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    • Final RWBY Tf2 items update

      2 years ago


      Has it been a week already? Well time for the final update before all the items are submitted to the workshop!

      Now then ladies and gentlemen the next item is a bit animistic and frankly a bit grimm.I give you THE MASK OF A GRIMM REMINDER!


      And the best part? It's all class!


      And on top of this it is a misc. item not a hat so feel free to add you favorite antlers, ears, or horns to really show what Faunus you are on the inside.


      So now, go show those humans on the other team who's the superior species around the badlands!


      Remember just 1 week till all three items hit the workshop! Tell your friends and Rooster Teeth, if you really want these items in game!

      See you then.


    • RWBY items for Team fortress 2

      2 years ago


      I love RWBY and I love Team Fortress 2 so I figured why not combine these? With RWBY Grimm Eclipse already in early access I have spent the last month on 3, that's right 3, RWBY items I am hoping Rooster Teeth would like, and possibly use as genuine bonus items apon the game's full release. For the nexe 3 weeks (starting today) I will show 1 item per week.

      Case and point; Here I have an image for you of the first item before it "hits the shelves."

      I give you the Torch Lid (name pending)


      As you can see I have taken Roman Torckwick's oh so famous hat and cigar and put them on or good friend the spy, after all they both do what they do best; "Lie, Steal, cheat, AND SURVIVE." well maybe not that last one ;P On top of this it will also be equippable by the Pyro, after all, fire.

      The item itself needs a bit more polish as I ha On top of that I will also be making this ave been unable to properly face pose the cigar as such it does not move with the face yet.

      Now Rooster Teeth Staff, if you find any of my items of intrest (which I hope you do), but find something amiss about it (bad texture slightly misshapen) I will be more then happy to work with you for the optimum item possible.

    • RWBY items for Team fortress 2 UPDATE 2

      2 years ago


      Well it has been over a week, so it is time for a new RWBY Grimm Eclipse Promo item hopeful.

      Huntresses and huntsmen I give you;



      On top of this the Torch Lid is now fully face posed and eqipable by the Pyro.


      Remember 1 more item to be revealed before they hit the workshop to be voted on! Spread the word!

    • RWBY Grim Eclipse Promo Item Ideas Thread

      in Forums > RWBY Grim Eclipse Promo Item Ideas Thread | Follow this topic


      Alright this whole Idea spawned from fan art I saw as Ruby as the Sniper from Team Fortress 2, I was like "Wow it would be cool to have some RWBY themed items in TF2, but how?" Then I remembered Grim Eclipse! I thought it would be cool if when GE gets out of Early access maybe some Promo items could get released?

      Now I know it may not be possible, due to legal, money, etc. But I think it would just be fun for the community to maybe make some doodles or ideas, maybe if you have the skill even make some reskins for the game? (E.g turning the Gloves of Killer boxing into Ember Celica). I plan on making an item or two myself :D

      So go wild let your imaginations run wild!

      And if soemhow we do get someone from RT or Valve to see this thread; PLEASE MAKE A RESKIN OF THE SNIPER RIFLE THAT IS CRECENT ROSE!!!

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    • 2 years ago

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