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      zimbobwa ChicOdts

      Hey RWBY fans. I just started a series on my channel for playing Grimm Eclipse. This first episode has a lot of explaining for ppl who dont own the game, but there will be better commentary to come along with way more puns if i can pull it off. Enjoy!

      RWBY #1


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    • Poke Battle Group

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      zimbobwa ChicOdts

      He guys I just wanted to get the word out that some friends and I are starting a facebook group for everything pokemon, including gyms (where you can battle one of us in a style we choose and see if you can win for prizes). There will also be tournament for fabulous prizes as well as many give away's. So come check out the group here:


      Actually if we get enough people soon, there will be a tournament coming up and the prize for first place will be a Legendary pokemon that is not too easy to get in the current ORAS. So come join the fun!

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    • Reaction to/for Monty

      1 year ago

      zimbobwa ChicOdts

      When I first heard that he was in the hospital I was extremely shocked to hear it, but I was for sure that he would pull through. Unfortunately that didn't happen and I have been really down and out for the past day and a half after I found out, but I didn't really feel like I needed to cry especially because I did not really know him on a personal level. So now here I sit, coming home from class on a tuesday night to watch the podcast and see what they will be doing for Monty. I sit and I watch and I smile at all the stories and laughed a few times too. But at the end, when they showed the tribute video...for some reason I could not hold myself back anymore. Tears fell and fell and kept on going. Even as I write this there are still a few sliding down knowing that the world lost a brilliant mind and a wonderfully passionate person.

      I feel like, going by what matt said in his journal earlier, if you want to honor Monty (and I am paraphrasing here) go be creative, expand your imagination and do something that will inspire others. I am going to do just that whether it be with my own person writing, or with my career as a teacher, inspiring the future generations to come!

      You will be missed terribly Monty by not only your friends and family, but by the millions and millions of people who have met you either in person or through your various works. You can finally rest easy knowing that we will continue to work hard in your stead (though you probably are trying to make even Heaven more efficient haha) RIP our friend.

    • Dream and Reality

      2 years ago

      zimbobwa ChicOdts

      So I know it is super early, but I need to get this off my chest. This morning i had another RT dream. This time around I was on the Gauntlet, with the prize being a job at RT in one of the departments. Before I woke up I was in the middle of doing those "Tell everyone about you" type of sit downs, where i plugged my Minecraft group and a video that may come in the future. Now when I woke up and came back to reality I got thinking (and not a great way of thinking I might add). My life is very safe and at times boring. I just keep thinking that why couldnt I do something so cool as work for RT or even making videos that would make people really happy to watch. But thats not the case...Though dont get me wrong, i like teaching and everyday is a new day with it, but i cant shake the feeling that i could have done more instead of settling.

      Sorry for a depressing morning Journal, but i just had to get that out.

    • New Minecraft Group

      2 years ago

      zimbobwa ChicOdts

      So today im testing out a group for the first time. I created a group for my two years running minecraft lets play group. I want to see what everyone thinks of it and see if it can help organize our group and get us new members to play with ^_^

    • Old and New Player notices

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      zimbobwa ChicOdts

      For those of you who are, our veteran players i will make you Admins since you have been with us for so long. For those of you who are new to us it is a pleasure to have you guys on board. Here is a short background info for you:

      This Town of ours was created almost two years ago by a small litter of us. We now find ourselves, two years later, bigger than when we first started. It has been a fantastic start. But i did want to actually get a bit bigger and get more friends to come around. So i started this group just to test out what my vet players think and what new people think of our group. Eventually i start to upload some old pictures so you can all see the crazyness that has been going on lol.

      Now we became so close as players that we also started a crew in GTA called RTTC (Roosterteeth town crew). So if you have any questions please dont hesitate to message me or post here.

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    • Double Journal?!

      2 years ago

      zimbobwa ChicOdts

      Thats right! Today feels like a double Journal entry today! lol. So ive been thinking about my writing style for a while now and how i really need to find my groove again. what is stopping me so much is that i have a new story in mind to write (already have character names and details planned out), but i also have to finish one that i started a while a go too. If this one wasnt so important i would drop it like i have done in the past. This one however is for friends of mine and they would be really sad if i never finished it. For those of you who dont know it I am writing a story called "The Tale of the Magic Mage Knights." Its a story about 6 children who are some of the few magic users in all the land. They all are around the age of 12-14 and are being trained by their Master, who is also a magic user, possibly the strongest ever. Its a tale of family for a little girl who has lost everything and has given up on life. It is showing that even though people may not be blood related, they can still be family. And no matter what happens through thick and through thin, you will grow together.

