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    • Here's some nice music

      9 months ago

      peter_h The Gif Guy

      Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture, one of the best examples of program music around. 

    • RT Engineering Q&A FAQ

      1 year ago

      peter_h The Gif Guy

      The fine folks at RT Engineering held a Q&A livestream, hosted by @Barbara, to answer some burning questions about the all new, launching Friday March 30th. On the stream was Mike Quinn (@mikequinn), VP of Engineering, Adam Tyler (@lazy9669), Software Architect, John Revels (@revelsrouser), UX/UI and Video Platform Project Management, and Dave Pratt (@Dave) former "The Web Dude", Back end and Data Operations. 


      Here's a list of what was asked and answered.This list will focus on the more practical questions about the site, its features, and what's coming in the future for it.

      Community site?

      It's coming. There's a separate development team building it, and they have their own release cadence. There'll be similarly sized launches to it as there has been for svod, with updates to come over the next few months. 

      How is pubnub?

      Pubnub is the engine behind the new live chat feature. Adam, who built the chat, has been working directly with them to ease out the growing pains and help them manage the load that RT chat sends them. Lot of learning for both RT and Pubnub.

      When is the new app(s) launching?

      Android and iOS apps launch Friday March 30th, alongside the full site release. Xbox and Apple TV aren't in new development currently.

      Will the app(s) support Chromecast?

      Yes, but not on initial release. It's super high on their priority list. Web casting does work currently. 

      Live chat moderation?

      Slow mode, bots, community moderation and more features are all in the product backlog.

      Search, video ordering, most recent?

      Searching still needs to be fixed to make it user friendly. Allowing reverse chronological ordering is in the pipeline, as chronological ordering for some shows doesn't fit the show.

      What was the design inspiration?

      John Revels:

      "Content is king, so I just wanted to make the best way to get content in front of people. There was definitely some inspiration from Netflix, from a lot of different video platforms. There's only a handful of ways to really layout content, but as much as possible I just wanted to get navigation out of the way so that it's there when you need it, and not when you don't."

      Project Management tools and process?

      Jira Project Tracking and an Agile Scrum process.

      Watched Status on videos?

      Current progress indication is on watch list only, and after load testing, some sort of indication will be implemented sitewide. 

      Pop out chat?

      Yes. Eventually.

      Offline download support?

      Yes. Eventually. 

      FIRST exclusive features?

      Some chats will be FIRST Only. Features will be content-centric, so what's FIRST to view will be FIRST to interact with.

      Will the apps have video quality controls?

      Yes. Eventually.

      Community members involved in chat moderation?

      Yes. It'll be primarily automated systems, but community member moderation will definitely be implemented. 

      Site Wide chat?

      It'll start of as user to user chat, but will eventually build out to groups.

      Watch Parties?

      Feature coming down the line. Lots of site members watching the same content simultaneously, interacting with each other in a chat. Joinable, creatable, staff watch parties, new content and old content parties. Audio and Video would be synced across everyone in the party. Think rabbit, but better. 

      Will there be any downtime during the crossover?

      Hopefully not. The exact time for crossover is still being decided. The community side might drop for some time, but the video product move should be reasonably seamless.

      Background/Lock screen playback?

      Yes. Eventually.

      Schedule page?

      Designed, being built. Won't be in place on release.

      Other questions ranged from how much the team cried during the development of the site, to their favourite languages, to if they believe in aliens or ghosts. 

      If you've got any more questions for the team, their @'s are listed above, and they're all active across the site, Twitter, and the subreddit. The community features and profiles of V2 (this version of the site) will still be in place while the video site takes over as the main site. 

    • RTX Austin 2018 FAQ

      1 year ago

      peter_h The Gif Guy

      This is a collation of answers provided by the RT Live Events team during their AMA. There will be an official FAQ published by the RT Live Events Team themselves in the coming days.

      When is RTX Austin?

      August 3-5, 2018, at the Austin Convention Center.

      How much are tickets to RTX Austin?

      Tickets are available in 4 tiers:

      • Platinum (formerly VIP): $650 Early Bird, $728 Regular

      • Weekend PLUS: $300 Early Bird, $335 Regular

      • Weekend: $99 Early Bird, $110 Regular

      • Single Day:

      • Friday: $45 Early Bird, $50 Regular

      • Saturday: $50 Early Bird, $55 Regular

      • Sunday: $45 Early Bird, $50 Regular

      What do you get with each ticket?


