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    • PReordered Limited Edition!

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      I have already preordered the Limited edition. WHO's with me?!!

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    • Sarge and Grif Moments

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      Hey Sarge and Grif fans. Whats was your favorite moments with Sarge and Grif. Feel free to share but stay on topic. My favorite Sarge and Grif moment was when Grif made a parimeter around Sarge and Donut during the 2nd in command competition between Donut, the wrench, and the Skull. Goodtimes. Feel free to quote as well.

      Sarge: ... and since Grif is ineligible.
      Grif: or maybe cause I dont want to compete.
      Sarge: Cause your ineligible!

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    • The Grif Cannon

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      Who thinks that sarge should make the Grif Cannon?

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    • The Fall Nightmare

      10 years ago


      Category: Writing and Poetry

      Awoke during the light of day,

      Looking the horizon as it starts to turn grey,

      Blurry my vision in and out of focus,

      Losing balance as I stand much hopeless,

      Blacking out and falling to the ground in darkness,

      Continuing to fall and fall uncertainty which comes painless,

      Unsure of the distance and a uuncertain doom as I fall,

      Why am I here in this eternal darkness of all,

      Unsure how to awake from this damnation of my demise,

      Closing my eyes wishing the end of this hell in time,

      Opening my eyes seeing the ground ahead ,

      Trying to shield myself from the end,

      As the ground came close it broke free as I awoke,

      On the ground huritng and fatiqued with pain unhooked,

      Fire burning in my eyes and in my muscular wake,

      Looking up at a vast world that I undertake,

      Shaking off the horrible dream of the dark,

      Looking up at the sky of this unholy start,

      The immense evil in the sky shown through the night,

      Was I dreaming or did I fall through the skys unholy flight....

    • Time Passes By As I stand By

      10 years ago


      Category: Writing and Poetry

      Walking through the sunlight with the morning light,

      Looking at my watch with the dial in sight,

      With hands of time moving across the face,

      Observing the shadow running long and lost in this race,

      Seeing the world moving faster in time,

      Feeling the slow moment of my eternal design,

      Seeing my friends and family around,

      Moving to touch and speak with no sound,

      Why cant I be there why cant they see,

      Im trying so hard and wanting to comfort anyone please!

      Knowing this eternal and angry affair,

      Trying to always catch and save what was there,

      My best friend all the way to the girl I wished was mine,

      Which she wishes why arnt you here with me right here this time,

      She says "If only I decided with you in the past my dear?

      Knowing the choice would have been made clear,

      Thats just the start of the wishes that were not to stay,

      Like in school I went with no words to say,

      A beautiful brown haired girl stood next to me

      She was as smart as can be,

      I would think she would never be attracted to me,

      So as I reflect I continue to stare,

      Seeing everyone running away from here,

      Fast forwarding motion with my friends and family,

      Hoping to be a great impact incredibly,

      But the more I try I feel the same,

      Im always to late as they all go away,

      This hurt of a feeling that hurts with immense way,

      Makes me feel like my dead heart is away...

    • A Story Life's End

      10 years ago


      Category: Writing and Poetry

      As a black night moves into day,

      The colors never return and never stays,

      Walking though a crowd with everyone having a stare,

      People alive drunk and drugged , unaware,

      Feeling the next high and the next drunkful bliss,

      As they walk live and love each other and kiss,

      Screaming of life and loving it to there days end,

      Walking through invisibile to there lifes bend,

      Feeling the sadness knowing there lifes intend,

      Different from all as I walk with the black and white descend,

      A tear rolls down my cheek as I look on ahead,

      Seeing my most crucial and trusting friend,

      High as a cloud and not living his life,

      Painful as it shows and painful in my sight,

      Knowing the friend I once talk to hates me in this life,

      Kneeling with the hurt and sustaining with pain,

      Feeling seperated from this world ordained,

      Walking a path alone but knowing of my days,

      Living the life that I want, not by the crowd of the world,

      So I surpass there path and accomplished through the decision torn,

      Walking and living but a sadness with a tear is enduring,

      Wondering am I the only one walking this path, and this story,

      Will there be an ending with a happy women embrace,

      Or will this story end with a sad tearful taste....

    • Running With A mask

      10 years ago


      Category: Writing and Poetry

      As the moon is full shining through the dark sky,

      Looking down upon me as I run by,

      Midnight is shown on the minute and hour hand,

      Feeling resless with pain so bareably and hard to understand,

      Reflecting this horror that I feel with this pain,

      A pain with much improving physical gain,

      Cutting into my abs and my muscles abroad,

      Knowing I look better then I ever had at all,

      After the run as I stand and I start to think,

      With the water dripping across my face and cheek,

      Unemotion has always been my mask of my face,

      Even to those that could handle this endlessly changing fate,

      The real pain I have felt and the real life that I live,

      Seems as though this mask keeps it in,

      Unemotion is always there to keep me in check untill the end,

      Ever so often I feel the mask wanting to fall,

      Showing my real pain which hurts most of all,

      In order to cope and to get past what I feel,

      You'll see me running through the darkness to heal,

      The most dangerous of times and the most dangerous of a place,

      Knowing running back I will end this emotional state,

      Walking back with a pain of the physical gain,

      But always one thing remains,

      An incredible pain that continues to live through,

      That is held by my mask that is securely unto....

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      Hey, I found you using the site member search feature and wanted to let you know about a RvB:TX, a group that is planning a RvB festival in Austin in the near future. Our group already has over 100 members, including Gus, and we're very active. If you are interested in volunteering, giving suggestions, attending, or just RvB in general, please check out our group page here. Also, feel free to check out our dedicated website and Twitter account. And make sure to send this to any friends who might be interested!

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