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      The Day I Fell In Love.....

      10 years ago

      This is a story about a young boy in his mid-teens and a beautiful picec of machinery that was purchased ealier that day from Argos. The young boy was entranced by the beauty of this being. Her sleek, slender edges which were bordered with a deep grey, the rounded interchangable fascias dazzled his senses, and the CD tray (WHICH CAN BE CONTROLLED USING THE CONTROL PAD) made him feel alive. Forever...I shall love thy Xbox 360 until the date of its termination, or until another kickass console comes out..........360 RULEZ.

    • sgtpepperer1

      New Google Languages

      10 years ago

      Google has lost all seriousness, in an extremely popsitive and funny way!!! The new languages are so cool and funny, the new languages are Elmer Fudd, Klingon, Hacker and Swedish Chef, they are so wicked!!!!

      To save you the trouble, I will show some words and phrases from Google in each language, but first, I suppose some of are wondering why they called one of the languages Elmer Fudd, well, use this link and you will see who Elmer Fudd is.

      Now that you have done that, here are the languages, these are the words and phrases in Elmer Fudd:-

      1. Advanced Search- Advanced Seawch
      2. Preferences- Pwefewences
      3. Language Tools- Wanguage Toows
      4.Groups- Gwoups
      5. I'm Feeling Lucky- I'm Feewing Wucky

      Good eh? Now here are the same words in Klingon:-

      1. Advanced Search- nejwI' 'Itlh
      2. Preferences- De' DamaSbogh
      3. Language Tools- Hol SeHlaw
      4. Groups- ghommey
      5. I'm Feeling Lucky- jISuDrup

      Aren't these words just weird? Now for those same words again in Hacker:-

      1. Advanced Search- 4DV4NC3D 534RC|-|
      2. Preferences- PR3F3R3N(3Z
      3. Language Tools- £4|\|6µ463 700|5
      4. Groups- 6r00pZ
      5. I'm Feeling Lucky- EyE Am ph33l1n6 lu(ky

      Freaky.... And now, for the final one, Swedish Chef, which I had to use different words for since i c ouldn't bring up the homepage in the language, anyways, here it is:-

      1. Language Tools- Lungooege-a Tuuls
      2. Search specific languages or countries- Seerch Speceeffic Lungooeges oor Cuoontreees
      3. Use the Google interface in your language- Use-a zee Google-a Interffece-a in Yuoor Lungooege-a
      4. English- Eegleesh

      These are the new funny languages, if you want to see them for them for yourselves, then go on language tools on Google (execpt for Spanish Chef, search on Google "spanish chef google").

      Peace oui from Pepper.

    • sgtpepperer1


      10 years ago

      Come people, my poem's been up for 3 days now, i've had 10 profile views since then, SO PLEEEEEEEZ leave a comment when you've read it, So look at my journal, and read my poem, and leave a comment, i'm desperate to know what ppl think, so plz plz plz tell me your opinion.

    • sgtpepperer1

      I did a poem

      10 years ago

      Hey guys, recently i wrote my very own poem, i want to share it with my fellow onliners. Here is my poem, it is called "have you ever wondered..."
      Have you ever wondered how we got to where we are,
      Have you ever wondered how we learnt the simplist things,
      Like smithing iron into a bar,
      Have you ever wondered how we travelled to space,
      How we travelled like astronauts,
      And to the stars we embrace.

      Have you ever wondered how we made the internet,
      Probably just with genius,
      That's what i bet,
      Isn't it special how we have come to learn,
      All these new ideas and skills,
      And how we have also come to yearn.

      Have you ever wondered about aliens out there,
      Perehaps they are coming to us,
      People say we shaould prepare.

      Have you ever wondered...
      Have you ever wondered...
      Have you ever wondered...

      Plz leave a comment on my poem, i want to no what you all think.

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      Halo costume price

      10 years ago

      After further research into this, i discovered the price of the halo wearable suit when it becomes available to buy. The price shall be a staggering $3500 What do you think of that people???

    • sgtpepperer1

      HALO WEARABLE COSTUME, WICKED!!!!!!!!<wbr />!!!

      10 years ago

      HERE IT IS:-

    • sgtpepperer1


      10 years ago

      Guess what people, i've bin lookin at a few websites, i have discovered that there is a HALO THEME PARK in talks, I BET ITS GONNA BE AWSOME

    • sgtpepperer1

      My first day.

      11 years ago

      It's cold, damp. I listen to the constant drip, drip, drip, drip from the roof. There it goes again, drip, drip, drip. WHY MUST IT DO THIS!? WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY!? WHY!? WHY!?

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      Hello fellow Member,

      That’s a bad start. I am sending this to every person who is in the UK.
      There has been change. Please could you go straight to the UK Event thread as soon as possible to read the details? Tell you what; I will put in the link especially for you.


      The long story is Evoluan has decide that he is not the one for the event and has past on duties to Moderator Pixie. Now there is change and as we are doing things differently you need to confirm you place again, so I cannot stress how this has changed a lot of things.

      Thanks again

      Please do not reply in your own personal comments! No one will see it. PM Me, Little_Lee or Pixie if you want to say/ask anything (Or post it in the thread)

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      10 years ago

      yeah, but he was here who stole who's name?

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      10 years ago


      What im really thinking...
      (bastard...stole my name...)

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      10 years ago

      hey persons, im sgtpepperer1 from Manchester, in England. I'd likes to tell yas that i may comes across as a bit weird like. But im probably just messing arounds, LIKE NOW.

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