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28 year-old female from Springfield, TN
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I live in Tennessee. Yes, I do have an accent. I'm in a wheelchair, but use a cane sometimes. Yes, I have been known to hit people with both. I love tattoos and have 18 so far, + many more in the works,including one of Church on my leg.I'm a US Army veteran and currently a full time college student working towards my Associates degree in Criminal Justice, followed by a Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D in Psychology. To say the least, I have no social life to speak of b/c all of my friends are deployed to Afghanistan, and I practically live in the schools library, and all I do is study.
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Verchota AgentRhodie
Finals!I've got finals for every class this week! i'm not so much worried about the film or biology classes, but the math and environmental science ones I am terrified of. Math is hard for me to remember when it's all clumped together, and I've had problems with the environmental science class from the get go. I even looked up anwsers on science sites, and found the same anwser in the book before putting it down as my final awnser, and it will be counted as wrong. The teacher says it is a glitch, but it has happened all semester long on the quizzes. it's a good thing that they don't count for much of my grade. I still have all A's. ;)
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