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    • RWBY: Chibi Returns for the Summer of Animation

      7 months ago


      So how’s that Saturday morning cartoon cereal?  Is it ready? Because RWBY: Chibi is back! And oh boy, what are the Chibis going to get into this time?  Well, there’s an old friend (or should I say friends) visiting Weiss at Beacon who’s going to finally meet the team.  It’s Klein! Butler-extraordinaire, bearing gifts of tea, tea cakes, and a whole lot of fancy-pants class. But Klein is no ordinary butler as we’ll see.  Let’s just say he’s bursting with personality!

      I’m sure you guys have noticed our snazzy new site!  Rooster Teeth has been working hard putting together a new streaming viewer experience for the fans, and we hope you like it.  Also changing is the way we’ll be premiering our new episodes of RWBY: Chibi. It’ll go like this! Each week, a new episode will premiere that will be exclusively available to our First Member subscribers.  After a week, that episode will be available for everyone to watch for free on the Rooster Teeth site. We’ll still have all the previous episodes on YouTube, but our new episodes will only be available through Rooster Teeth, so please support our site!  We love sharing our silly wee show with you, and hope you continue to join us for all the goofs and gags with Ruby and her friends.

      This will all be kicking off TOMORROW on JUNE 30th!  It’s the Summer of Animation and team RWBY is getting in there!  And if tomorrow is too long to wait, you can join us for the RWBY CHIBI Marathon kicking off tonight at 6:00 PM CDT.  Be sure to check out the chats too as some of the CRWBY (including myself) will be popping in there to hang out and talk all things Chibi.


    • Chibi Season 3 Update

      11 months ago


      Hello Chibi Fans! Paula Decanini here, the Director for RWBY Chibi Season 3.  We’ve all been having a great time adventuring and joking around Beacon Academy with the gang, enjoying all the shenanigans and tomfoolery, hoping it could just go on and on and on...

      Wait!  Am I saying it won’t!?  Don’t be silly! Of course there’s more RWBY Chibi coming!  We’ll be going on a break after this weekend's episode (that's Saturday March 17 for FIRST members, and Saturday March 24 for public) for a few months.  But we'll be back in June with all your favorite Chibi characters, along with a few new friends!  Once again ready for more monkeyshines, high-jinks, and so many other words that stand for fun!  

      So keep your Saturday morning cartoon cereal at the ready, and we’ll be back this summer!

    • 2 years ago

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