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27 year-old female from Melbourne, Victoria
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Life on the Not so Rich or FamousWell it's been awhile and I'm sorry peoples, well the people who actually read this thing anyways..... Let's see where to begin

1. My last blog didn't really stick because
A. I did put up with peoples excess bullshit cause that's what I do
B. I did stop smoking here and there but picked it up afterwards as something else would stress me out (I'm one of those who quietly stresses that's what the cigarettes are for, not one of those who are pacing up and down halls and the stress is obvious)
and C. I did finish paying interest free stuff but the credit card is a nightmare.

2. New Job, New Course
Job is an Admin role which is pretty awesome. In laments terms I'm a PA for 6 people which is very interesting I assure you, Especially when one of my guys decides to wonder off for some reason, Not tell me what the G.O is and clients rock up for an appointment which my guy has forgotten all about, even after I've reminded him first thing in the morning.

Course it's in IT it teaches me a whole heap of shit Hardware, Software ecetera ecetera but should be really good I am so psyched about it.....

3. Family
They're still around, keeping me loopier than ever but then again what else are they there for? Brothers, Sisters all of them but I do love them... Sometimes lol

4. Friends
They're also still around, dunno how some of them are but they're. Some I need more than others they all know who they're the ones that keep me grounded thank you and I'll always love you for it. Umm might be in a bit of trouble though this year as my schedule is kinda hectic and fitting in time to actually have a social life is really hard but I'll do the best I can to fit everyone in.

5. Birthday
Having a gathering of friends at Mi casa for the end of an era.... I did it that way so that I could get absolutely hammered and be at home so I could wonder upstairs and crash out =D. I'll let you guys know how that all goes.

Hmm that should suffice for now, talk later peoples


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