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    • Ravens Tribe/Family

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      Well after Watching V4 Ep4  I was kidna impressed how they managed to make Raven   from my point of View the more evil Adam Taurus...  She said she leads her and Qrows Tribe now so is thatz the reason she cna use Portals which  normla people   are  afraid of fucking reallly AFRAID OF ????

      Also I would liek to know  how Raven   got Pregnant stayed somewhere 9 Months thne Gave a baby to Tai Yang And then just fucking leave xD Its nto like you wouldnt get pregnant if you are NOT INTERESTED IN ANOTHER FAMILY

      I would just liek to hear some speculation from the community and why  the Fuck does Ravens Tribe wear Masks which the white fang also Does what are they ??? like the White Fang 2.0 with more Bones and Even worse personalities


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    • Volumw 4 episode 4: just some ideas

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      It was a  explanation of the little cities between and how Bandits are evne worse than grimm yea ok

      But i am most interested in the part where Qrow says "thats where she is" probably he is talking about Salem after all he knows of the  Maidens hunters  and  he knows that Cinder is  a bitch and  has a  higher up.

      But from my personal perspective i would say Qrow is talking about summer and not salem, I dont knwo why i feel like it or why i even got the idea but i jsut think so.

      Also if there are places that no one ever came back from i would really like to see such a place after all it is either a place crawlign with Grimm or it is something like a save spot ???

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    • Summer Rose's weapon.

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      I searched for a while in the internet and also the wiki couldnt help me did someone ever mentioned Which weapon Summer Rose used ??? i would really like to know it.

      i dotn know why but i think it is not a scythe... well if anybody knows something i would like to hear it.

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    • Roman and Neo's Relationship

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      Roman and Neo are very close to one another so i want to knwo how close. in v3ep11 we saw that he was really shocked the moment neo got blown away, and we also knwo she is always at his side. Is she like his right hand or is their relationship that they love each other ??? i really want to knwo this. i want to knwo more about neo in any way.

      i would also like to hear the thoughts of every other community member.

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    • Roman Torchwik

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      Roman Torichvik is the villain of the first season of RWBY and one of the very important Villains of Season2. We dont know much about Roman, we know that he uses a walking stick as a weapon which can shoot explosive bullets. also Neo is probably the closest to Roman of all other villains. In the first episode we saw that he was criminal alread in a very young age. He is skilled in Combat i belive even more skilled then we all know yet he probably never fought seriously. I am really interested in Romans past or atleast where does he come from ? i personally believe he lived in a rich house and was the onlyst child, He probably was bored or anything and took a liking to cause trouble, Neo probably knows him already very long.

      I would just like to hear some Ideas of the community About Roman Torchwik and his past semblence etc. after all its the most interesting of all the villains yet ( atleast thats what i think)

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    • Season 3

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      am I the only one who is dissapointed that there will be only 12.episodes again :( and the RWBY fans are really crazy as hell and cant live without the knowledge that next Saturday( Sunday for no sponsor) RWBY IS GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER GREAT EPISODE

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    • RWBY season 3 Episode 6

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      OMG the figth between yang and mercury was awesome but i think mercury lost on Purpose after all he has skill and its unlikely that cinder would alow him to do this or he would dare to do something cinder wouldnt Like.Grim are coming to Vale looks like some shit is gonna happen in 3 episodes. and am i the only one who feels like how the hell cna no one realize that this was an illusion in which yang broke mercurys leg ??? has no one a Semblence for hat are the cameras not Semblence/Aura proofed ?

      I cant say much to Phyrra she gets to be something like a Container for the aura of a almost dead person so the power wont Move to whoever attacked Ember ( i think its Cinder). AWKWARD. jsut the Idea of it and furthermore its a Bad idea Take someone who isnt so much in the Spotlight i am referring to Jaune this could also be a godd chance to make his Semblence improve and make him a charachter who has the same fighting ability as all the ohers.

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    • Aura Itself.

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      In the whole RWBY series we didnt get to know much about Dust or Aura itself we only know how it practicly works. so i think They should make some More "World of Remnant's" of this cause we rly need a clear explenation how aura works how it gets regenerated and everything does Aura gets affected by using your semblence ? and Pls none of the White fang guys can use Aura or why is almost every one of them down with 1 strike ?

      Dust we know not much about it. It exists in the form of Crystals and real dust or fluid. Which Colour is what ??? ( now dont tell me that red is fire pls But what is Purple ? and Black and White ?`) how does Dust gets activated, or how does it even get formed or produced. How Powerful is Dust against aura.

      Am i the only one who feels kinda unstatisfied with the infos about these ? i knwo that the episodes cant be 45 minutes and all that but some more info thank you.Sorry for my bad spelling :/

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    • Rubys Weapon " Crescent Rose

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      i Just watched the red trailer again and i saw that Ruby can Change the Blade of her scythe. She does it while she is using her crest bullets to get speed am i the only one who thinks her scythe looks like a "Guan Dao". Also if she got teached to fight with a Scythe why isnt she using it Like one but changes it ??? a Guan Dao and a Scythe i think there is nothing rly simular about the fighting styles

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    • Rubys Semblence.

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      I dont know if there is already one forum for this if yes I am sry i didn't found it.

      To me it feels like Rubys semblence is a bit weak or atleast not rly finished /mastered. I Hope they will improve her semblence somehow. Anyone got a good idea for it ? I would really apreciate to hear some kind of ideas from the community.

      If there is Already one forum for these pls post a link thanks.

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