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    • RIP Checks & Balances

      2 weeks ago

      ragusa33 Goose Master

      The GOP continue to trample over the US Constitution without hesitation, in their quest to grab more power for themselves. 

      NEVER has any party used the nuclear option on a SCOTUS nominee. 

      NEVER has any party gotten away with political theft. 

      The Republican Party did both those things in less than 24 hours. Absolutely shameful.


    • RvB trailer reaction

      3 weeks ago

      ragusa33 Goose Master

      So, wait... no kick ass Meta-Tucker?

      disappointed disappointed disappointed

    • Thoughts on Beauty & the Beast remake (No Spoilers)

      1 month ago

      ragusa33 Goose Master

      Before I get into anything, I will just say that I will ALWAYS prefer the original animated classic over anything. The Disney movies of the early 90's are a big part of my childhood, and are therefore a part of me.

      That being said, the live-action remake is a beautiful retelling of this "tale as old as time", that honors the 1991 film to the fullest of its ability, while also capturing & preserving its spirit.

      Yet it also remains true to form, remembering to be its own movie. Though it retains all of the original songs and much of the same dialogue, it adds several wonderful new musical numbers to go along with a fresh new story line that has a number of changes, and actually fills in some of the gaps from the original.

      The characters remain true to their original forms while also getting their own individual backstories, giving them more depth. Gaston, for instance, served as a captain in the French Army during a war, which helps explain why he is so well admired by everyone. The cast was well put together, and I forgot how cute Emma Watson is!  caboose

      I think it's safe to say that if you love the animated classic, you'll probably love this version as well.

      Still not sold on the live action Lion King though.  simmons

    • This is saddening

      1 month ago

      ragusa33 Goose Master

      News has come out that our illegitimate President, Fuckface von Clownstick, seeks to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for Humanities, as well as the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

      There are PLENTY of reasons as to why you should all be upset by this. Let me break it down for you:

      The NEA offers support & funding for projects that exhibit artistic talent. It encourages communities to provide citizens with opportunities to build creativity in the world of art. Without it, artists would be forced to turn to corporate donors for any funding.

      The NEH supports research, education, preservation & public programs in humanities They provide grants to cultural institutions, such as museums, libraries & schools. I shouldn't have to explain to you how important that is.

      The CPB provides non-commercial, high-quality content to all households. This includes channels such as PBS. Simply put, imagine Trump decapitating Big Bird like a chicken. 

      All of this would be sacrificed for the sake of "security". For a military that is already the biggest in the world (all the while, China & Russia have cut back on their military spending). For a pointless wall meant to stop an immigrant problem that is non-existent. To protect citizens from terrorist attacks that account for less deaths per year than falling TVs. And that's not even counting this retarded administration's dismemberment of the EPA, which will lead to more pollution & CO2 emissions.

      With luck, Congress will reject most of these proposed cuts, but it underlines the cruelty and immorality of the man living in the White House. A man who spends his weekends golfing at his Florida resort, which we end up paying for.

    • Star Wars - The Last Jedi

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      ragusa33 Goose Master

      Surprised that there isn't a forum for this yet. I'm kinda divided on this film. I liked The Force Awakens, but I felt it was mostly a recycled plot that relied too heavily on fan service & nostalgia. On top of that, I'm just not a fan of Rey. I just think she's a very boring character with little or no flaws. She's nowhere near as compelling as other female leads such as Sarah Connor, Ellen Ripley, or Jyn Urso from Rogue One.

      But enough about what I don't like. I am thrilled to finally have Luke Skywalker back again, and I hope that somehow, Han Solo will still be connected to the film too. I also look forward to seeing to development of Kylo Ren's character, who we will hopefully learn more about. And seeing more of best bros Poe & Finn will be a nice change of pace. What are your thoughts?

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    • My custom Blader Runner blaster

      1 month ago

      ragusa33 Goose Master

      Blade Runner is without a doubt my favorite movie of all time. One of the many reasons why is the gun used by Harrison's Ford's character Deckard. It's so iconic that it has appeared in numerous video games, including Fallout: New Vegas Saints Row 4. But genuine replicas of the gun are super expensive, sometimes costing as much as $1000. So I decided to make my own, and thought you guys might like to see how I made it. 


      I found on Amazon a cheap plastic toy gun (about $10-15) that uses the same mold as the Blade Runner blaster, and decided to use that.


      Once it arrived, I immediately disassembled it, making sure to save all of the screws for when I put it back together. I then scrapped all of the inner wiring for the lights that the gun used. My original intention was to replace them with new LED lights like the ones on the original blaster, but it turned out to be a more difficult task than I anticipated. I ended up using 3mm LED lights as decorations. Perhaps I might try to make another model in the future with working lights. We'll see.


