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    • y0uR_n3x7

      3 years ago

      Church: I think I just turned off my short-term memory.
      Caboose: Oh is that bad?
      Church: …..Huh? Is what bad?
      Caboose: Your memory getting turned off.
      Church: Who shut off my memory?
      Caboose: You did.
      Church: Did what?
      Caboose: Shut off your memory.
      Church: Why do you want me to shut off my memory?
      Caboose: No it’s already shut off.
      Church: What is?
      Caboose: Your memory.
      Church: Yeah what about it?
      Tucker: Wow. Well this is a drastic improvement. Hey, you.
      Church: Me?
      Tucker: Yes you. Don’t touch anything else or try to activate any computer stuff.
      Church: ………………. You gonna answer him?
      Caboose: Did you here that?!
      Tucker: Aw crap!
      Tucker: I think they busted into the temple!
      Church: Oh crap that sounds bad where’s the temple?
      Tucker: Don’t let him talk to me anymore!
      Church and Caboose: Ok. Don’t talk to him.
      Tucker: I can’t friggin believe I have 2 of them now.

    • y0uR_n3x7

      2016 years ago

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    • y0uR_n3x7

      6 years ago


      The Webpage and server details have been changed

      www.aussiegameserver.com (no "-" in the middle)

      HostName: Aussie Game Server - Australia Rules
      Mode: Final Deathmatch v0.9.18.40

      [END EDIT]

    • y0uR_n3x7

      7 years ago

      If you play GTA: San Andreas Multi-Player have a look at our server. The game mode was written by one of our talented and skillful admins. The game mode is xp based, as you gain levels you get access to bigger and better spawn weapons. There's deathmatches, or the common run around the street shooting randomly at whoever shoots back, or doesnt, and if killing isn't all your looking for then there are also races. All of which have been created by players and admins of the server. Its a good, friendly community of which i have made some good friends but as with all online communities, where they can hide behind their keyboard, there is the bad apples. But we are always on the lookout and keeping it clean.

      So if you have an interest in GTA: SAMP and are looking for a good server try us out
      and please dont hold it against us that we're Australian


      HostName: Aussie GameServer | Australia Rules
      Mode: Final Deathmatch v0.9.17.26

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