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    • Playing again!

      8 months ago


      WOO HOO! Late post on this event, but it's still excellent. I'm once again in an active musical ensemble. I'm playing with the Skidmore Concert Band in Saratoga, NY. I'm having so much fun with my former teacher conducting. It really does feel like old times. Keeping with the nostalgia theme, we're playing a piece that he composed. He was working on it when I moved on to college.

      It's a really awesome 12 tone, serial piece (theory geeks get you highlighters ready) which he was just finishing up as I left. It's based on a book called Grendel. It's a retelling of Beowulf from the perspective of Grendel himself. And in the words of Brett Wery (the conductor), "Grendel not happy." Wish you guys could come hear the awesomeness!

    • RTX 2015. Fin

      1 year ago


      RTX 2015 if officially a wrap. Throughout the convention I got to talk and play with many awesome, kind, and interesting people. Unfortunately I didn't get any contact info for continued conversations, but that's ok.

      Today was a great convention day in which I found someone cosplaying as a Sim, got to play Munchkin Steampunk (Which hasn't come out yet), learned about contributing to the Community Hunter community, and learned about streaming on Twitch. This will happen. Stay tuned. This place has been so full of creativity, passion, and ability that I leave inspired to create more.

      I would also like to note the memorial to Monty Oum. Monty is a great inspiration in my life and his death was a huge blow to the Rooster Teeth community. However, his words and works live on to continue to inspire us. The memorial was an amazing testament to that and I am honored to have been able to make a contribution, however small.

      Photos will follow once my feet stop rebelling and I'm not so exhausted.

      I close this post in the words of Monty Oum.

      Keep moving forward.

    • RTX!!! Day 1

      1 year ago


      So far so awesome! The RT community is amazing. I've been able to talk to so many people while I wait in line. This is a huge deal for me as I have some occasionally crippling shyness.

      The panels and events have been fantastic. I only wish that I could have attended more of them. I missed the RWBY panel, but I did get into the Internet Box podcast. I also missed a number of other events that I really wanted to see, but I did go through the murder room. I guess I'm a little disappointed with myself for not having everything together enough to get to everything. On the other hand, there's so much I can't possibly do everything.

      Tomorrow's the big day, though. There's so much I want to do. I'm nailing down a plan right now.

      And now on to something that has captivated me all day. The cosplays. There are some FANTASTIC cosplays out there. Any photos will not do them justice, but I took them anyway.

      Overall great first day of RTX. Here's to an even better one tomorrow.

    • RTX!!! Day 0

      1 year ago


      Here I am, Austin! First order of business, charity event at K1... then to the RT SideQuest cocktail party and charity auction. Then.... sleep... maybe?

    • AUSTIN!!!

      1 year ago


      On this RT Community Day, I have arrived in Austin! Alas, I do not have any RT merch to rep with, but that will change soon! I was on business in San Antonio over the past few days and as the trip butted against the weekend, I hopped a bus and came over. If any Austinites want to meet up for a few drinks or want to show me some awesome spots around town, hit me up!

    • A mixed day

      1 year ago


      SO a couple days ago was my one year anniversary at Cengage Learning. It's been a crazy trip, with some awesome highs and some crippling lows. But through it all I have come to recognize the greatness of the people and teams that I work with. I also said goodbye to a friend that has been with me through good and bad times for about 9 years. It has seen me through most of my college careers, many nights of difficult conversations with friends and partners, two partners, and some nights of just plain awesome fun. I also found out that I will soon be able to pay off my student loan. All-in-all a mixed day full of sadness and joy.

    • Take 3

      2 years ago


      So, I just resigned onto the site. I've been a member of this community for 7 years. 7 years is a long time. However, while I have been a member of the community, I have not been a part of this community. I have tried to turn this around, but I fell off again. Well here we go. I am going to try to be more of a part of this community than a lurker who can't seem to remember to sign in. Not really an effective lurker, eh?

      So here's to new beginnings. I look forward to interacting with you all again.

    • Mariokart 7

      3 years ago


      Hi all, I just picked up Mariokart 7 for the 3DS. I really enjoyed the original and have been on a Nintendo hiatus since... well since N64. I have to say that this game realyl captures the spirit of the original with some new things added in. All in all, I'm REALLY enjoying it. Plus it has the feature for online multiplayer... you know what that means... That's right. Join me!

    • My arm is falling apart

      3 years ago


      So apparently my left arm is falling apart. Or something like that, but perhaps less dramatic. First came elbow pain, now comes something that feels like tendonitis in the hand that is attached to said arm. WTF is going on with my body.

      In other news* I just preordered the Xbox One, and have been playing Samurai Warriors Chronicles for the 3DS. I don't know why I enjoy that game, but I do. Also, delving into Mass Effect (the first one) and rather enjoying it. I know there are some out there who think the game is terrible, but honestly I'm enjoying the story (Though the going through a door and finding overwhelming odds which kills you and sends you back to the beginning of the planet kinda sucks).

      So what have you guys been up to? Have any of you dealt with tendonitis? Do you have any tips on how to game with it?

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