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    • There's no such thing as "free"

      5 years ago


      The recent sponsors of the podcast, Audible, have taken the opportunity to automatically sign me up for a Gold membership without my knowledge. I may have gotten a free book but I it wasn't until the visa was check that I realized I was charge $30 dollars for the membership.

    • ...And a box of condoms

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      Objective: Create confusion
      Where: The store
      Rules: You must get a few items, one of them has to be a box of condoms.

      A monkey wrench, a bag of ice, and a box of condoms.

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    • Nothing quite like it.

      6 years ago


      There's nothing quite like being in a room full of drunk Members of Parliament attempt to sing.

    • Wise to the wiser

      6 years ago


      I hear, I see, I learn.
      Sounds wise, doesn't it? Well what if we take that and translate it to a wise language, such as Latin?
      Audio, video, disco.

      I guess the 70s had it right.
      ego coniecto...

    • Questions

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      One rule, every post has to be a question. Other that this info, there is no statements aloud. Also, statements that you slap a question mark on don't count.

      So I have on question for you:

      Do you want to play?

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    • Fate?

      6 years ago


      For the last while, my parents have been looking at getting a new house for us to live in. Currently, our house is a good size, but with the advent of my sister movie out with her fiancé and my cousin going back to live with his family, the population count of our house will drop to 4.

      The 4 people that will be living in the supposed next house, my parents, my sister, and I, went to go adventure the model homes that are provided. There are two houses we're currently looking at, one of them is featured as a model home. After about 20 minutes of browsing around and talking about upgrades and plans in that house, we decided it was time to head home.

      Along with the house, there's the location, and we had a particular lot that we had our eyes on to plop our house down on. When we went into the reception building, we headed over to the map with the lots. On this map, is the layout of the neighbourhood with a bunch of red stickers on the lots that are sold. On the way over, my mother semi-jokingly said "If there's a red sticker on that lot, I'm going to die."
      As we approached, it was undeniable of the giant red sticker sitting on Lot 20. After staring at the map for a little bit in disappointment, we turned to leave. My mother asked one of the receptionists to confirm that the red sticker means it's a "done-deal" sold. His response was just as saddening as seeing the lot being sold. He said this while he was walking towards the map the we had just left. We were still sluggishly moving away from the map, so we saw him place another red sticker on a different lot that he just sold to a couple. My sister and myself watched as he reached over to Lot 20 and started picking away.

      My sister puzzled and confused shouted out "Are you taking that off?!"
      And he simply responded with: "Yes."

      I don't know about you... But I call that fate. I'm no believer, but it's pretty obvious something was a little bit different with that scenario. And to prove it, we have a 5 day opportunity to retreat our deposit for the house before our ownership is carved in stone. I guess I should start thinking about my new room layout.

    • Changing Gamertags

      6 years ago


      It's a very overcomplicated process that can easily be made more simple. I can message my friends online, but I can't change the textbox with my gamertag in it. They even have the damn textbox for you to see!

      The other thing about this that bothers me is that it cost 800 microsoft points (You can't change your gamertag online, but you can redeem the points online). It's 1¼ of a penny for a single microsoft point. Not a lot... but after 800, it's 10 dollars. Fork over a purple bill to change my gamertag. I only want to do that once. Choose wisely.

      Supporting Math (Geoff, look away)

      Therefore, 1 Microsoft point costs 1.25¢

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