      To glue everything back together, I used liquid cement, which pretty much melts the plastic together. Then I put all the screws back into their rightful places, so the gun is pretty sturdy. After doing some sanding down of the edges & other parts, I started to used basic modelling putty to fill in gaps and other holes that weren't on the original gun.

      For the new revolver barrel, I went to Lowe's and bought a 1" PVC end cap for less than $1. This turned out to be perfect (You might have to do some sanding in order to fit it in). Once the glue dried, I filled the area around the end cap with even more putty, sanding it down into the desired shape.


      It was now time to start painting the gun. I used black gloss spray paint as primer, since much of the gun was going to be painted in black gloss anyway. You can use any color primer that you want and then paint over it with black gloss modelling paint. There's really no difference. The same goes for the rest of the painting. You can paint it by using a normal brush or an airbrush. I used a normal brush because I don't have the money to buy an airbrush, most of which are pretty expensive. I would recommend using an airbrush for the best possible finish.


      And here it is, 90% finished. I'm going to give the handle grip a more orangy coat of paint to look more like the one in the movie later this week, as well as give the receiver a black ink wash to darken the metal finish, but for the most part, I think it turned out very well! Keep in mind that this toy gun isn't 100% movie accurate (Example: The original gun has 2 triggers while this only has one). Even so, it's hardly noticeable, and makes for a great prop for anyone looking to cosplay as Rick Deckard. If anybody wants to try and make their own, I'd be happy to answer any questions!



    • Game over indeed man :(

      1 month ago

      ragusa33 Goose Master

      RIP Bill Paxton. Really shocked by this one. disappointed_relieved


    • Happy President's Day!

      2 months ago

      ragusa33 Goose Master

      Especially to our current COMMANDERS in Chief--- Steve Bannon, Vladimir Putin, and anyone else currently pulling Orange Pinocchio's strings! 

    • John Oliver is the absolute best!

      2 months ago

      ragusa33 Goose Master

      If anyone can take down Trump and his throne of lies & propaganda, it's this nerdy British guy!

      No, not Gavin. adam

      I'm talking about this nerdy British guy:

    • The Resurgence of Racism & Injustice

      2 months ago

      ragusa33 Goose Master

      Just as @ninjacake needed to vent over the bullshit that is politics, so do I

      Anybody celebrating the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General hasn't put a single thought into what this means for millions of non-white Americans when it comes to civil rights & voting rights. It means that Republicans are gearing up to once again shit all over the US Constitution by suspending people's voting rights in order to stay in power. It means that people of color & ethnicity will most likely not receive the same fair treatment in court as white people. It means that we as a nation have taken a giant leap back in terms of progress toward a better future. 

      I don't care what the Hell conservatives might think. There's absolutely no excuse for trampling over the Constitutional rights of other US citizens. America can never truly great unless it is great for ALL of its citizens, not just the ones who voted for you! That's something that Trump doesn't seem to understand, and it will hopefully come back to hurt him in the long run.

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      2 years ago

      As part of Warm Fuzzies I just wanted to say thank you for the steady stream of laughs and awesomeness that I see from you on my feed.

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      Thank you for the add! smiley13.gif

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        Sure, dude. That's not a problem smiley1.gif

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        Could you do me a favor and put me on your watchlist as well? I just like a little more feedback. smiley0.gif

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      Thank you for the friendship smiley12.gif

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      4 years ago

      Can I become a priest for the church of Dan I believe its my destiny.
      thank you for listening to my words high priest.

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      4 years ago

      Jack's got a boring ol' Shure SM57, looks like. You can probably find one for about $100, and they're as tough as a hammer.
      The rest look like they might be Audio-Technica AT2020s. About $120 on Amazon. Great all-purpose mics for a budget studio.

    • Echelea67

      4 years ago

      Thanks for the comment smiley0.gif
      I agree! these lightsabers make the real sounds, too smiley2.gif

    • Munchux

      4 years ago

      Can you check this video out for me?
      It means a lot to me man!

      • Munchux

        4 years ago

        Yeah ^^

      • ragusa33 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Goose Master

        4 years ago

        Interesting. So that's Minecraft, huh?

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      5 years ago

      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! smiley12.gif

    • Dopp ROLL TIDE

      5 years ago

      This message is going out to several people:

      I went against my usual reflexes and added you as a random friend. This means that most likely you will be one of the first ones dropped from my friends' list if you do not make any attempts to connect.

      My suggestion is to put me on watch so that you can start commenting on my journals/images and I do check my mod history and will take mod points into account because sometimes people are just too busy to comment.

      I plan on trimming my list in another month or two. Just a heads up!


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