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    • Spring Maiden Theory

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      I assume I am not the first to think this, and I am sure there are threads like this but I am too lazy to look so let's get into the meat:

      Oscar, some character we have never been introduced to until this season, seems to be getting a lot of attention. At the end of Episode 4 (SPOILER ALERT) the last bit of dialogue is a bout the Spring Maiden, then the next scene switches to Oscar who, as we know, likes to farm which would fit into the whole Spring theme. So my theory is that HE (notice the caps) is the Spring maiden. But wait, you say, doesn't maiden imply girl and to that I jokingly reply: DID YOU JUST ASSUME OSCAR'S GENDER!?!?!?1111?! But for reals, Oscar could be transgender/ transsexual. This could mean that in order to be a maiden, your gender has to be female. So Oscar could be a girl on the inside but because he has no access to a procedure to change his sex to match his gender. Or, he was a girl, became the spring maiden, and had a sex change because he identified more as a dude. Or Oscar is really a girl all along and she's kind of a Tomboy/ Gender fluid and likes to go by Oscar.

      Whatever reason it is, he's kind of got a good disguise looking like a guy because like the Spanish inquisition, nobody expects a male spring maiden.

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    • AH Road Trip

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      Pardon me if this was already posted.

      On Off Topic #38, Gavin mentioned the community getting together and finding the best thing to do in each state. Being from Illinois, my pick is the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Put your state and pick in the comments below!

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    • The official-unoficial Alive/Dead/Unknown List

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      This will serve as a guide/discussion between now and Vol. 4 for who is dead, alive, and unknown. This will also involve theories regarding people who are unknown are are dead( *Cough* Phyrra *Cough*)

      Let's Start With The Teams:

      Team RWBY- All Alive, mostly armed, and dangerous.

      Team JNPR-Phyrra's dead, I will keep the theories until the bottom of this post.

      ------Unofficial New Team Name: Junior (JNR)

      Team SSNN-All Alive

      Team CFVY-All Alive

      Team FNKY-All Alive

      Whatever team penny was on: Penny is dead, that's it.

      Other good guys:

      Summer: Dead, but I have some weird theory that in like the far future she may be revived or be like a spirit helping Ruby in Vol. 4. They would not have gone to her grave if that did not mean something for the future.

      Raven: Alive- I think with Yang out of the main picture in Vol. 4, Raven will come over occasionally and help Yang sort out her Mommy Issues.

      Taiyang Xiao Long: Alive

      Crow: Alive and following Ruby and JNR on adventure.

      Glynda: Alive

      Oobleck: Alive

      Peter Port (fat professor): Alive

      Ozpin: Most likely alive---> He probably faked his own death and is working behind the scenes or (weird theory alert) is using his semblance to "hide". Allow me to explain: He is all about time and time control. Maybe after the fight with Cinder he realized he's kind of stuck in the middle of everything and decided to use his time powers to slow time for him so when people eventually come for him he can return to normal time.

      Winter: Alive

      Ironwood: Alive

      That D-Bag bully dude from like, the first season: Alive

      Zwei: Alive

      Bad Guys:

      Salem: Alive

      Adam: Alive

      Roman: Dead as Dicks. Roman was Eaten by a grimm, which crashed into the bridge of the ship, causing an explosion, causing the ship to fall out of the sky and blow up. That's a way to go out.

      Emerald: Alive

      Mercury: Alive

      Neo: Probably Alive. She most likely is still Mary Poppinsing her way down with her umbrella as we speak.

      Cinder: Unkown. Here's where things get interesting, until we hear about Cinder's whereabouts or learn exactly what Ruby with with her eyes, than we cannot assume anything. All we have to go on is the fact that the Dragon is frozen and she "did a number" on the dragon. If she actually did damage to the dragon, then Cinder is probably dead, making Ruby (unbeknownst to her) the fall maiden. If she (weird theory alert) just froze the dragon in time, Cinder could still be alive, just frozen at the top of the tower.

      No back to Phyrra: She's dead, but I don't think her story is over, or that she's permanently dead. I have many theories, much of them have been explored on the "Consequences of Phyrra Nikos' Death" and the "Is Phyrra really Dead?" Threads, but here is a brief rundown:

      Permadeath: It is a very real (and probably true) that Phyrra is dead dead. Regardless, her death will be a driving factor in the Volume 4 Story and the main story regarding Juane.

      Force Ghost Phyrra: She could pull an Obi-Wan and become a little Aura ghost and help Juane and the gang on their adventures and possibly lead them to...

      Resurrect Phyrra: The thing we are all hoping for. Maybe By killing Salem or Cinder (assuming Cinder is alive), or by doing something special wherever Salem is living. It seems like Remnant hell and, if so, you could find the spirit of Phyrra and do some resurrecting. Juane could also posses the power to revive her and just not know it. Like Ruby, he may not understand his "final form" and could possibly use it at a crucial point in the future story. It seems like he can heal people/protect them with his semblance so what if, when he goes "super saiyan" like Ruby, he can bring back the dead? Also, a very obscure theory that has no proof whatsoever is that, the world of remnant is clearly very magical, so at some point someone has got to have used magic to bring back someone from death. Maybe it's the old man from the 4 maidens story.

      So that's that. If I missed anyone comment below. Enjoy.

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