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    • williams

      8 Tracks App

      5 months ago

      Forever ago I started talking about an App the we would release that would let you hear the songs in a different way than before.....so...finally....

      8 Tracks has been release for iOS devices and is available now https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/8-tracks/id1040240...

      The App is free and one song (This Will be the Day) is free also. Other songs are purchased in-app for $0.99. The basic idea of 8 Tracks is that you can do things like muting the lead vocal, listen to just the drums or guitars-that sort of thing. It is meant for fans/listeners, not just for musicians or remixers.

      More info can be found here https://www.facebook.com/8TracksbyArgylePlaid/

    • williams

      "It's My Turn" lyrics (short version)

      6 months ago

      you were the one

      who held me down and told me

      i was heading nowhere

      you said know your place

      accept your fate and show good face

      and be thankful that you’re there

      that was so long ago

      when you owned me

      i believed it was true

      bend me shape me

      build me break me

      why was I your fool?

      and now I’m so much stronger

      i’m not yours any longer

      i’ve got a message here for you

      hey wait turn and show your face

      i’ve got a lot to say and you’re not

      going anywhere

      you lose the time you ruled me’s through

      i’m in control I own my soul

      and i’ll never go back there

      wasted years that I spent

      never knowing

      i was kept, i was used



      now i just refuse

      i don’t care what it costs me

      i know I almost lost me

      won’t spend another day confused

      time for you to learn

      it’s my turn

      I won’t be held down any longer

      i’ve waited all my life and finally it’s here

      it all begins

      a chance to win

      a dream that’s been a lifetime

      an endless vast uphill climb

      the day i’ve waited for is drawing near

    • williams

      "When it Falls" lyrics (intro version)

      6 months ago

      maybe red’s like roses?

      maybe it’s the pool of blood

      the innocents will lay in

      when in the end you’ve failed to save them?

      their dying eyes

      are wide and white like snow

      and now they know

      the cost of trusting you’s obliteration

      mirrors will shatter

      crushed by the weight of the world

      the pillars collapse in shame

      there’ll be no rest

      there’ll be no love

      there’ll be no hero in the end

      who will rise above

      and when it ends

      the good will crawl

      the shining light will sink in darkness

      victory for hate incarnate

      misery and pain for all

      when it falls

    • williams

      Sacrifice lyrics (short version)

      1 year ago

      close your eyes now time for dreams
      death is never what it seems
      did the things you thought you should
      all the things they said were good

      all your faith in ancient ways
      leaves you trapped inside a maze
      take the lives of those you need
      sow the death then reap the seed
      reap the seed

      born an angel heaven sent
      falls from grace are never elegant
      stars will drop out of the sky
      the moon will sadly watch the roses die

      in vain
      lost, no gain
      but you're not taking me

      you can't have my life
      i'm not your sacrifice
      you can try, but i'm free
      and you won't conquer me
      i won't crawl
      most of all
      i won't fall
      for you

    • williams

      Caffeine lyrics (short version)

      1 year ago

      Full version has more lyrics....but I was too excited about these lyrics to sit on them. Got some help from Lamar on this song smiley0.gif

      listen up strap in notify your next of kin
      you're about to take a ride a little on the blazing side
      guzzle down your red bull you're gonna need a bucket full
      you're watching me accelerate and tear apart the interstate

      a certified monster i'm an absolute trip
      like Otis Redding hard to handle so you better get a grip
      a super-fast superfly bonafide wise guy
      call the morgue and say goodbye write your will it's time to die

      caffeine i'm caffeine
      caffeine i'm caffeine

      i'm a bad dream
      i'm a rad scene
      i'm a tad mean
      but i'm not afraid to take you out

      i'm a cheetah on the plains i'm the highway star
      a supersonic princess in a million dollar car
      blood on fire pumping through my veins
      weaving in and out while i'm bolting through the lanes

      i'm hyperdrive overdrive hit the gas at fifty-five
      breakneck trainwreck in my presence genuflect
      track-roundin speed-a-soundin lectrifyin pulse-poundin
      heart-pumpin brain-thumpin watch me get the party jumpin


