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    • A collection of RT Player fixes?

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      I am one of the people who is having trouble with the player, if I use Chrome it buffers very slowly, and sometimes just stops loading altogether or it buffers so slowly I can't tell if it is or not, this only happens with ''newer'' videos, if its low resolution it's fine, but if its a 1080p video it's going to have problems, and the first seconds of the video are always low res until it's loaded all the rest of the video. Using Edge makes it better, but the first 5 to 20 seconds are still blurred and Edge doesn't let me use the Gear/Option button, it just seems to load videos at the highest res automatically, but Youtube still allows Option button to show when I use Edge, it's a small issue but it still bothers me.

                           So I've been thinking, people have sometimes have fixed it by clearing the cache, others go to other search engines, so maybe we can use this topic or some other new topic to share the things we have tried to get it to work well, what has and hasn't worked, and see if we can help each other out? (If you tried something and it did not work, still post it, it might not work for you but may work for others)

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    • Quality Concerns

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      I don't mean to come across as the sort of guy that just likes to bash things.I like the series a lot, but it's rather hard to enjoy it when there is basically no praise and all criticism.I think this still has a lot of potential despite the controversial 4th volume. But i'm having my doubts. The characters are great and the world is interesting, but it's marred by bad writing, like the silver eye deus ex machina and nothing getting done with the plot aside from some slight developments in vol 4, telling and not showing, like the human/faunus hate that hasn't really been seen, characters handled badly, like with Blake not being shown as the sympathetic girl we feel bad for, and made too mean spirited and almost dumb, and Ruby just not getting any development. ect. The worst part is it seems that the writing went sour in 3 and got worse in 4, and it seems like nothing will improve, I don't know if Miles and Kerry are still putting their best effort into it or what, or if we need some new writers or reviewers added. I honestly want to hear some news other than things getting worse, and is there anything us viewers can do about this?

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    • World Of Remnant EP 1 and 4

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      Why is it that EP 4 Aura was only on Dvd and not on the site? It also seems that EP 1 Dust went missing because it isn't on the site as far as I can tell.

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