people with more improv experience would be beneficial. The callers, I believe, were all from the broadcast department and spoke as if reading lines to deliver facts versus how an actual individual on trial for their life would sound. I'm not sure the fanfare of the trial is strictly necessary but if you keep that, then having the suspects nonchalantly answer questions is a big disconnect.

      Again, these are minor things that I think can, and will, be cleaned up if the show is given more time. Overall, I think it's awesome.

      Prediction: Picked up, runs on a non-regular schedule a la Immersion or RT Life.

      Overall, I think Pilot Month was a success. I don't think RT produced the next Red vs. Blue or RWBY, but all the shows were solid and I wouldn't be surprised if any of them got picked up for an extended run. Kudos to everyone who worked on these shows and the rest of RT for the promotion and distribution awesomeness!

    • Too Long

      7 months ago

      papajohn56 Dulator

      Ugh, I hate that the video site is disconnected from the community site. I go like 2-3 weeks between checking the community site just because I forget its existence. 

      Anywho, I just booked my flights for RTX. Fuck yes. Trying to convince a non-RT fan friend to come along. 

      So very excited for my 2nd trip to Austin. Who shall I high five there?!

    • More Books

      10 months ago

      papajohn56 Dulator

      Two more book reviews for the internet crowd.

      Thrawn by Timothy Zahn

      So this book was a big mental block/entry point for me. In high school and early college I was VERY into the expanded universe of Star Wars. I read dozens of books in the EU. When Disney de-canonized the EU I kinda swore off Star Wars books. But I heard good things about Thrawn and kinda wanted to get back in the game before there were too many books to comprehend. So I dove in with Thrawn; reimagined by the original author.

      Thrawn is great from a Star Wars fan perspective. Zahn managed to incorporate most of Thrawn's idiosyncrasies and tactical genius from his original trilogy and along the way introduce us to a great new character, Eli Vanto. This new effort was well worth the read and has single handedly (bookedly) gotten me back into the Star Wars EU. I'm eagerly awaiting the release of Alliances in June. 

      You Are Not So Smart by David McRaney

      So I'm posting this before I'm totally done with this book, but I'm close. Seriously, check out my GoodReads. I'm like 75% of the way done and the last 10% are citations and stuff. But aside from that minor detail.... This book is great if you want to learn about how you are not as smart as you think you are. A physical, literary edification of how you are a stupid ape that just by chance learned how to perform higher brain functions. Super uplifting, I know. 

      This book falls into the category of information that anyone who reads it, will head its advice but it will be a tough fight against mother nature. And those who probably need it the most will never venture to read it. Or maybe that's my own bias talking. This book might have something to say about that mental bias. It really talks about everything. It's a more pleasant text book for Psych 101. Interesting, but, as it states fairly clearly, pretty ineffective. If you need this book, this book won't help you. If this book will help you, you're probably aware enough to not need it. Overall, entertaining but not super insightful. 

    • Refocused on Reading

      11 months ago

      papajohn56 Dulator

      I've always read a lot and enjoyed it but over the past couple years I kinda fell out of the habit and didn't realize it. I picked up my pace towards the end of 2017, but I'm committed to keeping it up through 2018. 

      I filled out a bunch of shelves on Goodreads (check it if you care) and have been stalking the Kindle store for sales. So far I've finished 4 books in 2018.

      Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

      So I started reading this after listening to the Hamilton musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda, like, oh probably half of the world. This biography is exquisitely researched and thorough. I think I'd classify this as pretty much the best history textbook I've ever read and if all textbooks were this good, school would be a lot more beneficial. But still it felt like a textbook at times. It was fascinating and while it was a brilliant work of scholarship, the biggest takeaway I have is that Lin-Manuel Miranda is a freaking genius to transform this book into Hamilton.

      Thug Kitchen by Matt Holloway, Michelle Davis

      I'm counting this, but it is a cookbook and I "finished" it in under an hour. Some pretty legit vegetarian recipes in here. The one downside I noticed was there were some pretty exotic ingredients that the authors seemed to assume were readily available. I live in Lakeland, hometown of Publix. If Publix doesn't carry it, I can't get it. But I'll definitely skim through this again and see if there are some things I can try out.

      Soulminder by Timothy Zahn

      This book was fascinating. More so for its structure than for its content, in my opinion. The book centers on the invention of a medical marvel. A method for storing the "soul" or "lifeforce" or whatever you want to call it, after death is discovered. You soul is held in stasis until your body can be healed and then it is reinserted and you continue about your life. All of this happens in the first chapter of the book. The rest of the book delves into all the social, religious, governmental, and ethical dilemmas that stem from such a transcendent technology in the decades after its invention. What was created as a medical device to prevent unnecessary deaths is transformed in a hope for immortality, a tool for justice, a new form of slavery, and multiple other forms that were never foreseen by its creator. If you have any interest in the ethics of medicine or life in general, this is a very interesting read.

      One Day We'll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter By Scaachi Koul

      In 2018, I've made it a mission to read more authors who are distinctly different from me. Scaachi Koul fits this billing and is a wonderful writer. She details her life as a child of immigrants from India in unflinching realism. I laughed, I cried, and I learned from a different perspective on life. She holds no pretensions of being prefect and makes the reader feel more perfect through shared imperfections. Uplifting and depressing all at the same time, I can't recommend this book more if you are looking to see life from a different point of view. 

      Holler if you want to discuss any of these books, or shoot me some recommendations. My reading list is 200-something books long but I'm always on the lookout. 

    • New Year, (Attempting A) New Me

      11 months ago

      papajohn56 Dulator

      It's 2018 and I want to be more active on this site and I also want to doing a bit of journaling. My parents have asked for letters and personal thoughts in lieu of presents because they want to know the man I've grown to be. I honestly love that sentiment, but I am a super introvert and have trouble expressing my thoughts and opinions. (Hence, my doing this on the internet.)

      My hope is that if I can use this site has a sounding board, at the end of the year I can cull some thoughts from here and use them as a personal wrap up. But also give my parents some further insight of the idiosyncrasies that are my psyche.

      So with that said, I'm going to try to post here more often. Once a week or so, hopefully. I hate deadlines, but if I'm being honest they're the only thing that gets me going. So yeah. Onward to the new year. 

    • New Book & A Little Joke

      1 year ago

      papajohn56 Dulator

      So I started reading a new book recently, called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking. Which is, like, right up my alley. So far it's a really good read and has given me some information on the how and why introverts act the way they do. There have been plenty of, "Oh so that's why I do that," moments. I highly recommend it for introverts and for those who have to live or work with introverts (aka everyone).

      Now on to the joke. 

      The author was making a comparison and used two examples. The first was an American man; the second a Finnish woman. She went on to explain her choice of examples by saying that the USA is one of the most extroverted nations in the world and Finland is one of the most introverted nations in the world.

      Thanks for sticking with me, because here is comes. 

      How do you know if a Finnish person likes you?

      They look at your shoes instead of their own. 

      I was laughing uncontrollably for minutes after reading that. How about you?

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