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23 year-old male from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I am 16 and a huge FMA fan and I've seen all the episodes 10 times or more. I'm also a great B-ball player. I’m currently attempting to get great enough marks to get accepted into the U of M for Computer Engineering.
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Happy New Years!Yes, exactly what the title says. Hope you are all enjoying 09 and the hangovers that came with it. The party I was at last night till this morning around 2 was excellent. Everyone was drunk except of the DD's who where huddling together in a corner. Hehe poor fools missed out on some excellent partying. Thankfully, I didn't have to drink my family back, that job fell on my mother's shoulders, so I was given permission to get hammered. A lot of my friends were there so I wasn't alone. Anyway, I think I'm gonna go play a game or something.

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Name mike
Occupation Student/Professional Assassin
Birthday May 27th, 1992
Interests video games muzik anything star wars movies Making music studing (If I must) hating school Hanging out doing nothing Playing guitar hero 3
Music Linkin Park T.I Fall Out Boy Gun & Roses POD hush drowning pool Rise Against Metallica Evanesence Flyleaf Live on Arrival Nonpoint Billy Talent Paramore Evans Blue Hinder Three Days Grace Bloc Party The Bravery Lil'Wayne Dragonette
Movies all the star wars movies war of the worlds all the final destination movies saw series I am Legend Resident Evil Apcolipse Extincion Hitman The Simpsons Movie Spiderman 1-3 Transformers The Bourne Series Hot Fuzz Jumper Doomsday Casino Royale
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Books the harry potter books except 6 and 7.... they just sucked. halo books Full Metal Alchemist: The Land Of Sand Cirque Du Freak Series Demonata Demons And Angels The Da Vinci Code Twilight Eclipse New Moon Hellsing