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    • socmans

      How long was I out?

      9 years ago

      The latest RvB episode I have on my computer is 57 and not their on 75!

      Well now I make the most common updates here and other than that I've been temporarily dead on the internet I guess, except for my rare posts elsewhere. (I make the most, most common posts in the last.)

    • socmans


      10 years ago

      N, the game(freeware), just released it's fourth instalment smiley11.gif

      N is a platformer where you are a ninja, and simply have to get to the end of each level while collecting each peice of gold to give you more time. This sounds simplistic, but what really make N so great is the ingeneouse level design, and a good physics engine.

      The new isntalment featers a few cool things, but the most notable is the user content. Since the third instalment (I think), N has had NED (N- EDitor). NED allows the creation of user made levels, and now there is aqn entire user levels section smiley11.gif . And then you can even get more user made lavels at (it's a toung twister).

      So if you already know about and like N, I currently have three levels made,
      Cave Insertion
      Fools Traps

      If you never even played N, the site is...

    • socmans

      Custom Cursors!

      10 years ago

      I found out that I can change my cursor from that bland white arrow to what ever I want. I won't list the site I got mine, cause what I got sucks, but google can fix that. Mostly I'm using a new set, but I made my own cursor and inserted it into the set as well.

    • socmans

      Something cool

      10 years ago

      Just click the link, or die.

      Fun fun fun smiley0.gif

    • socmans

      Best launch tittle of all time.

      in Forums > Best launch tittle of all time. | Follow this topic

      Here's a forum for determining what the best launc tittle of all time ever was.

      DOA 3
      Not Halo? I think DOA is even more important for the Xbox because without DOA, Xbox in Japan would have flopped even more. Without even that small Japanese support, the Xbox might not have done as well in the longer term market in the Americans.

      36 replies

    • socmans

      I was down, but now I'm out!

      10 years ago

      My internet has been down for a while, and I've been going to the library for access, but now I'm back and out! I have internet at my own house, but my Xboxlive in nearly and completly through. I can't get it to work, thus back and out.

      I found out that I can switch wires to my router and play on Xbox Live for 8 minutes at a time, but besides the time limit noone can use the computers internet.

    • socmans

      Internet not working.

      10 years ago

      Lately my internet isn't working, but I'll post wherever I can find a computer.

    • socmans


      10 years ago

      I'm going to try and atempt some good old manga for my small portfollio of junk I did. Well actualy it's just an enelope right now but...

      I don't have a name for it yet, but I recently got a couple of episodes of sub-plot-story line done:

      I women named m Iketo, probably the only Japanese sounding name I'll use, lives in a miner depresson. She sighns up for a part time spy job (although I don't think it'l be funny, the joke is supposed to be you can't part time spying) at two seperate agencies. The apear to be opposing one at that. She eventualy gets promoted to double agent, at both agencies! Her official stance is quaduroople agent. Because of conflict of intrest she can't do what is asked of her, but the comedy is how it gets done anyway. Now I'll just have to draw it!

    • socmans

      A story of a dog

      10 years ago

      Clerk: Ummm, hi, Mr. Golding.
      Man: Yes is my dog ready.
      Clerk: Well, uhhh, no. It's a bit... dead.
      Man: What? I need that dog for the championship!
      Clerk: Well it's a bit...
      Man: Can it be revived?
      Clerk: Well it's kind of... rigomortous... in the body.
      Man: What do you mean?
      Clerk: Well the heads a little... gone.
      Man: Are you sure? When did this happen? How?
      Cerk: Well, when you shut the door on the way in...

    • socmans

      Bush and I

      11 years ago

      I hate Bush. He's a horrible president and hasn't done much good for our country. But here are som links to laugh at him with.

      All of the below links can be found at Jengajam(searched)
      Bush and ginocology
      Why Bush is so trust worthy, note the sarcasm.
      Bush and his debut on the Times magazine

      My personal favorate is his speach on sovernitities, but I couldn't find it.

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