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35 year-old male from Windsor, Ontario
I'm a 4xFUer on 04/26/08, 05/09/10, 12/09/10, 06/28/2013! Thanks to everyone at RT and of course the people that visited me. See my Video Interviews and Podcast at: TGT Media Entertainment Industry Interviews

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Art, art and more art. First Art Show as wellSo, if the title hasn't given it away... (damn you title!) I've been doing a lot of art recently. Hence the non-communicatoness of everything. What really took a large amount of my time was thinking of ways to setup, what materials would I need at an art show...

Now, I understand the troubles and trails all my Comicky friends go through at every con.

On Friday, there was a pre-show for VIP and Media people. I was my normal charming self and talked with people from the Leamington Arts Council, who might want me for some video work or to showcase any documentary films I finish... *cough* Little Person amongst Media Giants... *cough*

Here was my Table setup indoors.

This image ...
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