      - Access to RTX on Friday, Saturday, Sunday

      - Platinum Exclusive attendee bag

      - Platinum Exclusive attendee lanyard

      - 2 Autograph Codes

      - 1 hour early access Friday to Exhibit Hall

      - Lounge Access

      - Reserved Center Stage Seating

      - Priority Panel Line

      - Priority Seating in Panels

      - Platinum Exclusive Party on Friday, August 3 (**only 18+ allowed**)

      - Non-Refundable


      - Access to RTX on Friday, Saturday, Sunday

      - Exclusive attendee bag

      - Exclusive attendee lanyard

      - 2 Autograph Codes

      - 1 hour early access Friday to Exhibit Hall

      - Lounge Access

      - Reserved Center Stage Seating

      - Non-Refundable


      - Access to RTX on Friday, Saturday, Sunday

      - Exclusive attendee bag

      - Exclusive attendee lanyard

      - 1 Autograph Code

      - Non-Refundable


      - Access to RTX on Friday OR Saturday OR Sunday

      - Exclusive attendee bag

      - Exclusive attendee lanyard

      - Non-Refundable

      When and how do I get my ticket?

      There are 3 Early Bird ticketing windows available, all at 10am CT

      Double Gold Members can purchase tickets from February 26th

      FIRST Members can purchase tickets from February 28th

      General Release tickets go up on March 2nd.

      The Early Bird window closes for all ticketing tiers at 11:59pm CST on Thursday March 8th.

      Tickets will be available via, and via the ticketing link in the Member code distribution emails. This links and codes will give DG and FIRST members their priority access to ticket purchases on their specific days.

      How many badges can I buy at once?

      Platinum and Weekend PLUS badges are limited to 6 each per order. Weekend and Single day passes are unlimited per order.

      How do I get my badge?

      For RTX Austin 2018, all US and Canadian residents who purchase their badge(s) prior to 11:59pm CST on July 6th will receive their badge via mail to the address provided during purchasing. Badges purchased after that time, and all Internationally purchased badges, must be collected at the convention centre, with a valid ID and confirmation email. Pickup will be available for a limited time on August 2nd.

      When do I need to sign up before to get Double Gold priority?

      All recurring DG accounts, and new accounts signed up before January 31st by 6pm CST, with a successful charge through on February 1st is eligible.

      Will there be reduced hotel rooms for RTX attendees?

      Yes, the JW Marriott, Hilton and Fairmont hotels will be offering groups rates through the RTX Austin website. Those details will be announced in the coming weeks.

      Will Platinum and Weekend Plus get priority access to Autograph Sessions?

      Yes. Platinum badge holders will get priority access to the Autograph Session sign ups, followed by Weekend Plus, and finally Weekend pass holders.

      Are all the Autograph sessions going to be filled with Platinum badge holders like last year?


      “Platinum will have first grab, then Weekend Plus, then Weekend. We will likely leave a few open spots for Platinum and Weekend Plus but can't guarantee that for Weekend, nor will it be an even split of 33/33/33.“

      Where will priority seating be for Platinum badge holders?

      Similar to RTX Austin 2017, Platinum badge holders will be seated in the rows behind family and friends of panelists.

      What is “Lounge Access?”

      Platinum and Weekend Plus badge holders will have exclusive access to a Lounge area inside the convention center. In the lounge, badge holders will find comfortable seating, cash snack and drinks bars, screens showing Center Stage content, surprise talent signings and more.

      What is “reserved Center Stage seating”?

      Seating will be reserved for Platinum and Weekend Plus badge holders at the Center Stage area located in the Exhibition Hall of the convention. Center Stage is where some of your favourite RT personalities will be playing games, showing off new games, and just having some fun with a big live audience. Platinum and Weekend Plus badge holders will get front section access to Center Stage seating.

      What about those Metal Detectors from last year?

      The metal detectors were an unanticipated issue presented to the RT Live events team just as RTX began. They were mandated by the ACC and the CIty of Austin Fire Marshall to put them in place, and there was an inadequate response to that by the ACC. The issues in line waiting were resolved for the second day of RTX Austin 2017, and with those in mind, and the increased planning time afforded to the RT Live Events team for this year, the disruption caused by that issue should not be repeated.

