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    • Website Update And Production Update

      9 years ago


      Our website Omicron Project has been updated and has many new features as we get ready to unveil our new series, "The Omicron Project", by CopperNinja Productions. I'll try not to make any promises, but, we hope to have the prologue out by Friday Night of next week, October 17, 2008. For those of you who would like to know what the schedule is till than, here it is:

      Today: Bring new website updates on line.
      Tommorow: Continue with editing.
      Wednesday: Continue with editing/record dialogue
      Thursday: Continue with editing/record dialouge
      Friday: Reshoots/ More Dialouge
      Sunday:Reshoots/ More Dialouge
      Monday-Wednesday: Add Music with the entire sequence.
      Thursday: Finishing touches/ encode for the web.
      Friday: Hope to Release.

      Thank you for all the people that have been patient.
      Edit: Also, I will be updating the website every three days to bring up progress updates.

    • Need Voice Actors/ In-game Players

      9 years ago


      Hi all,
      I haven't really posted any updates to the Omicron Project in a while, but production is back on track. Right now Updates are being made to the website, and I need some people to help me with some screenshots for the show. This would be in halo 3 and I would put your name as recognition. Anyone that would like to help with this needs:

      1. Xbox 360
      2. Xbox live
      3. Halo 3

      Any people that are interested I need you ASAP. so message me here, or for faster method, email me at

    • Mic Broke and Exchanged

      9 years ago


      Well we did not get a chance to start yet because of mic problems and a delayed flight. So I had to go out and exchange it for a new one but all the bestbuy stores were out of stock. So I went to like 5 different stores and finally got the mic. Filming will start tomorrow as I am exhausted and so is my partner.

    • The Omicron Project

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      Me and the co-creater of CopperNinja Productions have planned to start filming this Sunday, August 10th, for our new machinima series, "The Omicron Project". Our first video will be a prologue to the series and we plan on releasing this video the weekend of August 16-17. Anyone that would like more information:

      1. I will have updates on my journal every three days.
      2. You can message me here, or email me at
      3. Our website is The Omicron Project

      Once the prologue is released I will have a link from this thread to the website.

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    • Website Online

      9 years ago


      Finally got the website online.
      It's pretty bare and updates, along with videos, will come soon

      Omicron Project

    • The Omicron Project

      9 years ago


      Me and the co-creater of CopperNinja Productions and our new series, "The Omicron Project" have planned to start filming this coming up Saturday, August 9th. We will be filming a prologue to our new series and plan to release it the weekend of August 16-17. Having trouble with the website at the moment and hopefully by the time of the release it will be up and running.

    • Magic Mushrooms

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      Post your experiences, good or bad

      Add information about what level trip you were at if you can.

      PS. If anyone wants to read about more "trip reports" click on the link below.

      Trip Reports

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    • Best Movies To Watch Whilst Stoned

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      This thread is a place for people to post, in their opinion, the best movies to watch while high

      Mine personally is Happy Gilmore

      Happy Gilmore(to Bob Barker): The price is wrong, bitch!"

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    • New Machinima Series

      9 years ago


      For all people that care:

      Me and some friends are gonna start a new machinima series using halo 3.
      Already have equipment and just finishing up the plot and website.
      A trailer should be out soon on our website.
      Episodes should come out either Weekly or Every Other Week

    • Howard Stern Fans

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      I'd figure i put this in the 18 & Up Section considering Howard is ment for adults

      Any fans post here and discuss the show, etc...

      Howard really does deserve the nickname, The King of all Media , because his show is trully the funniest show on satelite radio

      And was the funniest show on FM radio

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    • JackassIam

      9 years ago

      A little more research into threads would do you well.

      Howard Stern is a fucking dolt anyways.

      Oh hey, I am going to have a hot girl on my show.

      Who cares? We can't see her so why should we listen? Opie and Anthony are a great pair to listen to, especially with Jimmy Norton in the mix it makes a great show to listen to because it actually has a lot of funny commentary about the news and recent events, as well as great interviews with people.

    • dacops

      10 years ago

      want to enter my little contest? u could win +10 mod points and all u need to do is request me as a friend... go on u know u want to

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