    • williams

      Shine lyrics

      1 year ago

      baby it's time to make up your mind
      i think that tonight is when our stars align
      honey it's time to leave the doubt behind  
      take my hand cuz you and I are gonna shine

      i was cold in the dark
      it was empty in my life
      from the outside it looked so bright
      but nothing felt right ....to me

      like a sky with no sun
      like a night that has no day
      my heart was eclipsed by the dark
      then something changed

      i saw a little ray of light come through
      the tiniest of sparks came into view
      and then
      you made me hope again

      i've been watching you helping you
      wishing that you'd see
      that the girl you've been waiting so long for could be me

      now-i've never been in love
      but i think this is it
      it might be just a school girl crush
      but i have to admit

      i wanna take a chance and make you see
      i think that you're the one who'll rescue me
      this time
      you're finally gonna see you should be mine

      but baby it's time to make up your mind
      i think that tonight is when our stars align
      honey  it's time to leave the doubt behind  
      take my hand cuz you and I are gonna shine

      i won't need any dreams
      it's all there if you're by my side
      every moment's enough
      and you take me to paradise

      when i needed a hero you knew it
      and you were there
      and I'm scared but I'll open my heart up
      i'm ready to dare

      i know i've never felt like this before
      I never really knew what love was for
      i dreamed
      but never did believe

      but baby it's time to make up your mind
      i think that tonight is when our stars align
      honey it's time to leave the doubt behind  
      take my hand cuz you and I are gonna
      light the sky until it's dawn and
      baby you and I are gonna shine

    • williams

      Shine-Extra Life Thank You

      1 year ago

      Once again this community has proven itself to be just full of greatness. Just like this time last year--my heart goes out to your generosity and kindness.



    • williams

      Opinions on RWBY Vol 2 Score....

      1 year ago

      On the last CD, we put all of the score "cues" (that's what we call music written for a scene) into order chronologically, so there was a song on the CD for each of the episodes. I've seen it said a few times that, although this is nice for re-living the episodes, that it might be better to have the various cues assembled in more of a 'matching vibe/energy' type fashion. So, you'd organize them more as "here's a song that gives you a lot of high energy action cues" and "here's a bunch of mellow stuff", that sort of thing.

      What do you think? (of course, this only has to do with the score-the instrumental stuff-not the songs).

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    • weismax33 Otaku

      3 days ago

      Hey Jeff, just got the Volume 3 Soundtrack on Google Play(finally!!) and I am loving it! I will admit, I used a torrent to listen to it early, but right when I saw the soundtrack was out, I immediately deleted it and bought the Google Play version. This is the best soundtrack so far and I can't wait to see the music you come up with in the future.

    • BenMazza

      1 week ago

      Hey Jeff I have a couple questions. Are the horns in your songs real or are they virtual? If they're virtual may I have the name of them and where I can get them?

    • zogman1

      2 weeks ago

      So you're making the music for RWBY Chibi too? Yay!

    • Beerbearian Possibly A Drunk Bear

      2 weeks ago

      RWBY vs FNKI is by far my favorite piece of music in any piece of RT content ever. I tip every hat I've ever worn to you sir.

    • suicidelemur

      2 weeks ago

      Jeff you are epic I can't wait for CD. love not fall in love you

    • zogman1

      3 weeks ago

      wait, RWBY volume 3 is on iTunes now? WHY HAS NO ONE TOLD ME?! Off to iTunes I go!

    • Ninjaclash

      3 weeks ago

      Aloha, Jeff! Another year has come and gone again, and along with it you've given us another taste of your ability in the RWBY Volume 3 Soundtrack! It's absolutely incredible! It wasa grat departure from the mood of the songs in the other two volumes, and it did a fantastic job at fitting in with the overall thematic of the season! I speak for all of my friends when I say that I am incredibly happy with this, and unbelievably thankful towards you and Casey for being such an inspiration to us all. You've played a big role in making everything as spectacular as it has been, and we can't wait to see what else you've got in store! I wish you all well, and hope to hear more soon!

      By the way, congrats with moving up the charts so fast today! :)

    • DisneyDCFan Queer

      3 weeks ago

      Hey, Jeff! Just downloaded the Volume 3 soundtrack from iTunes, it's BRILLIANT, as always! :)

      Just wondering if you could tell us who's perspective the song "Not Fall in Love with You" is from? It played during the SSSN victory, so I'm assuming it's from one of the boys of SSSN, but could you confirm?

    • Arcsol

      3 weeks ago

      RWBY is at #3 in the top albums on itunes!

    • zach2beat

      3 weeks ago

      Just downloaded the soundtrack, and after only listening to When it Falls I already have a headache from headbanging along to the shear awesomeness!!!!

    • Alex_K Alex

      3 weeks ago

      Hi Jeff,

      Long time no...comment haha. I hope you have been well. I downloaded the RWBY Vol. 3 Soundtrack earlier and as always, I'm blown away at the quality of work put out by yourself and those involved with the soundtrack. I always love the musical component of RvB and RWBY since the music always does so very much to enhance the story and emotion of any scene. It's been wonderful hearing the music evolve the way it has, especially with the tone shift in this past volume. The music has so much emotion to it and I always feel like I learn something new about the material when I listen to the soundtrack alone and can really take in the lyrics as well as the dominant tones and the more subtle sounds in the "background." Your music has always been worth the wait to hear the masterful...mastering of the tracks. Every song feel so substantial in its content and there is never a wasted note. Your work continues to be an inspiration to myself and so many others and continues to be a bright note in my life that makes me feel happy and warm on a daily basis. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication, and love.

