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      1 year ago

      user-56a0065adc11c Strife Airay

      It's time for me to write about something serious to the Rooster Teeth gang.

      As we all know, Beacon is now overrun by Grimm, Pyrrha is dead, Ozpin has vanished, Team RWBY is disbanded, and Ruby has run away with the rest of Team JNPR to Haven to investigate Ozpin's disappearance. Now, if any of you guys from Rooster Teeth are reading this, then thank you for your time and let me tell you guys what I think is going to happen. I sat in my math class this morning and something came to mind. Since Ruby is now with Jaune, Ren, and Nora, then does that mean they get a new team name? If so, what's it going to be called? I thought about this for a while, but if they were to get a new team name, then maybe it would be called Team RNJR (Ranger)? It does sort of make sense now that Ruby is with them and maybe Jaune suggested it and wanted Ruby to be the team leader since he feels that he failed at being a leader of his own team after Pyrrha's death.

      So, that's all I wanted to talk to you guys about. Hope you guys like what I said and I hope I get to talk to guys later.

      Strife Airay, logging out~

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      user-56a0065adc11c Strife Airay
    • 1 year ago

      user-56a0065adc11c Strife Airay
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    I really love anime, video games, and Rooster Teeth. RWBY FTW!

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