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    • silverkitten

      Females! I request your participation!

      5 years ago

      For my advanced computer art class I have to make a "participatory poster" by... I think Thursday. I wanted to do something fun so for my idea, I need 25 images, not my own.  
      My idea is to get 25 girls to draw mustaches on their fingers and take a photo, in classic
      finger mustache fashion.
      Be creative, have fun, send me more than one! Just keep the camera close to your face. Use the nicest camera you have. But I'll take whatever quality you got. Bigger is better.
      I'd love your photo asap, but by Wednesday at the latest.

      I'm only using photos of women, but I will accept a photo if you're a guy dressed in drag.
      We're celebrating the 100 year anniversary of women's suffrage at my school this year so that's sort of gotten to me.
      I will share the finished product with you all at the end of this week.

      you can send me your photo at [email protected]


      preferably one photo per person though, because I need 25 photos.

    • silverkitten

      I Made a Movie! (And then a website!)

      5 years ago

      We had to make a short "how to" video for my comp art class using iMovie. Fun stuff.
      I did not make your average how to movie. That'd be lame.
      Instead, inspired by the locals of the wonderfully snobby city of Seattle, I did, "How to be a coffee snob."
      Unfortunately I couldn't film in Seattle, because that is not where I go to college, but it still turned out pretty awesome.
      I tried to make it look silent film-y too so that's fun. The soundtrack really makes it (I love The Kills). That, and douche-y indie kid I got to act in it make it work. (I should become a casting director)
      Disclaimer: I'm not a coffee snob or an indie/scenester kid so I dunno how accurate those steps are. I just threw together random stuff I've heard/read before.

      Oh yeah. Movie: How To Be A Coffee Snob
      Please rate it so it looks more official. haha

      As to why I've disappeared off the face of RvB. I was inspired over my summer break to do stuff and things. I learned that sitting around, observing, dreaming, thinking, listening, researching, reading, planning, creeping etc is not how you get to do the things you've always wanted to do. It's not how you change, or make change.
      SO I've gotten off the internets and the TV, and outta my room. I've been attempting to make myself a better person and the world a better place. It's a ton of work. And I'm tired. I got sick a week ago and have finally caught up and now I'm calming down a bit. Not taking on so much damn volunteering or work. I miss it. I miss being involved, meeting people, traveling, new situations etc. I gotta find that push to get back into it soon.

      Had to make a website for class to go along with the video so I present to you now, my very first website
      How to be a Coffee snob: Seattle Edition
      I focused more on design... and less on the website... I'm still scared of getting into HTML and flash is a bitch. So it was almost all done in photoshop and then placed in dreamweaver. Haven't even opened fireworks....

    • silverkitten

      I made it happen

      6 years ago

      Just got back from my 29 day long cross-country road-trip, Seattle to yellowstone, to mt rushmore, to chicago to boston to NYC to DC to TN to denver to SLC. Yes, yes, it was, of course, great.

      Got back a few days ago. I'll be spending some more time on here perhaps now since it is summer and I've got nothin better to do.

      Besides catch up with friends in my home town, hang out with my brother, do chores for my mom, try not to get fat, and most importantly, go through the 2000 photos from the trip.
      I'll post a few random ones now tho. For you, the few darlings I still have left on here.

    • silverkitten

      You know it is your birthday when...

      6 years ago

      You're depressed and anxious?

      That cannot be right...

      We shall find out tomorrow. (it is still the 2nd in my time zone. My bday is the day after groundhogs day)

      And by we, I clearly mean me, because it's my 20th bitches.

      Oh man turning 20... two decades? What have I got to show for it?

      earlier today I was pondering how depressing it is that we are such a product of our families.
      I say depressing because we lack so much control in who we turn out to be.

      This evening I was pondering how it is not worth it to be "the other woman"

      Buuuut. I have cupcakes.

