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    • The Snail Assassin = It Follows

      2 years ago


      I like the "Million Dollars but..." series. It presents interesting thought experiments that I enjoy. Gavin and Geoff really started this off on some of the Let's Play shows they did together. Gavin brought this concept over to the RT Podcast and one of the scenarios was "Would you take one million dollars if there were a snail that followed you and if it ever touched you you would die?"

      There's an RTAA about it.

      It's presented in a funny way; the snail is cute and cartoon death is usually humorous. But it wouldn't be funny with real people, of course.

      The perfect example of this is a movie called It Follows. It's brutal. Basically, there's this entity that follows you until it kills you. This entity will slowly walk to you until it gets to you and kills you but there is a way to put the entity off you: have sex with someone. In other words the entity is the world's worst STD.

      When you have sex with someone the entity then goes after that person and, yet, that doesn't completely get you off the hook. If that person gets killed by the entity then the entity goes right back to hunting you. The story wasn't clear, but I think you only get added to the entity's hit list if you have sex with the current person it's hunting (otherwise there would be a branching nightmare of death).

      It Follows is a well done movie and I think you'd like it if you're in to horror movies. The movie follows the story of a pretty high school girl who gets hunted by the entity and how she, her sister, and her friends deal with the entity. This movie definitely isn't for kids but if you like horror movies then you should give it a try. Here's the trailer.

    • Edgar = Gozu

      2 years ago


      Is Ryan's bovine predilection a funny facade for something more sinister?

      Up until now I would have laughed that off but now... I'm not so sure. I just learned about a Japanese legend called "Gozu", which can be roughly translated to "Cow Head" in English. The gist is that the Cow Head story is so horrifying that if you were to hear it you would almost certainly die but if you didn't die you would wish you had because the alternative is too frightening to even comprehend.

      Does Ryan know this story? Probably not. How could he know the story if knowing the story meant almost certain death? It's that "almost" qualifier that has me wondering though. What if he knows the story and is just waiting for the right time to unleash it?

    • Suggestion for The Know

      3 years ago


      You recently put up a video titled "The Sopranos Series Finale: Mystery Solved" and I was going to watch it until the video became a "private video" on YouTube.


      I realize why you took it down: the mystery hadn't quite been solved.

      Personally, I wish you would have left it up and added in an annotation to the video so that I knew what was going on. This way you still get the views and you let people know what the truth of the story is turning out to be. But I see why you took the story down (and this isn't uncommon for a news organization).

      Of course, my point here could be proven moot in a little bit of time because you might put up a different Sopranos video.

    • Are we being Keyser-Sozed?

      5 years ago


      Back in the 90s there was this movie called The Usual Suspects. It's about this group of criminals that band together for a big heist but something goes horribly wrong. Kevin Spacey's character is the one criminal that lives... and gets caught. Throughout all but the last scene Spacey's character is being interrogated by a detective who believes Spacey's character will lead him to this shadowy underworld boss named Keyser Soze.

      Throughout the whole movie Spacey plays this patsy with cerebral palsy feeding the detective a long line of bs. It isn't until immediately after the detective releases Spacey that he realizes that he has had Keyser Soze the whole time: Spacey is Keyser Soze.

      Why is this important? Well, while watching the latest RvB episodes I just couldn't shake this feeling that we are all being Keyser-Sozed. The Freelancer Director is wanted on intergalactic charges and there is this massive manhunt for him going on in the background of RvB. Carolina is on this personal vendetta to catch him and her quest seems eerily similar to the detective's story in The Unusual Suspects.

      Here she is with a gang of absurd dupes trying to find The Bad Guy but there is one dupe that stands out above them all: Caboose. It makes sense that the Director, trying to outrun the long arm of the law, would take on the persona of the most idiotic person to ever live. No one would ever suspect someone like Caboose to be guilty of anything more than gross negligence.

      Caboose is a genial dope but there is more to this theory. Caboose is always trying to get Church to like him. Either this is some Of Mice and Men Lennie wants to be George's best friend kind of story, or there's something else going on. What I am proposing is that Caboose wants to stay close to Church for a deeper reason: Caboose is the Director and he wants to be close to his creation.

      I'm probably all wet on this but it is fun to think that Caboose has been this evil mastermind all along.

    • Listening to Old Podcasts

      5 years ago


      Who else is listening to the old podcasts?

    • Why Am I Here?

      5 years ago


      Honestly, I do not remember signing up on this site. I like the vids but how did I sign up for an account?

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