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      7 years ago

      randomness woo its always great 2 be random i do say and if anyone is wondering this is not erica its some random person who hacked into her account just kidding about the hacking i asked 4 the password and she was so nice 2 tell me it only cause im her friend in real life the name is sarah also known as sakublossom on here nice 2 meet u all unless i already know u then hello people i already know and hello people i don't know and probably won't ever know unless u come and talk 2 me just watch out i may bite u though haha im seriously bored already made a bored journal on mine and asked if i could get on her account she actually doesn't know im making a journal though she will find out though but shh don't say anything 2 her yet haha random hyper girl right now ok thats all i got 2 say really so goodbye friends of erica and maybe friends of mine ^_^ haha i told her i made a new journal 4 her and she got so confused it made me laugh

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      merry christmas everyone

      7 years ago

      hi everyone how are you i hope you guys have fun at christmas and a happy new years ^_^



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      my b-day

      8 years ago

      hi everyone today is my b-day lol now im 19......i feel so old now....oh will lol ^_^

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      the art show

      8 years ago

      ok i know this is really old but in my images youll see a picture of gaara and i did it somewhere this year till mm i dont know about the 1 week of may i dont rememder and i wont 1 prize for it. i was shocked when i won but there was a problem it was a request so i have to give it away but i didnt want to , but now my friend have it and i hope a good picture of its so here is the drawing that i copy it from and my mosaic



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      im graduating ^_^

      8 years ago

      ehy guys/girls today is my graduation yay and ill be going to see pirates of the carrbian 3 i hope ill live after graduation because my last name ends with a z -_- so i see ya guys/girls later ^_^

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      8 years ago

      today i went to the lake for my friend birthday party. i was scared because i never been in a lake or a boat so i was scared but i have alot of fun and didnt think of anything but the lake. it was so beautiful

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      ask time

      8 years ago

      ask any questions you like to ask me
      any one question,
      no matter how crazy it is.

      I promise to answer it.*

      The catch is,
      you have to repost this
      and see what people ask you.
      So go for it.

      the response will be posted as a comment.

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      Blissing Night chaper 3

      8 years ago


      After Shino and Hinata left Kiba at the Ramen shop kiba just sat there just finishing his ramen beef soup then hear that people were talking about Naruto came back. So Kiba went to see if the rumers were true. Just when Kiba just got out Naruot came in.
      "oh hi Naruto how have you been doing what up." Kiba was laughing and kinda happy to see him knowing that he hurt Hinata feelings.

      "Hi Kiba im good and how you guys been..." Naruto smiles

      "oh good..there good."

      "ok so do you know where is Hinata is"

      "mm she went to Shino. He takes her home so she will be ok"

      "oh will im going to see her"

      "will i dont know if she will talk to you. You know that you hurt her feelings"

      "i know..i want to tell her sorry"

      "ok good luck...will ill see you later i have to go home. see ya"

      "ok by Kiba" Kiba left

      Naruto went to where Hinata home but see that Shino and Hinata are walking in a different way. "i wonder where are they going" Naruto thought. He follows Shino and Hinata until they stop at the woods near by the he is unable to here so he try to get closer "What is Shino and Hinata talking about" he got closer and closer until. "What..Shino..kissing Hinata...this cant be" he punch the tree and ran to his home.

      Naruto pace back and forth thinking to himself "I thought that she was not going to see anyone...good damn it...i should have said yes to her now im ...ggggggggg" the for demon try to get out of his body but Naruto holds its back alittl"ok now i just need to know how i can get Hinata back and get Shino off his back" He was going mad that he thoguht that Hinata will be glad to see him but no she was with some one else that not many people like because of his bugs.

