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23 year-old male from Georgetown, TX
I accept random friend-requests, but you gotta watch me, yo!

Check out m' webcomic, The Grind (Currently on hiatus): Clicky Here!
Me, on Skype: Varlin_ (the "_" is needed)

Oh, and my awesometacular deviantART site (warning, lotsa words): spalding004.deviantart.com

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Writer Unblocked!Some of you may know that I am working on a novel, and have been for quite some time, off and on. Right now is definitely one of the "on" times. I have decided to write at least half a chapter a day, or at least three chapters a week, allowing me a little slack. For a book that will probably end up being around 26 chapters long (according to my notes), with nineteen chapters to flesh out and write, that leaves about seven weeks to two months before I have it finished, following that speed.

It is exciting to have a plan finally!
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Name Harrison
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Music Genres don't really groove with my thing. I like what sounds good.
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