      If my badge is being mailed to me, will my attendee bag be mailed to me too?

      No. Attendees will be able to pick up their Attendee bag at the convention center. Badges must be presented to collect your bag.

      I waited for hours to get into one panel at RTX Austin 2017, will I have to do that again?


      “We are aware of panel line issues from last year. We are working closely with our line guardians to ensure everyone is aware of the queuing guidelines. Unfortunately, lines are going to be an issue at any convention, but we will do our best to keep the lines moving quickly so you can fully enjoy your experience.”

      If I live in the U.S./Canada and get my badge mailed to me, will there be extra fees paying for my badge to be shipped to my address? Will I have to register my badge once I get to the convention center?


      “Yes there will be an extra fee but we are still locking down with Front Gate. More info soon!

      We'll post exact details once it's locked in with Front Gate but from what we understand, you'll be mailed the badge along with the activation code to activate online. Once you get to the con, you'll need your badge to pickup your bag and lanyard.”

      Why the price hike for Platinum?


      “We've made the Platinum badge more limited so that the party can go back to being more of an intimate setting with our staff. There is a chance we'll be adding further perks down the road...still in the planning process!”

      Further perks may include priority store access, and new interactive experiences exclusive to Platinum Badge holders.

      I applied to be a Guardian at RTX Austin 2018, when will I know if I was accepted?

      Mary, Head Guardian:

      “I know that you are all very anxious to know when acceptance emails are going out.

      Do not worry! You DID NOT miss it! I'm still working on the applications. We are hoping to have the acceptance and the "no thank you" emails go out on Jan 31. <3

      We will also shout it from the rooftops when this the emails go out! Super promise!“

      What are the plans for the Platinum Party?


      “We want to reduce the size and scope of the Platinum Party so that Platinum Badge holders have more of a chance to interact with RT Cast and Staff. We've listened to your concerns and are working to make this year better than ever!”

      Details about location and time for the party will be announced closer to RTX Austin.

      As happened last year, there is a possibility that the Platinum Party will overlap with other scheduled events. These will be announced closer to RTX Austin.

    • How I Do What I Do 2; The Sequel

      1 year ago

      peter_h The Gif Guy

      Many months ago, I wrote a post similar to what this one is about my set up an workflow for image and screen capture turnaround. It's pretty much what I'll say in this post, but with many revisions and out of date info, but you can read it here should the feeling take you.

      So, what do I actually do. I record live broadcasts, and create on-the-fly gifs of moments during those broadcasts. That could be a podcast, Formula 1 race, TV show, anything. If I'm watching it, I'm giffing it.

      So, how do I do it. 

      To start, 2 monitors. Right screen is whatever I'm watching, left screen is for everything else. And I mean everything else. The way I make sure I miss nothing is by never having my right screen interrupted. So I make sure that all my programs are either open on my left screen, or will open on my left screen before I start recording. 

      Second, software. For capture, I use Mirillis Action! Screen Recorder. It's a robust screen and game capture, record and streaming program, which can record in either MP4, for small file sizes, or in AVI for uncompressed capture. Both formats support up to 1080/60p, or can be set to match the resolution of your screen or game. I use AVI because I have the storage capacity to handle the large files; 15 minutes of 720/30p comes to around 4GB, which for broadcasts that can run up to 3 hours can become quite the issue if you don't have the storage.

      What Mirillis Action! Screen Recorder also offers is single button hit screen shots. Getting the perfect frame to post can be tricky, especially if you have to try and preempt a moment for print screen. But, by mashing an assigned key(F10 in my case), Mirillis Action! Screen Recorder takes a screenshot with each press. That makes it quite easy to quickly react to whatever's happening, or just guess what's going to happen, and have a swathe of screenshots to choose from. And if I miss it, I can always export an image sequence from the recording to get the perfect frame. You can download Mirillis Action! Screen Recorder here:

      Third piece of the puzzle, editing. For all my videographer work, I use Adobe Premier. Fantastic software, but the file load in process is too clunky and time consuming for the short turnaround time I need for livestreams. So for that I use Vegas Pro 14, by Magix(older versions were built by Sony before they sold it to Magix). I can drag and drop the capture files onto a timeline and instantly get to editing the moment I want. No sequence to set, no bins to fill, just video on a timeline. 