      Now its a little darker than most other things ive written, but as of right now i have 27 pages done. It may end up being like 40 or so (in microsoft word single spaced btw). If anyone is interested in reading what i have so far feel free to ask i would love to get people's opinions on my stuff.

    • Sponsor

      2 years ago

      zimbobwa ChicOdts

      So i found that this time is the right time for me to finally be a sponsor of RT. I have been a fan for about 4 years now and i have been posting in threads and on forums for that whole time. So, i finally gave them the recognition then finally deserve from me ^_^.

    • First Real Journal

      3 years ago

      zimbobwa ChicOdts

      So, I decided that in 2014 i would spend more time on my writing. Whether im writing a story or starting to really write a journal here on roosterteeth. So lets see how this goes.

      Lets start with this dream i had the other night. It was all about the RT guys haha (i was watching a lot of their videos yesterday). Now this dream wasnt weird or strange, but it was kind of a wake up call. I had a dream that Burnie had invited me over to Austin do a podcast with them (why, i cant remember). Anyway the dream jumped to me in their office on my laptop, like a half hour before their podcast. I was trying to finish this story ive been writing for months (an actual one i am trying to finish), but for the life of me i cant finish it because im having this really bad case of writers block and im getting extremely frustrated (and it shows). Just then Burnie comes in and asks me whats the matter. I tell him what is going on and he says to me that I need to stop worrying so much about what other people think of the story. What matters is that you enjoy it. So then i tell him that im frustrated because i want people to read it and like it. I want people to tell me that im decent at something. Then he said something that really hit me. He said whats the point of writing if your always writing for others. If you cant enjoy what you write, then whats the point. Then he scooted me off the stool i was sitting on and began to read what i had. I at that point stepped away to get some air while he read it. When i came back he was gone. I looked around, but i assumed he was just getting ready for the podcast. When i looked at my computer there was something new written. It said "This story is great, keep it up and remember to enjoy the writing"

      Thats when i woke up from the dream. It was weird but it kinda spoke to me. So im gonna follow dream Burnie's advice and enjoy what i write whether it gets 100,000 views or just 10. I write for fun and if its not fun i just wont do it and start a new.

    • Lets Play Minecraft

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      zimbobwa ChicOdts

      Hey guys,

      I was wondering if anyone was interested in doing lets play style minecraft videos for the xbox 360. I myself dont have a capture system, but im sure many of you guys out there do. And even if we cant do this just having friends only who play minecraft as well would just be fun in general. So pm me here on the RT site if you are interested in doing minecraft stuff. My gamertag for the 360 is ChicOdts

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  • About Me

    Hmmm, something about me huh? Well I'm kinda simple. Definatly immature for someone my age, but i live with it. Mostly this one sentence describes me best:

    I am me and nobody else.


    Oh btw for some reason i have two names. My real name is Stephen, but i also like being called CJ (whole nothing nickname for a whole nother reason) so call me either one. I'll probly respond to both lol

    Oh one more thing down there somewhere i say i like bones. Please dont think its creepy, its because im an anthropology student. I deal with human fossils and animal fossils all the time and bones are just more interesting out of them al

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    • BlackbirdSky

      4 years ago

      Missed you at the Let's Play :/

      • zimbobwa FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold ChicOdts

        4 years ago

        na i got it, ive been dieing to pull this one off /gg

      • BlackbirdSky

        4 years ago

        Well, goober said he had built a spleef arena that he really wanted us to try.

      • zimbobwa FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold ChicOdts

        4 years ago

        sorry, i was busy...ill try to get on for it next time (gotta think of something new for them this week lol)

    • BlackbirdSky

      4 years ago

      FYI: Your profile picture is incredible. Best. Show. Ever.

    • Sephiroth0

      4 years ago

      Hi there. I'd like to personally welcome you into the RoosterTeeth-Xbox Live Community group. Please remember to keep the group on watch so you can receive updates about upcoming community game nights and other events.

    • BattiestBadger

      5 years ago

      Hey. I saw you were looking for people to play Reach with in the RT XBL Community Forums. I sent you a friend request on Xbox, too. Gamertag is going to be MoonKnight 1988. I'll send you a message on Xbox, too. Don't know which you'll see first.

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