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      Hello there everyone! I have something I would very much like to share with you today, and I will do my best to keep it brief. My name is Steve, but I go by Kromert, or just Krom for short. (Rhymes with bomb- Like Andy.) Anyway, the reason I am posting here today is to share a musical project I've been working on for a little while now. I'm a big fan of RWBY, and RT in general. I've been watching their vids since a friend recommended them to me playing X-Box live 12 years ago. No regrets. But as you all know, season 5 of RWBY is right around the corner, and I just HAD to do something for it!

      Anyway, I am an independent hip-hop artist/ audio engineering student from Casper, WY. (Yes, people really do live here.) I am a HUGE fan of the soundtracks for RWBY. Don't get me wrong, I liked Jeff Williams' work on RvB, but his RWBY tracks are just excellent, and Casey Lee takes it to another level with her vocal work.

      So I started playing around with the idea a month or so ago of sampling some stuff from various tracks on the soundtracks, building hip-hop instrumentals around them, and then writing some lyrics inspired by a corresponding season. That being said, every Saturday this week, I will be releasing a SAFE FOR WORK track, starting with today's track, which features lyrics inspired by ONLY season 1. Next week I will do season 2, then season 3. You will get all 4 throughout the month!

      Today's track is called "This Will Be The Day" and features samples from the song "This Will Be The Day" from the volume 1 soundtrack. It would mean a lot to me if you took a minute to go listen to it, and I'd appreciate it EVEN MORE if you took the time to leave me a comment!

      You can find the track HERE-


      Thanks so much for reading. Only 7 days to go! =]

      And to everyone at RT, thanks for tirelessly putting out content for over a decade!! Much appreciated!!


      P.S. This track was made using samples for non-commercial use only. I love you guys, don't sue me please!!

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    • Tomorrow is Spetember 25th!

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      ...and as most of you no doubt know, that officially marks the 4-year anniversary of the release of Halo 3.
      As a tribute to the epic conclusion of the Halo trilogy, a few friends and myself will be playing it starting tonight at midnight.(MTN Time.)
      I am URGING people to put down Reach for just ONE DAY. It won't kill you, I promise. My hope is to get enough players on XBL to actually be able to play Ranked MM games. (I realize you still can, but getting matches can take a VERY long time.)

      So, I figured I would extend the offer to all my fellow RT fans.
      I will continue to play all throughout the day tomorrow.
      So, ladies and gentlemen, let's take off our hats to Halo, and give those lonely H3 servers the attention they have been so deprived of.

      Who's with me?

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    • So I'm not entirely sure why,

      6 years ago


      BUT I just now got this account going and whatever, so I figure, since I'm here, I may as well do my first journal entry. It's a Monday, I'm bored, tired, still recovering from the weekend...the usual Monday. Being a mostly online college student, there's not much else to do on a Monday...(Who am I kidding? That's pretty much every day.) Anyway, as my about me states (forgive me for the re-iterations) I started watching RvB in '05, shortly after joining the thriving Halo community. I thought then (and still do) that RvB is the hardest thing to watch without pissing yourself. Which leads to the point of this whole thing. (Indeed, there is one. I'm not just talking in circles...or am I?) I guess I'm just a little miffed I never created an account prior to now. And I doubt I would have if not for the sponsorship, courtesy of the Achievement Horse course at HaloFest. So thank you to RT and HaloFest. Anyway, I'm here now, and all that fun stuff, so yeah. That about raps that up.

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