    • Arcsol

      3 weeks ago

      Now a more serious critique after listening to all of the vocal tracks: I feel this soundtrack features more emotion compared to the other two. Now I'm not saying the other two have no emotion at all, but with this album in particular its almost like you're there, watching the scene unfold right in front of you. The beginning of the album has your adrenaline pumping, and your willpower sharpened as our heroes put their all into the competition(e.g. I'm the one), while the mid portion shows their determination and their inner conflicts (e.g. It's my turn), and finally when the tone of the album drops....as if almost embracing their soul crushing defeat and misery (e.g. Cold). Both you and Casey have outdone yourselves, I eagerly await RWBY vol 4, and look forward to what you both will create!

      • Arcsol

        3 weeks ago

        Also, I can relate to 'It's my turn'. I have a father who didn't really support any ambitions I had, soooo thanks for making a song like this. It helps me renew my willpower :)

    • Arcsol

      3 weeks ago

      Vol 3 soundtrack is now up on itunes!!! I'm the one has to be my favorite song out of the entire soundtrack, it was just so chaotic and exciting! Great job as always Jeff and Casey!

    • Poocus

      4 weeks ago

      love the 8track App, mini Pro tools. Love hearing each track. Thanks!!!!

    • DandySwagg Whatevah

      4 weeks ago

      I'm sure I've pestered you enough about it on FB, but I hope you had a happy birthday Jeff.

    • RoaringSkies

      4 weeks ago

      Happy birthday Jeff!

    • AkAkumu

      4 weeks ago

      happy birthday Jeff! :D

    • oloeopia

      4 weeks ago

      Happy Birthday Sir!

    • Yukinojo

      1 month ago

      hey Jeff, have you heard these covers by LittleVMills. I did not make these, just wanted to share with everyone.

    • Dantespk

      1 month ago

      Just wrote a college paper using "From Shadows" as a main source! (I cited your song every time I used it)

    • KairiLee

      2 months ago

      Hi Jeff. Just finished a fan cover of Dream Come True. Was a challenge to sing, so not my best cover, but it was fun to mix and master.

    • zogman1

      2 months ago

      Which do you like more: orchestrated or digital music?

      • zogman1

        2 months ago

        I already forgot about the questions tab >.<

    • PaulHikari

      3 months ago

      To this day, my favorite opening for RWBY is still "This Will Be The Day." I figured, why not have a special reprise for the final battle? I added some lyrics for a third verse, so, here they are:


    • GrifTheWriter

      3 months ago

      I absolutely love your music (as usual). You did an incredible job of this season and I can barely wait to have the season 3 soundtrack in my library. Thank you for your skill!

    • Octagoncow wants to be a Nonagoncow

      3 months ago

      Just in case anyone else comes here to ask when the soundtrack is coming out, Casey said that they don't have a release date yet, but is scheduled for some time in May. https://twitter.com/xxcaseyleexx/status/6999904850...

    • davidnt

      3 months ago

      Can't wait for the Vol 3 soundtrack, i need new book writing music!!! I've been listening to the vol3, especially the track for Team SSSN vs Team NDGO (best pirate like battle music since the pirates of the caribbean) music cues on soundcloud nonstop the past few days, those are amazing enough as it is, can't wait to hear the completed album when it's out :) fingers crossed for a quick release, or at least a status update on when we might see it out! ;D

    • Arcsol

      3 months ago

      Looking forward to the new soundtrack. :) Hopefully we don't run into another itunes incident like last year lol

      • zogman1

        3 months ago

        Knowing Apple, we just might.

    • cornstarch

      3 months ago

      You are the best at doing that music thing.

    • Dantespk

      3 months ago

      I just finished RWBY and I can't wait until the soundtrack is released! I'll be waiting for it!

    • dylanpagels

      3 months ago

      that rwby sound track was awesome :D that was awesome

    • JayShay

      3 months ago

      the music was absolutely amazing!! I really think this soundtrack is gonna be the best yet. Are you going to put up the lyrics for the other songs?

    • Kyvos Title or something

      3 months ago

      Dude, the RWBY Volume 3 soundtrack was incredible! Nice job!

      Do you have any kind of ETA for when it'll be on iTunes, or is this more of a "when it's done" kind of deal?

    • RoaringSkies

      3 months ago

      Volume 3 has the best OST you've ever made. Great work!

    • weismax33 Otaku

      3 months ago

      Just watched the Volume 3 finale, and I just have to say how awesome the songs were this volume. I can't wait for the Soundtrack to release.

