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      5 years ago


      Hmm... I've never done a journal before, not really my thing.
      I do have a gaming issue that I figured happens to a few people, but not most. Finding other people to play video games with is kind of hard for me. Most of the friends I hang out with either don't appreciate the games I like, or own a damn PS3. It's just annoying to play by myself with a bunch of randoms online.

      Finding friends on the AH site seems to be a hard thing to do as well. It just seems strange to send a friend request to someone I've never met and say "Hey! Want to play video games together?" No one I know personally uses this site as religiously as I do, and there are soooo many gamers out there. Why??

      So my problem persists, how do I find friends to play my favorite game (Battlefield 3)? There used to be a group for them on the AH website, and now it has apparently gone dormant. My only solution has been to be in a squad with some people for several games in a row, and then perhaps I'll send them a friend request.
      I realize now that this seems petty and I could just be playing games instead, so I guess I'll go lose myself in the Armored Kill package. Nice.

    • 2018 years ago

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