      And that typically looks like this: wQo8FWU.png

      In Vegas Pro, I'll find the moment I want, cut around it, do whatever other editing I need to do to it; pan and zoom, adding text or time remapping, and export it out. 

      So how does that video become a gif. There are multiple ways of doing it, but I'll explain the 2 I use.

      1. Adobe Media Encoder: This is a file conversion program that comes bundled with Adobe Premier, and will convert almost any video file type to almost any other video or motion image file type. It has some very low quality Animated gif presets, but I made my own which balances image quality with file size. 

      2. A freeware video to gif converter: this is a very lightweight program that converts any video file to an animated gif. Rather than using presets, you can select the resolution of the gif, and the frame rate up to a max of 20fps. It converts that into an image sequence, which you can then click through and delete frames as necessary. There are 2 output options, based on matching the colour of the gif to the input video. Normal will give a lot of compression artifacts in the gif output and a small file size, and Excellent will give an accurate colour match but a larger file size. Luckily, Twitter supports gifs of up to 15mb, so there's a lot of scope for high quality gif output. 

      Because of its ease of use, and fast output, I use Option 2 the most. Once you're used to how the program UI works, going though the settings becomes almost like muscle memory.  You can download that piece of software here.

      That's basically all of the how covered. So here's how to make the how work fast and efficiently.

      - Know where everything is coming from and where everything is going. 

      I know my capture is set to desktop one, I know what folder on what hard drive I'm recording to, and have a file explorer window to it open. I know what screen my editor open on, I know what output preset I'm using,  what semi descriptive file name I've given the clip, and I know what folder it's exporting to. I know the gif converter will open within that output folder, and I know what resolution I want the gif to output at(550x309 is the best balance of image quality and file size, primarily down to there being no large gif viewing support on Twitter, and the sites which specialise in large gifs take the files in as the video file, which is 1280x720). I use the same file name for the gif as I do the video, and it goes to the same output folder. 

      - Know your presets

      This is specifically for reducing the time it takes to make the clip or gif. I've made an output preset in Vegas which is the same resolution and frame rate as my capture, so that there are no compression or resampling issues that will need me to reexport a clip. I know what gif size output I want, as explained above. This adds to the streamlining of the production pipeline between recording and tweeting a gif. 

      - Always be listening to the broadcast, even if you're not watching it

      If you're focussed on editing a clip, always be paying attention to the audio of the broadcast, because you might miss seeing a moment, but you'll hear it happen, and hear the aftermath of it, so you know you need to break capture and find that moment. 

      I've omitted some of the more boring tech parts, primarily because they're different for pretty much everyone, and they're covered in the old post too. But that, in a nutshell, is how I do what I do. It's all about paying attention, spotting the moment, and having an optimised and streamlined way of getting that moment from a broadcast to a postable piece of media. 

      Ask any and all question either below in the comments, or directly to me on twitter @ThatPeterHayes.

      Additional Information:

      Fastest way to make a gif from YouTube is imgur. Copy the YouTube url, go to imgur and use their conversion page. Lets you cut the section you want to gif and add captions. 

    • The Teddy.

      2 years ago

      peter_h The Gif Guy


      An 80's Flashback MDB with iconic shots from The Shining? How could I resist.

    • How I do what I do.

      2 years ago

      peter_h The Gif Guy

      I tweet. A lot. Some would say too much. I might agree. But what do I tweet? Generally, I live tweet along with sporting events, shows, or livestreams that I'm watching. Regular followers will know how easily I can slip from an Off-Topic stream to FP1 in the US GP.

      That live tweeting is quite often screen captures, gifs or video of what I'm watching. That's the what whose how is to follow.

      So lets get started.

      I have 2 monitors. One for watching, one for everything else. Generally my right monitor is what I watch the content on, and the left is where I huddle my browser, video editor, photo editor and file browser.