      It was moring and Hinata got up and wanted to hurry up so she can see Shino again and see if they can have their family apporval about them. She ran to Shino home and knocked the door and someone open it "h-hi is Shino here"

      "yes he is ill be here in a few second now" the man kinda look like Shino but she couldnt see because of his jacket

      "ok" she blushed a little and waited outside of the door

      "HEY HINATA.." Naruto ran to Hinata and hug her

      "Naruto ...get off me" she put him off "what you want now...i thought that you wanted to see Sakura rather than me..."

      "NO I wanted to see you and i wanted to tell you im sorry about what I said to you and Im...I..a...will..I love you"

      " broke my heart...never see me when i was there hoping one day that i will be notice by you...I dont love you anymore...(blushed) Shino...he notice me for who I am and see me when I try my hardest to prove that I am here in this world...I love Shino...and no more of you Naruto...please leave me alone" she look down at the ground hoping that he will leave her

      "NO I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU" Naruto grab her by the arms and kiss her hard. Hinata try to free herself from him so she kick him in the balls but he blocked it. Shino just open the door seening Hinata was trying everything to be free from Naruto grasp. So he send his bugs to Naruto only to creep him out Shino really didnt want to hurt him

      "Let go of Hinata, Naruto she dosent love you" When Naruto saw the bugs he let go of Hinata. She slap Naruto with her gental fist on the face and went to Shino and hold his arm

      "I-Im ..s-sorry S-Shino i didnt want to kiss Naruto..." Hinata look at the ground feeling that maybe that Shino will leave her saying that she is a whore and he will never be allow to be near him again

      "Its ok Hinata ...I understand that you didnt want to kiss him" he bent down and kiss her on the cheek "now lets get to trying" He hold her hand and walk to there training ground. While Naruto was getting really mad that she didnt want him anymore or be near him

      "I'll never give up on you ...never" Naruto started running to were Kakashi will be so he can ask for some help "I need help i need to get her back now matter what"

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      The Blissing Night chapter 2 part 2

      8 years ago


      Shino and Hinata walk to the Hyuga clan until Shino stop. "Shino what wrong?" Hinata looked confused but may know what Shino would say or do

      "Can we talk near the woods please i feel safer there to talk....its important to me" he look at her

      "Ok Shino" she walk with him until there near by the wood "Shino what did you wanted to talk about that you were scaried to tell me at the village"

      Shino turned around looked at hinata, take off his glasses, and lower his high collar coat "Hinata..for a long time i wanted to tell you this, but wheni was that you loved Naruto i hold myself back....i know you may reject me if so at least i can die in peace knowing that i told you this and you told me that you rejected it....Hinata..." Shino puts his hands on her are and they're about a few inches away from eachother "i love Hinata Hyuga ever since i was in the sorry if it took so long, but you loved Naruto so that was why i hold myself back hoping that you would be happy with him rather than me" he look down know that she will say what Naruto told her

      Hinata was in shocked that someone who was so close to her have notice, care, helped,and loved her for so long. She slowly starts to cry"you should have told me though that i might have rejected you but....i just could have gone on a date with you to see if i liked you....Shino..."

      "please dont cry" he puts back his glasses and gives her a handkerchief. Hinata look up and puts her hands on his glasses

      "Please i want to see you eyes they beautiful as the butterflies" Shino takes off his glasses and look at her "shino..i-i...." she closed her eyes and take a deep breath while blushing "i love you Shino Aburame" she slowly open her eye and see that Shino is going to kiss her so she close her eye again and let him kiss he. When they kissed they started to hug eachother hoping this never end but Shino stoped and look and put his glasses back on "what is it Shino..."

      Shino have isis serious look when somthing is bad about to happened "someone was out there but its gone...i should get you back home now its not safe" Hinata look at Shino and hold his hand while they walk to the Hyuga clan "goodnight Hinata ill see you tomorrow" he put his glasses a bit lower so she can see his eyes

      "ok goodnight Shino see you at tomorrow" she kiss Shino one last time before going inside her home. She slowly walk to her room and lay on her bed "Shino..(blushed) you a good kisser" she giggled and hold her pellow just thinking its Shino.