      (Sorry about the scattered and abbreviated thoughts, but just felt like giving you a summary of my day. Respond to whatever you will)

      B-day update:
      I can't believe I'm not a teenager anymore. Twenty sounds light years older than nineteen... Can't blame my retard antics on being a "stupid teenager" anymore. Do I have to learn from my mistakes now? Take responsibility seriously? Do my homework? Am I lactose intolerant from now on? Do I have to refer to myself as a woman and an adult now? ewwww

      I'm pretty sure I wasn't done being 19 yet.

      My B-day C&H. Pretty appropriate I'd say.
      I just had cupcakes for breakfast.
      Jim Gaffigan on Cake

    • silverkitten

      Ridiculous [cat-lady] shirt journal

      6 years ago

      It's a popular joke to those who know me well... that i'm going to end up being a cat lady.
      Which, ya, ok, doesnt sound all that bad to me. But I still find it unlikely.

      Anyway, I saw this shirt on a sales rack awhile back, and i had to have it because i buy ridiculous things... if they're cheap.
      I decided it needed its own journal.
      In retrospect, i should have just had someone else take a photo. But it is superthin, and so mildly see-thru... I never wear it... I should be writing an essay right now, okay pictures:



    • silverkitten


      6 years ago

      So tempting.
      To pick up a serious addiction.
      To have an escape.

      But then I know.
      Of course.
      You're actually just digging a deeper a hole.
      As opposed to actually ecsaping
      from the simple life issues
      I want to escape from.

      I feel my perception of reality
      of how I see myself.
      Is more messed up
      than usual.
      Every once in awhile I see it how it really is
      And I'm confused.
      What? I did that?
      Last week?
      Last quarter?
      Nah... I don't see how I am capable.
      Me? Deans list?
      Gotta be a mistake.
      A-? How the hell... hey wait a second...
      this doesn't sound like something I'd write.
      I musta cheated.
      I wish I could do this all the time.
      But one hour before this class I was attempting this same feat .
      And guess what.
      I failed.
      What happened during this past week?

      In an attempt to recreate past success,
      I some how got caught up in a downward spiral
      of counter productiveness.
      Oh how far I've fallen.
      In only a week.
      And how much harder the same stuff is this week
      than it was for me last week.
      According to this A- paper,
      I don't remember writing.
      It's surreal.

      I could work to get out of this hole.
      The opportunities have been placed before me.
      It would just be a bit more work.

      But I'm so much better at putting things off.
      Sleep is so tempting.
      Sleep is my escape.
      Thanks to my new friend.
      Apparently a multi-faceted drug.
      * Antihistaminic
      * Motion sickness
      * Sedative/Hypnotic
      * Recreational

      I'm going to get back on track.
      First, little goals for encouragement.
      (baby steps)
      Examples of how I can succeed.

      And make plans to go home for the weekend.
      See? Not too hard to get stuff done.
      Now I have to plan out my homework.
      And drink lots of water.
      But mostly,
      Stop being so damn good at wasting time.

      (that wasn't a poem, just how my thoughts were running through my head, abbreviated)

    • silverkitten

      I dreamt about Obama

      6 years ago

      last night. It was crazy... he was married to my rich aunt... and I was babysitting for them. And he was sort of a stuck up dick. Like my real uncle.
      Oh dreams.... I love their absurdity.

      Now here are a bunch of links I've been wanting to share with you for awhile... so they've piled up a bit.

      9 dollar unique tee shirts A new one every 24 hours.

      A font that uses up to 20% less ink. Free to download, free to use As a college student I've recently become aware of the price of printer ink and the speed to which it is used up.

      Because you need a better desktop wallpaper and I know these to be good sites.

      Ever wondered what colorblind people see? A filter for websites There are multiple sorts of colorblindness so try out a few filters on one of your favorite websites...

      The whole freaking Quran online? yeah, apparently the bible is online too... and i suppose i shouldnt be surprised. Anyways, I've started reading random sections, very very interesting.

