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      Well shit.

      4 months ago

      my old man has had a heart attack, and is on the other side of australia. This really fucking sucks!

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      Jigsaw Project

      4 months ago

      To anyone who happen to read this, feel free to give input.

      Im thinking of getting a sole investor or as few investors as possible to fund an idea that i'm hoping gets my family and i out of the shit. To be frank.. we're flat stoney broke and living from paycheck to paycheck.

      So i had the idea of Jigsaw weaponry/armor:

      I will be making Fantasy weapons and armor, turning them into jigsaws, casting them in metal and selling them in kits for display pieces. I will be starting simple, with a wooden sword so i can learn the principle of how its done. eventually i am hoping to cast full pieces, such as Halo weaponry and game weapons.

      I really want to make a jigsaw Keyblade.

      Well thats my idea anyway, for something to sell so i can dig my family and i out of our financial trouble and keep us out of it. Any ideas? pointers? Seriously il take anything.

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      AH Sims

      5 months ago

      Out of boredom i made a sims 2 house with all of the guys from AH in it.

      All have their actual star signs and all kinda look the same.
      I am currently 5 days in and i felt now is a good time to post as to how things are going, as i just hit a milestone.

      Day 1: Jack refused to work but was approached by a random lady with a position in Journalism, Geoff and gavin get work in the criminal lines, Michael gets a job in the business line and ray gets one in home business.

      Day 3: gavin has taken to blocking up the staircase and laughing at everyone who gets angry, geoff has started going downstairs and looking at the wall, jack has emptied the fridge and ray sits in his room reading.

      Day 5: Gavin is still locking the stairs up by standing at the entrance, Geoff has missed 3 days of work in a row but somehow managed a promotion. Jack does nothing but cry when home and michael seems to be enjoying himself. Regrettably ray died for no apparent reason, he just curled up into a ball infront of gavin and died.

      i think he'd had enough.


      Day 15: Michael has died. gavin locked him into a room and demanded to pass first, into the room. michael insisted he should leave first. gavin won. im seeing a pattern here.


      Day 25: jack and geoff are both dead. gavin lit the fireplace and stood in front of the stairs while jack and geoff burned. he then mourned geoff and laughed at jack.

      its over in 25 days, gavin has won.

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      GTA 5 street fighter ARCADE things to do

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      Two people lock on to eachother and fight it out while watching it on the screen of a third person, so it looks like a sidescroller fight.

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      Fallout 4 wants, hopes and expectations

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      So we all know its coming. we dont know when, but we know its coming. What would you like to see in the next fallout?

      Id like to see the ability to play as something other than a vault dweller, even if they all converge after the tutorial. Something like a Ghoul, Brotherhood exile or Scavanger. ofcourse the option to play as Vaulty would be there, but not as a requirement. Id also like to see disguises, so you wear a full suit of BHoS armor and you can enter their facility, but get too close to a member and they will ID you as a fake. Full scav armor and you can enter scav fortresses. There is so much stuff that they could bring in, that was done via mods in FO:NV and FO3.

      Also, who still plays FO3 or FO:NV? if so, what mods do you use and what do they do! (obligatory nude mods need not be mentioned, i know your runnin them. Hows moira lookin)

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      i made a thing

      1 year ago

      this tuesday @ 4:07pm, my partner had our baby girl. born 4kg (8,8lb or something) and 54cm long. nothing bad happened, im just watching rtpodcast 291 with her on my chest sleeping and felt like writing about it :)

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      Comic book drawers

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      I am thinking of making a community drawn comic book, but my drawing ability is so great that it makes a toddler look like picaso. So what i was thinking is this: I write the script, give direction of camera angle, some minor details and leave the rest up to you to draw how you think the scene would look. 1 page per person, no repeat entrees, i want to make this a community thing. Any artists willing to give this a short? Non-profit, all free work, you can sign the bottom of the page and all artists will be listed in the back along with where their work is available.

      Any1 up for this little enterprise?

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      My extra life starts in 24hours =D

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      Hey guys and girls! in 24 hours, my extra life feed goes live, where il be doing 30 hours of gaming to raise money for Sickkids. Stop in if you want, or even donate! could always use more donations =D I know the required time isnt 30, but i felt like doing 30, just to see how far i can push myself to not ragequit games.

      Why tomorrow? Because that is +10 UTC for me, giving you lot something to do over the weekend. Jump on the twitch channel and berate, give advice or generally be yourselfs!

      i WILL be doing stealth run on Dishonored, maybe some KOTOR, Half Life: opposing force, something else, il ask the stream.

      So come on by if you want! id love to see some ppl just stop in, even if they dont stay.

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      GTA5 crews

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      I hope this is in the right place.

      What crews are there for GTA5? Any that you guys would recommend? Is there a open AH crew that i can join?

      If you have a crew you like, let us know! if you want to send me an invite, my Social club is flowgo29190.

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      Alternate reality Marvel/DC crossover

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      Premise: Marvel and/or DC universe where super powers are replaced with Mechanical/technological abilities and thus character histories are altered.


