So I realized a large part of why I don't post anything on my page is because I have no idea what to post. So I guess I'll introduce myself to get things rolling. 

I'm a college student, currently studying Web Design, and I have been watching Red vs Blue since around Season 3 or 4. Back when I first started watching, I didn't really care much about it, it was just a show that my older brothers would watch. I was way more into Barbie back then, it took until season 8 for me to be like "Holy Shitsticks, this is funny" and start actively waiting for new episodes and looking behind the curtain at the company that created it. 

Which lead to... well, I'll admit it, the start of a rather unproductive addiction... While my classmates listen to calming music and crap while they study and work hard, I listen to Let's Plays and people screaming about stupid shit. 

Not that I'd change that.