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    • hi everyone long time no write journal

      7 years ago


      well to anyone who looks at my journals im officialy quit for this site all my journals game related or not are now on my deviantart profile only

      so... come check me out at


    • wow long time no write

      8 years ago


      hey everyone! long time no talk

      just thought id make an entry saying i submitted the game Raiden IV to the game database for the site cant believe no one else did the games awesome

      i got 22 achievements in it lol

      well i hope its added soon :)

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      -Estimated Achievement Difficulty: --
      -Offline: -- (-- points)
      -Online: -- (-- points)
      -Approximate time to 1000: -- hours
      -Minimum number of playthroughs needed: --
      -Number of missable achievements: --
      -Glitched achievements: --
      -Do cheat codes disable achievements? --
      -Does difficulty affect achievements? --

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    • 32k

      8 years ago


      i just got 32,000 gamerscore la.gif 33k here i come!

      o and the my achievement for reaching 32k was Colony Defense - Single Player â€' Defend a human colony from attack. 25 gamerscore.

    • 31780 gamerscore!

      8 years ago


      i now have 31780 gamer score im getting close to my goal of 32k gamer score
      after i get 32k imma go for 33 k! XD

      maybe someday il reach my goal of 100k gamerscore! la.gif

    • free achievment

      8 years ago


      i just got mass effect 2, downloaded all the addons available, went to the site redeemed my code for my blood dragon armor, and found out i could of redeemed it sooner for armor in dragon age origins * facepalm* i was wondering why there were 2 armors and 1 had a sword o well.

      i downloaded the armor for both games i had an update for both of them to so that kinda makes this ironic
      i loaded up my dragon age origins save i was at the very beginning of wardens keep *i mean literally the beginning i had saved the second the wardens keep loaded up the first time* the game loaded and bleep bloop achievement unlocked the ultimate sacrifice. my first thought was O.o wtf and my second thought was O.O free achievement! i had completed the game once but i had done the dark ritual so kinda odd but yay free achievement .

      still gonna go back and beat the game again get the other ones for beating the game ;D unless the game decides to for no reason give me them too. lol still though i got alot of achievements left i wana get from it

    • depressed....

      8 years ago


      my friends grandpa died not to long ago.... his funeral was yesterday.... today my friend came over...... his parents called and started yelling at him for little things and it started to escalate they started getting worse yelling at him telling him me and his gf were the worst possible type of friends he could have...

      then they started yelling at him to come home .... they started yelling at him that he should be grieving with them..... he didn't want to go home because he would just get yelled at.... he left to go home not to long ago he is basicly at the braking point

      asshole parents... death of his grandpa which he was very close with * his grandpa was awesome a gf that's convinced he is gonna break up with her * she freaking txted him 40 times and called 12 times DURING the funeral... all she can think about is how depressed she is thinking he is gonna dump her... she cant understand how much pain he is in i hate her for it....* well at least he left his phone at home...

      i really hope he will be ok =(

    • mw2, me, and vh:foj

      8 years ago


      im currently playing 3 games now im playing modern warfare 2 i just need 1 more achievement for it.

      im playing mass effect also. im not doing this game for the achievements... well not really maybe if i buy the game in the future il try for them all i only have the game for a week so im just playing it to beat it at least once so i can port my character to mass effect 2 when i get my hands on it lol

      and lastly im playing a game called Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment its an old style RPG im really looking forward to playing it ever since i played the demo =p Ive strayed from classic RPGs for too long and its like meeting up with an old friend you haven't talked to in years!

    • back to modern warfare 2

      8 years ago


      well i started playing modern warfare 2 agian with my friend to try and get all the achievements for it lol
      i just need Star 69, Honor Roll,Downed but Not Out,and Leave No Stone Unturned. luckily there was a vid for downed and the no stone one. and i only have 3 more spec ops to get 3 stars in to get 69.. just need 3 stars in wardrive, and the first 2 from echo

    • 31015 Gamerscore!

      8 years ago


      i finaly past 31k gamerscore!wooooooooooooooooooooooooo so happy xD now i gota work towards 32k =p

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    • yom125

      8 years ago


    • Kabetz

      8 years ago

      excellent taste in movies. ^-^

    • KillerQueen4

      9 years ago

      welcome to the site smiley1.gif

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