      I capture using Fraps. Anyone who's ever dabbled in capturing video or gameplay without wanting to buy capture hardware will have come across fraps at least a dozen times. In recent times, it's had a resurgence in usage as a primary capture software for VR gameplay, with it's basic screen record supporting higher frame rates than many hardware recorders. There is a problem with fraps, though. Fraps captures in an uncompressed AVI format. That means big file sizes. If you don't have a lot of available hard drive space, you're going to run into problems real fast. Luckily I have 2 hard drives; 1 250GB for all my OS and standard usage needs, and a 1TB drive for storage. Once I've cleared past captures, I have about 600GB of free space to capture to on that drive.

      Fraps almost killed a hard drive, so I moved to using Mirillis Action. Captures in AVI, but with a compressed codec, and does the same single button press image capture as fraps. It's a much more robust software, and much more customisable. 

      There are things you can do to make the most efficient use of your space though. My primary monitor has a 1366x768 resolution. But, to cheat on space, I force my OS to push a 1920x1080 resolution, and capture at half resolution in fraps. So this gives me a 960x540 capture of a 1080p stream, which thanks to fraps capturing in uncompressed AVi has very little quality loss for being half of the original resolution. For ease of use, and for more efficient turnaround while the streams are live, I separate capture files either manually by stopping and restarting capture, or every 4GB if I don't need to make anything from it. For live content I edit in Sony Vegas Pro 13; it's my most familiar editor, and has the most efficient interface and render processing for fast turn around. All of the other video projects that I do I edit in Adobe Premiere.

      Having a compressed AVI codec means I don't need to worry as much about storage. Capturing at 720p retains the quality of the video, and matches the output resolution I use. 

      What Action also does is single image capturing( (screenshots, screen caps, etc). By mashing a keyboard shortcut (F10 in my case), Action takes a still of whatever its active capture frame is. Hence how I "get" those perfect screenshots; it's mostly luck. But if I know I've missed it, I'll grab whatever video chunk has whatever sequence the screenshot was supposed to be from, find the best frame, and render that frame, +-3 frames either side, usually to a jpeg sequence.

      One of the most important aspects of all this is correctly storing everything. To make sure I don't over bus my hard drives, I separate image capture and screen capture. Images go to the 250GB drive, recordings to the 1TB. They both go into a big system of subfolders of shows, months and days, so I can be accurate in what I'm posting. Rendered video and gifs also go into the 250 drive.

      Yeah, that plan didn't really work, and I'm close to burning every bus channel to what used to be my primary capture drive. Various chunk and sector fixes later, and it still hangs and dismounts itself. I've 2 USB3.0 external drives which work fine, especially with the reduced storage needs.

      Now that I've mentioned gifs, I should probably explain how those get made. It's quite a simple process actually. I watch the stream, when something funny, unexpected or just interesting happens, I grab whatever capture chunk it's in, cut it down to whatever the punch line is, render out that video, and use a quick and dirty program that converts a video into a gif sequence, adjusting resolution, input frame rate, colour matching and output frame rate. Though Twitter has an upload limit of 15mb, making gifs smaller than that keeps the turnaround time low.

      Video clips are done the same as above, just without the making it a gif part. The usual video editing tricks apply too; cropping in to get a face reaction, tracking an object of interest, all the fun stuff.

      And that's basically it. That's how I do what I do. It's my give-back to Rooster Teeth; both the staff and community. Every time I hear "I can't wait to see the screenshots of that", or "Well that's gonna be a gif", I take it as a personal challenge to get that online as fast as humanly possible. Having spent long enough refining the tools and set up, I'm pretty quick at it.

      If you've any questions about anything I've rambled about up there, leave a comment down below, ask me a question on here, or tweet me at @peterhayesf1.

    • 19 Cheese Pizza

      2 years ago

      peter_h The Gif Guy

      Join @Schwartzanicker, @RTcastMichael, @DustlessPath and a whole host of other friends, as they take on their own 19 Cheese Pizza Challenge!

    • Coming Soon...

      2 years ago

      peter_h The Gif Guy

      19 Cheeses, 1 Pizza. Watch how it went down. 


    • Dicks Out For Coerambe

      3 years ago

      peter_h The Gif Guy


    • Camp Camp Song Song Sing-Along

      3 years ago

      peter_h The Gif Guy

      So the full theme song for Camp Camp featured in today's episode, and boy is it fast.

      So I decided to transcribe it, and make a sing- along version, which you can find here.

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