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    • A Red vs. Blue Theory

      2 years ago


      I just made a journal entry about RvB earlier today, but decided to make this one anyway.

      Anyway, I have a theory about Agent Carolina and why there's no "North" or "South" in front of her name. People have probably thought of this before me, but whatever.

      So I can think of two reasons that Carolina isn't "South Carolina" or "North Carolina". This story takes place like way way way way into the future, so maybe at that point in time there weren't two Carolina's. But that would mean that there also weren't 50 states. Unless there's like, a new one, which is entirely possible. Maybe Puerto Rico. Does that even count?

      The other reason I can think of is that at one point, there were two Carolina's, but one of them died. That wouldn't really explain why she doesn't have "North" or "South" as part of her name, but it does explain (maybe) why she has two armor abilities. Her armor can change color, and she has super speed. The Carolina that died had one of the abilities, and when he/she died, they just gave it to the other Carolina. And then they figured: "Hey, we've only got one Carolina now, so I guess there's no reason to say "North"/"South" now. We can just call her Carolina. I'm a genius." And then everyone just called her that.

      Man, I'm totally not the first person to think of this, am I?

      Also in Season 10, Wash uses some kind of EMP thing that I guess is his armor ability even though he didn't have an AI to help him run it. Also if he had an EMP as his ability, why didn't he just use that on the Meta in Season 6? And if he ever did get an AI that could help him run it, wouldn't it just kill the AI?

      Just a side note.

    • A Question About Red vs. Blue

      2 years ago


      So I just thought of something. Well actually I thought of it a while ago, but now I'm typing it. Anyway, it's a question about Red vs. Blue. Specifically Season 8, where the Meta and Wash team up to get the Epsilon unit.

      As everybody who watches the show knows, the Meta cannot speak. He just kinda growls because he was shot in the throat. My question is: How does Wash understand what the Meta is saying? There are many times throughout the season where the Meta growls, then Wash responds to him like he was speaking with real words. I know it was before Season 9 (not chronologically), where the Meta gets shot in the throat, so maybe when they made Season 8 they hadn't decided that he got shot in the throat. But still, how could he understand him?

      I don't know, this is just a thing that I thought of, and decided to write about.

      Type about. Whatever.

    • This just in: Cleverbot still isn't clever. Back to John for sports.

      2 years ago


      Cleverbot: What came first? The chicken or the egg?

      User: The chicken, obviously. That's how eggs happen. They come from chickens.

      Cleverbot: Why obviously, did the chicken come first?

      User: I think so. If not, then where did the egg come from?

      Cleverbot: From another chicken who came from the egg, like I said.

      User: But where did the egg come from??

      Cleverbot: The egg came from another creature, most likely another bird and there was a natural mutation of the egg, resulting in the chicken.

      User: Natural mutation?

      Cleverbot: The chicken came from the egg, I told you that already.

      User: Yeah, but the chicken would have had to lay the egg.

      Cleverbot: Yea, but the chicken must have adapted to its surroundings to make itself lay an egg. Therefore a chicken must have come first.

      User: That's what I said.

      Cleverbot: No. You said the chicken came first.

      User: That's what I said I said.

      Cleverbot: No you said I was the computer!

      User: I need a hobby.

    • So I tried to get Cleverbot to make a Red vs Blue reference.

      2 years ago


      User: Blarg.

      Cleverbot: Blarg indeed.

      User: Blarg blarg honk.

      Cleverbot: Blarg chica honk honk.

      User: Oh. Well that was fast.

    • I totally just made a Roosterteeth account.

      2 years ago


      I totally just made a Roosterteeth account.

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