      Shino went to his room and lay on his bed "i finally told her how i feel and i feel more alive now then ever..,but who was that person that i scenes earlier while i was kissing Hinata...could it be Naruto, but he hasnt came back for 3 years..will i just hope its a spy rather than Naruto. If so it will be a big problem for me and Hinata"

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      The Blissing Night chapter 2 part 1

      8 years ago


      3 years have pasted by Naruto went out to do missions while everyone was still in the village. Hinata is 16 years old now her birthday was about a week ago she wanted to do a party for her friendswhich were Kiba and Shino. But Hinata didnt knew that Shino is going to do after the party. Its about 12pm Hinata is going to her training like always and Shino waiting outside of her home.

      "Bye father...oh rememder that im going to be late ok"

      ""Yes I know your party with your friends...just come home safe" Hiashi was worry about Hinata and kneww that he need to be careful that she dosent get hurt again

      "I will father" she went out and see Shino "Hi Shinow how are you" she is always glade to see Shino there waiting for her. He was always there for Hinata to help her and to get over her heart break when Naruto dumped her.

      "im fine and you"

      " Im going to try to defeat you Shino" she giggled and smiled

      "I hope that you can at least try to catch me"he smirked under his high collar coat.

      Shino, Kiba, and Hinata are at the trainning grounds and she asked both of her teammates to fight her at the sametime. They agree to do it and she have her Byakugen ready while Shino have his bugs out and Kiba went after her for a move that he knew that will push her down, butthere was one problem

      "What the" a puff a smoke "where is Hinata....her coat.... she used a shadow clone adn put her coat on there. Hey Shino whaaaAA....its was a bug clone that have Shino coat also. Shino..Hniata.. this isnt funny...GUYS"

      "I knew Shino made a clone" she was on the branch of the tree clase where Shino bug clone was "Now where is the real Shino" as she was ready to move to another branch untilshe felt something is holding on to her. Hinata look what was behind her to see the only person that could do that.

      "Your getting smarter you knew that it was a bug clone" Shino was behind Hinata putting his arms around her arms and waist tight"Are you able to get out of this" he knew that Hinata wanted to get stronger, but need to defeat Shino first. she kept on kicking her legs to free herself until "What?" a another puff of smoke was there. Shino turned around and see Hinata coming towards himshe pushed him out of the trees and in to the ground. Her hands are at his arms and she sat on his waist.

      "i got you Shino" she giggled

      "Yes you do Hinata" he smirked"but not for long" he made Hinata to roll over until Shino is where she was with him. "Now I got you" she try to get up or make shino roll over like he did to her, but he was too strong so she stop moving and look at Shino and he look at Hinata. Shino and Hinata blushed alittle. It was so hard for Shino to kiss her, it would be taking advantage of her.


      "Yes Hinata"

      "what..are you th.."

      "raff" both Shino and Hinata look at Akamaru and see that Kiba is running to them " Good boy you aaa....found them...aa do you guys need to be alone" Kiba begins to blush alittle. Shino got off of Hinata and lend a hand to her. " here is your coats" kiba hands there coats to them and they put it on.

      "Shino wins...he catch me" she laughs "ok lets go and start the birthday party" she smiles to them

      "ya ok" Kiba strach his head and wonder if anything happened

      "ok" Shino just stand there and put his hand on his pockets

      Its about 9pm at night the team 8 is at the Ramen shop eating so soup and having a good time. They shared stories on there missions they have done, family ,and anything that a teenager would usually talk about.

      "ya those were the good time.." Kiba smiled and eat his ramen soup

      "will i have to go i have alot of fun today" Hinata smiled and paid the bill "I know that is early but i dont want to worry my father"

      "ok Hinata ill take you home" Shino take a drink of his green tea

      "oh..thank you Shino. Will goodnight Kiba i hope that guys have fun"

      "Oh ya we have fun. See ya later Hinata and Shino" Kiba wave but and walked home

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