      Speaking of bibles... Worlds largest medieval manuscript, The Devil's Bible It's cool because it is more than just a bible, it's a little mysterious, and you can check out the illuminated script on this site

      And this cake looks freaking delicious so one of you should bake it and get back to me on that. Living in this dorm situation makes baking a bitch so I have to know if it is indeed worth it. Or maybe i shall have my mom bake it for my birthday coming up... either way, I want to know if it is good amazing.

      I've added a bunch of new music to the end of my playlist so I recommend you check it out.

      A creepy sign I found in good ol' washington state:


    • silverkitten


      6 years ago

      through my eyes

      help me?

    • silverkitten

      Restricted Design

      6 years ago

      Almost any art class I've ever taken, each assignment has its own set of restrictions and rules you must follow, usually in order to help you learn specific things.
      Sometimes the restrictions stifle my creativity... (or maybe my procrastinating or not caring does) and other times.... it enhances it.
      This is one of the few times I was inspired before setting off on a typography project.

      1. 1. The art and technique of printing with movable type.
      2. The composition of printed material from movable type.
      2. The arrangement and appearance of printed matter.

      Before you analyze my work you have to understand the following restrictions I had:
      I could only use inDesign (no photos, no photoshop, no illustrator etc)
      inDesign is an adobe program for design and layout of books, magazines, newspapers... etc. Basically great for anything involving lots of WORDS.
      It is a type design class so it makes sense... however, two problems... one, the assignment is to design snowboards... (usually very graphic oriented) and two, the other professor that teaches this same class allowed the use of any adobe program and any photos etc. Lucky bastards.
      My professor on the other hand, wanted our snowboard design to be focused on type. (We also had to design a matching coupon and poster, isn't that enough type? Apparently not.)
      My professor may just be a douche. (Though, possibly a well intended one.... )

      It's really very frustrating!
      But I'll stop complaining now, since I like how things turned out, but only with the previous restrictions in mind.

      My inspired set:

      My second set, developed from a need to hand in two sets of thumbnails originally.
      (Those cool little symbols are actually a font, so don't be too impressed, this 2nd one was really easy compared to the first)

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      3 years ago

      Hey There! my god it's been a while...

      How've you been all this time? I remember we used to talk a lot, and i'd LOVE to catch up now :)

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      3 years ago

      Hey! You looking at the screen. Yeah you. How's your day been? Good? Good. Well I have had the crapiest day I am trapped on the internet! It is NOTHING like Tron all it looks like It looks like fire. Well that's great I'm allergic to fire! Well have a nice day and nice picture and that joke on you journal was hilarious! Now I am off to kick some Tronish nerd booty! Leeeeeeerrrroooy Jenkins!!

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      Hi stranger

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      Merry Christmas Mara! Even if you haven't been on here in months. smiley8.gif

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      5 years ago

      Well it's that time of night where I go through who's online, click on pics that appeal to me in all sorts of ways and then post a random comment on their page like "taco's aren't just yummy, they give you super powers".
      (well the truth is I copy and paste this exact message into all the random peoples page, but hey, that's time management for you.
      So what now?, do you reply?, mod point this?, block me from communication? etc etc...
      The fact is it's just a random thing I often do, there is no need for a response from yourself unless you want to. I don't have any cash prizes to give, holidays on offer, free cars or even taco's to hand out. It is just plain randomness that compels me to do it (and a lack of the right med's).
      For those of you that have been unfortunate in the past to receive something like this from me, my heart goes out to you for the suffering It may have caused, but please understand that I don't keep a checklist of my unfortunate victims.
      Well that's all from me, I leave you alone now to ponder this....
      If we didn't call green,,,, green, what colour would grass be? (I spell it COLOUR because that's how it's done DownUnder)

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      5 years ago

      Mara? you around?

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      5 years ago

      Hey! It's been a while seen I've talked to you. Well it's been a while since I've been on here at all actually. How've you been?

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      Good and funny?

      sounds interesting any chance I'll get to see it?

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      5 years ago

      So how'd the mustache project come out?

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