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    • What did you guys think of the new designs of Team RWBY and the others?

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      I just saw the new designs for the characters for RWBY Volume 4 and they look beyond amazing. I am pleased that Rooster Teeth have decided to changed their outfits (i still love the old ones). It makes them look older which means that from volume 4 until maybe volume 6 it's going to be their second year of being huntsmen.

      But also the improvements of the Grimm keeps getting better and adding new powerful Grimms are even better.

      But i would like to know what you think of the designs?

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    • Grimm Dragon NOT the leader/lord of the Grimm (Episode 10)

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      Episode 10 was awesome! I'll ready for episode 11 however there is something that's bugging me.

      Does anyone think that the Grimm Dragon is not the leader/lord of the Grimm?

      Of course, it's been asleep or trapped in that mountain which i think is Mountain Glen and I knew or been thinking that they going to introduce a dragon type Grimm into the RWBY series before this episode but it's doesn't really give out that "I'm the lord of Grimm!" vibe, you know.

      More of a general of Grimm, summoning Grimm into battle. And the dragon so far can only make the minor Grimm from that black substance as we know (which gives us new information about the Grimm). I suspect that there is a much larger Grimm that is the lord of all Grimm perhaps another large dragon (if so let's hope it's looks like the ones in World of Warcraft style dragons) or maybe a human that could make Grimm and turn into one.

      I was sort of thinking that when Team RWBY moves up a year, there would be a new powerful, smarter enemy (more powerful than the previous one) they have to face. The dragon would be for the first year and then a new enemy next year and so on until they reach their final year that I believe the lord of Grimm will appear. It would be best to save the best one for last, right?

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    • Someone Stop the Spam!!!!

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      This is ridiculous!! This spamming attack on our RWBY forum is going too far. It's a waste. Already it's taken up 43 pages before getting to the topics related to RWBY and it is still going.

      I had a look at some of the forums myself and to me the topic titles look like websites. But the problem it that you can't find the page. The language used in this websites and some of these comments are Koreans. I tried translating the comments but all the letters (or characters) were somehow not spaced and so it didn't translate. I tried spacing them. All i got was random stuff. One I think about a car and live broadcast or something (though, I don't know how the Korean language works).

      This is really starting to bug me and I bet all of you guys are getting annoyed too.

      Has anyone contacted Rooster Teeth about this spam yet? We need to stop this spam. They are all just a waste and there are people on here who really want to put a forum up related to RWBY. And if this continues to the next RWBY episode, people are going to go crazy.

      It's time to stop this once and for all.

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    • No RWBY this week

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      I think there will be no RWBY episode this weekend. As proof, there is no short coming-up video of the next episode (they usual show it by now) and it's not listed under 'Up Next' that's under shows

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    • New Character

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      Hey, in It's Brawl in the Family, has anyone of you notice a hint of a new character that would like appear later. Not Autumn. If you go to 15:24 of the episode, the part when Cinder is choosing the two double teams to fight. Before she chose Coco and Yatsuhashi. The double pair before them, it seem Penny has a partner. Who do you think this is?

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    • World of Remnant: Huntsmen

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      Oooh, an episode about Huntsmen and Huntresses. This should be an interesting episode to watch. Tell me what you think about it?

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