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    • The British Political System

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      So, if you listen to the latest podcast, Gavin is his usual self and knows more about our politics than his own.

      It is true that in Britain, elections can really happen whenever. There are proposals on the table to make it a regular 4 years, and here's why:
      The Prime Minister has power to dissolve parliament whenever, the Queen is just a formality, and there is no real authority behind that. He can do it if he sees his party in a particular period of strength, and sees an opportunity to capture additional seats.

      Also, the PM is not elected. Instead, he is chosen by the party as its leader, and if his party is the ruling one, he is PM. The head of the other party is the head of the opposition.

      Finally, the need for a coalition is not exactly the same as Ross Perot and the Clinton election, because that was a presidential election, which as stated the UK doesn't have. It comes from the fact that Britain is a three party state, not a two party state. Thus, it is possible for the smallest party to be the spoiler, as the Lib Dems were here, forcing the need for a coalition to have a working majority.

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    • More Stuff v. Less Stuff

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      So, this has been a recurring topic for some time now on the podcast: Gus and Burnie are huge supporters of getting rid of as much stuff as possible, and Michael said he is in the stage of acquiring stuff.

      I recently had a huge swing from more to less, and it was very sudden. I was getting rid of an old couch, and I ripped it apart and threw it in the trash.
      Then I looked around my house, and before you knew it, years of magazines, old VHS tapes, old books, old shoes, old games, it all had to go too.

      Just wondering where other people fall on this spectrum.

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    • Bioware Laying off SWTOR staff in Austin

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      Wonder if this hits anybody that we've heard in segments, or if the crew will talk about it in the next podcast. I know they are really invested in it.

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    • WGG Com-cast: In-Depth Analysis Podcast

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      Hey everyone,

      Just wanted to announce that a friend of mine (ALExM2442) and I launched a new gaming podcast on

      It's 90 minutes of thorough analysis and discussion about recent gaming news, where we ask questions and pitch them to the audience for response.

      The first episode is out now, and we're working on the second one right now. The main topics were: Xbox's new music service, will next-gen consoles fail, Crysis 3, Halo Anniversary future gaming HD remakes, and something the RT community is sure to be interested in: Halo 4.

      We'd really appreciate if some of you could take some time to listen in the background and help us get off the ground with this.

      You can listen on wikigameguides itself:
      Or listen on our blog:
      Or subscribe on iTunes: itpc://

      Please leave us feedback by emailing us:, we'd really appreciate it!

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    • Going to RTX!

      6 years ago


      Haven't really used my account before, but it's as good a time as any, because I'm going to RTX. A friend of mine and I are taking a road trip from Atlanta to Austin. Can't wait to meet all the great guys behind the madness here, as well as all the other awesome community members.

    • 2018 years ago

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    • iamjohngalt

      6 years ago

      Just realized you're going to RTX by your post on the DT forums. Awesome-sauce. Looking forwards to seeing you and other people in Austin.

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