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29 year-old female from Springfield, TN
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I live in New Jersey, but I'm from Tennessee . Yes, I do have an accent. I'm in a wheelchair, but use a cane sometimes. Yes, I have been known to hit people with both. I love tattoos and have 22 so far, + many more in the works,including one of Church on my leg.I'm a US Army veteran and currently a full time college student. I have my Associates degree in Criminal Justice. I am working towards my Bachelors degree,in Psychology and Human Behavioral Studies, as well as my Masters, and Ph.D in Psychology.
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Another Brick in the WallSo I am supposed to leave for New Jersey on Monday. I took my car to have a recall part put on and to have a transmission leak fixed. The shady ass mechanic poked a hole in my radiator in hopes of wringing more money out of me. Money that I just don't have right now. So now I am stuck in the position of having to overdraft my account to fix a problem that wasn't even there to start with! Not to mention all of the drama unfolding in Jersey that I can't even help with since I am stuck here until Tuesday at the latest. Yeah, I know, it is only a days difference, but still!!! Ugh! It would be nice if everything played out in my favor for once!
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