      Name: Eric Lensherr
      Occupation: Inventor
      Age: 48
      Status: Active
      Relationship: Single, lives with family.
      Weapon/Tech: Magnet gloves/boots/armour

      Basic story outline:
      Tries to sell tech to mega-corp, shows them first gen tech (300 magnetic warps), demonstrates by picking up car, struggles but mega-corp rep seems impressed. Tells mega-corp rep about MUCH stronger version (3million mag-warp) and sets up a show and sell at airfield. 2 weeks pass as Eric finishes 3mil mag-warp and goes to airfield with rep. Rep shows up, Eric demonstrates by holding an Aeroplane mid-flight. Rep is impressed, seems rushed to get to the car but is interrupted by air plane over radio as it has stalled and cant restart. Eric slowly lowers aircraft to the runway and turns to see rep entering car with finger up to his ear. Confused, Eric hears gunshot and sees floating 50cal round at head level, right infront of him. Furious at his betrayal, Eric picks up the car and interrogates the rep about who his company is exactly and what they want. Rep buckles, Tells him his family isn’t safe, that it maybe too late. Eric crushes car with rep in it, gets in his own and races home to find family slaughtered, house ransacked but research safe behind the room only Eric can access with the glove. Locking himself away, he completes his research and development, producing an entire magnetic suit. Upon leaving his house, he heads to the mega-corp HQ and absolutely destroys it, leaving nothing but a crumpled pile of concrete and bent metal, Declaring himself magneto and vowing to destroy all of the corporations interests.

      Eventually turns to terrorism as a means of accomplishing his goal, creating the Brotherhood as a means of doing so.

      Iron Man

      Name: Tony Stark
      Occupation: Weapons Manufacturing AI
      Age: N/A
      Status: Active
      Relationship: Single,fractured
      Weapon/Tech: Mech body.

      Starting as an AI designed to create weapons for Stark Industries by Howard Stark, raised like a son, taught by Howard. After Howard dies in an industrial accident in which Tony accidentally kills Howard in a training exercise, Tony's AI Fractures to forget what happened, forging the complacent, helpful Jarvis.

      After the company's CEO Obadia Stane has stark build a mech-suit to Obadias standards, stark secretly builds one for himself so he can interact with the material world. After making multiple changes, shrinking the design to be a little larger than a standard human, the suit is completed and Tony’s AI inhabits the body, basing itself out of the blue box behind the chest power-box

      Obadia finds out and confronts Tony, faking happiness for Tony's new found mobility. Using his suit, christened the Iron Monger, Obadia attacks and attempts to kill Tony, ensuring he has full control over Stark Industries. After a fierce battle in which Obadia reminds Tony of how he killed his father, bringing out Jarvis into the suit. Tony ultimately triumphs over Obadia and kills him, destroying the suit and all others like it, along with any research on the subject.

      Openly assuming control over stark industries, Tony uses his suit and the company to fight threats, often created by Tony and his R&D Department. Developing a taste for fame but unable to balance both, he develops another AI called Pepper to be his assistant, controlling his meetings and general business running. Tony develops a habit of intentionally coating himself in a nanite solution, impairing his AI while it repairs damage, allowing Tony to “switch off†partially while part of his AI routines are taken up by self repair processes.

      The Hulk

      Name: Eric Banner
      Occupation: R&D for private sector
      Age: 30
      Status: Active
      Relationship: Single
      Weapon/Tech: bound body suit with Holographic energy-magnetic shield generation and Secondary Virus/AI

      Originally an engineer for a private sector armour developing company, Eric creates a body suit that is designed to fuse with the body upon lethal damage, resulting in a armour suit that acts as a life support system when the soldier is wounded.

      Upon the stage of development where the binding feature is complete, Eric is paired with with another developer for continued development. Working together, they create a system based off secret research from the Mega-corp, they create a Holographic energy-magnetic shield, allowing the suit user to cloak themselves in a shield that is both bulletproof and untouchable by almost any means. Eric creates a 3d model of a giant green monster as a test program to test the size limitation of how large the shield can generate.

      While testing the shield, Eric trips a virus created by his co-worker in an attempt to kill Eric and steal his research. The virus turns out to be an insanely aggressive AI, stolen from stark industries, which turns on Eric and attempts to kill him. Activating the suits Holographic shield and taking the form of the hulk, he rampages through the city and drains the battery while in the air, causing Eric to fall 13 floors. As designed, the suit fuses with Eric in an attempt to save his life, bonding with his brain-stem, creating a neural link between the AI and Eric
      After a fierce mental battle, Eric discovers that being calm is only way to reign in the AI and maintain complete control of his body and suit.

      Using the suit, Eric hunts down and kidnaps his former college in an attempt to find out what drove him to do what he did. After finding out it was just pure jealousy, Eric goes into a rage and kills him, destroying the house and part of the neighbours yard. After taking control and seeing the destruction he left behind, Eric decides he is unfit for society and goes into hiding, coming out when he is needed.

      More to come

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