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    • tastymurder

      fable 2 release in less than 3 days!!!!!

      7 years ago


      if you are 4 sure going to get fable like on the release day then add me to ur xbox live acc.


      (if u want ur name added to the list leave a comment)
      countdown initiated!
      untill midnight release =)

      rock band 2 unlock codes!!!!!!

      if youve played rock band 2 yet im sure you've noticed the unlockables in the extras menu.. well guess what, it bugged me that i could only find 1 code on the internet so i got to the unlock code screen and spent 20 mins hitting random buttons.. and i found out all but one of the codes!!!!
      and since ppl are cool i have all of them here now =) enjoy.....
      instructions. start up RB2 go to extras menu, modify game, enter unlock code screen.

      Awesome Detection - Yellow, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Orange

      Stage Mode - Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue, Yellow, Red

      Unlock All Songs - Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue

      Venue Select - Blue, Orange, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Orange, Blue, Yellow

      New Venues Only - Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Red, Red, Red, Red

      thank you: Skathe_665

      random awesome pic...

    • tastymurder

      F.A.B.L.E 2!!!

      7 years ago

      so yeah.. i cant wait to play fable 2 that game looks fucking amazing! with drop-in co-op and split screen co-op and every decision will effect the game in some way and with so many possibilities comes so much gameplay... and unfortunately so many glitches =(

      so the fable 2 pub games is out 4 free if uve reserved the game and if you havent found out about the glitch in it yet (have your been under a rock the past couple of weeks?) you go into any fortunes tower game and right after dealing you rapidly tap the LB and it will say you just bet the highest bid possible when it only takes away whatever you actually bet. easy cash and that ]money transfers to your actual charter when game releases. =)

      release dates:
      rock band 2: 9-14-08
      force unleashed: 9-16-08
      FABLE 2: 10-24-08 (may be a couple days off on that)
      gears 2: 11-7-08

    • tastymurder

      Hotties beware!

      7 years ago

      if ur bored and randomly lookin at my page just answer it because im kool like that =)





      Do you Drive:

      State You Live In:



      Single or Taken:

      Kiss On First Date:

      Peaches or Bananas?:

      Area 2:
      What would you do if I...

      I made a move on u:

      I kissed you:

      I asked you on a date:

      I was hospitalized:

      I ran away from home:

      I got into a fight and you weren't there?

      I asked u out?

      Told You "I Love You"?

      Area 3:

      "X" marks the spot
      [ ]Hug me..
      [ ]Date me..
      [ ]Kill me..
      [ ]Love me..
      [ ]Hate me..
      [ ]Hold me..
      [ ]Lie to me..
      [ ]Hurt me..
      [ ]Sing with me..
      [ ]Dance with me..
      [ ]Cuddle with me..
      [ ]Make a move on me..
      [ ]Watch a movie with me..
      [ ]Get me a B-day gift..
      [ ]Let me borrow your car..
      [ ]Be there for me..
      [ ]Buy me a drink..
      [ ]Bring me around your friends..
      [ ]Give me a massage..
      [ ]Drink kool-aid with me..
      [ ]Take advantage of me..
      [ ]Hangout with me...
      [ ]Take care of me if I wasn't feeling good..
      [ ]Hold hands with me..
      [ ]Do something incredibly sweet for me..
      [ ]tell me you love me
      now laides dont you clammer all over me at once! lol jk

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    • LOWlifeSpIdEr

      LOWlifeSpIdEr CH - GwPS+

      6 years ago

      you are most certainly welcome.

    • NinjaJesus


      6 years ago

      Fable II 1000/1000 ^^

    • DawnHamster


      6 years ago

      OK, I have go up to Manchester for a few days just after Fable 2 comes out over here so I won't get a good chance to play it until monday. Don't worry, I'm going to be playing it non stop from that point forward.

    • kad525


      6 years ago

      Just got Fable 2 so let me know how your doing in it. Only thing is I have to work a lot this week and i have a term paper due... so that kinda sucks.

    • victory232


      6 years ago

      sick, but i didn't know because usually i'm stuck in playing games, but my mom's making me do homework (ick!)

    • Neurometric


      6 years ago

      Dude, of course Fable 2 is going to be amazing! It's sheer force of awesome will obliterate the locks of the 7th layer of oblivion and cause the whole world to be sucked into itself in a massive frenzied violation of the laws of physics. It'll be THAT awesome. Seriously.

    • DawnHamster


      6 years ago

      Wow you're the first person on this website to add me as a friend. Fable 2 should be pretty sweet but unfortunately I have to wait 3 extra days to get my hands on it. Now that they've confirmed the online coop, I just know Fable 2 is going to be nothing short of epic.

    • SLH_iMPACT13


      6 years ago


    • victory232


      6 years ago

      in fable 2 you can choose to have safe or unsafe sex, witch makes me wonder if you can have a child, but i still prefer the bow over pistals because you can't get extreamly good guns, cuz in fable 1 it matters on what bow you have, and for some reason on my skreen this is showing to be only 1 line....

    • Clandor


      6 years ago

      Oh yeah fable 2 will be awesome.