    • Bmo239

      3 months ago

      hey jeff I was wondering when the album for volume 3 of RWBY will be released after the last episode premieres? I am so excited and love every song that is in album three so I really want to know. Keep being awesome and thanks

    • The_Dark_Prophecy

      3 months ago

      https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oFpVF4IvzIc Hey Jeff! I love your music by the way! But I was wondering what you'd think about this song I remixed from "I Burn"! I remixed it in GarageBand, using only the piano. This song is basically for Yang, and her arm... But if you ever choose to use it, change it all you want! ^^ P.S. The lyrics I put in don't rhyme... So you can change that if you want too

    • Darkskills

      3 months ago

      Hi Jeff! I hope you guys aren't working TOO hard on the album. Your fans will love it regardless, as will I :D

    • KymaFox

      4 months ago

      I'm The One (Estimated lyrics))

      Welcome to the bloodbath, took it to the top!

      Fist-fight Death-match; come and join the club!

      Can't scrape/spare your face from a metal clad boot.

      You should give up now! Your retaliations moot! (Oh yeaaah! Ooooh!)

      I wanted a break but you took it too far! So I'm gonna make you hurt and I'm gonna make you cry!

      You wanna mess around? Well come on lets go! Got no time to waste so lets put up a show!

      I'm the one that your mother said, "Don't mess with them or you'll end up dead!" Dead, dead, dead and you'll fall where you are!(?)

      You're looking tall! You're looking tough!

      But sorry dude, that's not enough! You need to bring twenty four men to win this duel!

      The bigger they are then the more they will bleed! The deeper the scars; they won't heal! Buckets of pain as they lie there in shame! No-where to move, this is it!

      I'm the one! born in a nightmare of mayhem they said

      I'm the gun! fuel builds the pain just a little bit higher

      I am done! I can tell what you're thinking, Won't stop by your way!

      Delusions! And I'll steal till you're blind, And defeat you from inside your mind!

      ???? How did i do ???

    • oloeopia

      4 months ago

      saw Lazer Team yesterday! Loved loved the music and the RT riff in it was cool!

    • KumaPichu Bonafide Wise guy

      4 months ago

      I've got to Jeff, that marimba piece during Welcome to Beacon with the claves were great. Wish that was a whole piece of it's own.

    • KymaFox

      4 months ago

      I'm the one lyrics?

    • CabooseGI

      4 months ago

      Hey Jeff. I've been rewatching RWBY Volume 3 and man the Jazz soundtrack in "Never Miss a Beat" gets me everytime. Such an amazing song I wish the Volume 3 soundtrack is out already. That said, I love your work, I love playing music so it's really cool trying to be as good as your musi and keep up the great work! Looking forward to listening and buying your music in the future

    • PJones_Strife97

      4 months ago

      My dad recently traded cars with me for its maintenance whilst I could still go to work. I forgot my RWBY ost disks. The result? Went through withdrawal! Can't wait to dose up on volume 3!! =D

    • DanielZhu2

      4 months ago

      Greetings, I found some good music that I think would give you some inspiration. Many of them involve powerful heavy metal music that masterfully captures the character of the boss battle that it's referring to. Here's the first one in the playlist, if you like it, click on the playlist after the video is over.:


      I also recommend you watch the context of the music in the boss battles, here's a link.


    • Arcsol

      4 months ago

      Sooooo. Now that RT has addressed to fans that RWBY isn't family friendly (Which I kinda figured.) Does that mean you won't have to censor yourself when it comes to music anymore? (If you actually had to, maybe it was just your choice to censor a song, and that's cool too!) ...I still have the original uncensored version of 'I Burn' on my phone, and to be honest I always thought those lyrics fit the dark foreshadowing of the series to begin with.

    • mattyou Kingdom Hearts freak

      4 months ago

      that track on the amber fight this episode was so awesome man.

      Just as always i cant wait for the ost to come out .

    • zogman1

      4 months ago

      Is the soundtrack out yet?

      ...how about now?

    • PaulHikari

      5 months ago

      Hi, there. You inspired me to try my hand at songwriting. Want to see a few sets of lyrics I wrote?

    • garenectaris

      5 months ago

      Someone over on the wiki noticed a discrepancy in the lyrics from 8track, compared to the context of the song.

      In "Dream Come True"

      this line:

      Look in every land and port in the world.

      was previously interpreted as:

      Look, you'll never land a part in her world


      Some of us feel like the official lyric given by the app might be incorrect, as it doesn't really connect to the rest of the song, and I was wondering if this was a slip-up when entering the lyrics.


      Clarification; i do not speak for the wiki, i just happen to be a member and was discussing the discrenecy with someone else in that comunity.

    • RoaringSkies

      5 months ago

      Great work, the tracks are amazing!

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