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23 year-old male from canada
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Name Joe
Occupation school,hunter, and co-op
Birthday October 25th, 1991
Interests x-box ps2 games comedy i like. and i love redvsblue. church is my favorite. i also love drama and makeing people laghe and paintball. also jim carrey
Music rock! i like journey ABBA aqua and any song i listen to that i thinks good
Movies bruce almighty the good the bad and the ugly termanater comando star wars rocky king pin groundhogs day a few good men v for venddeta termanater 2 termanater 3 anger managment shcool of rock lord of the rings (ALL) the departed the bourn movies.
TV Shows corner gas friends ramond frasier cheers the cobert report(we dont pernounce the T's) family guy simpsons
Books HALO: the flood