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23 year-old male from Huntersville, NC
Pretty much video games, doing stupid things daily, movies, and video games. Need to ask more? :D
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Monty OumIts incredible how although you never meet someone, the news of there passing hits harder then you would of thought. I never had the honor to meet anyone from rooster teeth or achievement hunter, I still intend on meeting them when RTX comes around. But Monty was someone I wanted to thank for being an amazing Inspiration. Just like Ray, Geoff, Gavin, Burnie, Gus, and so many more, Monty inspired me to never stop pushing towards your dreams. I still remember the day I came across Haloid, and Dead Fantasy, I was at awe on how epic the animation was, as well as the cross over from FF to DOA. But RWBY to the cake, Monty, Miles, Kerry, and everyone that worked on the series was just incredible.

Still coming to terms that he is now gone, but he will not be forgotten, by both friends and family. He will still be an inspiration to me, everything he has done will help me push towards my dreams. May you rest in peace Monty, you will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.
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