Gone are the carefree days of old. No longer will I settle for the easier path. In 2004, I started looking at Full Sail University, having just finished my first year at Boise State. I was turned off by the $65K price tag for a bachelor's. Why pay that much when I could get a degree in Idaho for $8K? So I remained in Idaho, never really developing a college student mentality or drive. By the time I got my associates I had attended 2 schools and had 4 majors.

My first job was a good one that had developed from an internship. However, I was sick of the desert and decide to move to Boise to start my life with my fiancé Katie. Bad news, good job had shitty HR, I had to apply as somebody who hadn't worked for the company for over 2 years. I was able to get a call center tech support job with a large computer manufacturer, it sucked but I only saw it as temporary step. After all, I had a degree and real world experience. Three months later said computer manufacturer filed for bankruptcy and the job market was flooded with computer saavy tech monkeys looking for work. I, myself did not find solid work for a year. I was subjected to all manners of abuse from previous employers. Promised jobs that didn't pan and having some one hired, completely unqualified, over me simply because I had a penis. (Not just my opinion, store manager said as much if not a bit more PC.) Fuck it. I've never met a district manager that I have liked.

I was finally hired by a contract agency to provide tech support for the United States Navy. The job was fine for a month until they started implementing mandatory overtime. That's fine if i like the work. I didn't and still don't. I don't believe a company should be abe to demand 50 hours of your life but they can in Idaho. In March, Katie and I decide to go to Full Sail. The price has gone up but i am tired of being where I don't want to be. June cannot come fast enough. smiley13.gif