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19 year-old male from United Kingdom
contrary to my name, i am not a VEGAN, my username is derived from my initials AK. A upside down without a horizontal line looks like a V and a K on it's side always looked like a assault rifle to me.

but i digress. i am a community hunter, and addict gamer. who loves creating content, and i hopefully will make more! (

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starting to move forward: coming back to the communityhey all.

so i have been away from the RT community for 2 main reasons. one was because i had pretty much given up on trying to make AH community vids. and the second... well you all know what has happened.

Not gonna lie i almost threw up when i found out about Monty and it still doesn't feel real yet. i don't think it has sunk in. in the mornings i can accept it but then as the day goes on it starts to feel like i'm hallucinating like hes still here. Monty had a great effect on my life without me realizing it, he was the type of person i aspired/aspire to be. vast amounts of technical knowledge, immaculate efficiency , a heart of gold, and a aura of badassery that makes movies come to life. i actually remember watching Haloid in i want to say 2008. never focused on the name at the time but i was thinking to my self "who ever made this is a bad ass". and then it came full circle when him(and the warthog) came smashing through the wall and my expectation of each animated fight scene was met with insanity. there were multiple times actually where i would think of a fight segment or a RWBY weapon (such as Sun's Nunchuk shotguns, or north ripping a guard to shreds from the balls up with a SMG) a day or 2 before i'd actually see that Monty beat me to it. and that's what i loved the most about him, his ability to not only inspire us but to make us see the potential in ourselves as individuals and as a community.

I take things to heart a lot, (autism does that) i also lost 2 cousins and my grandmother last year. i was able to keep my feelings from showing but this has fucked me up to the point where i couldn't do it anymore. my 2 cousins, my nan, knuckles, Monty, its started to take its toll on me. now i can be oblivious to social courtesy many times, so i'm gonna be honest and i thought in my head "what will happen to RWBY? How will it be affected" and i know and understand that thinking that at this time makes me a complete and utter dickhead. one that i will accept for my insensitive thoughts..

The out pour that the community has had as well as the tribute video and the podcast really lightened the load this was having on my mind and i want to thank Daniel and Burnie for those.

I also want to thank Meg, Caiti, Jack, and and Gavin for their journals which have helped me immensely in this heart-shattering event for the entire RT family.

I will never forget him, nor Knuckles. I fear their loss and the memory of them will torture my mind forever because i take things to heart so much. but i will also let their accomplishments and their memories drive me. I now aim to start making community hunter videos again. because of that wonderful animator, i finally believe in my ability as a person. and if i ever had the chance to meet the lemon punching legend that was Monty Oum, I'm sure that he would have liked the content that i believe i can make.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read this. ain't easy for me to express myself properly. i hope i haven't accidentally said anything that will offend anyone as that is NEVER my intention to do so, especially not now. my thoughts are are always with Monty and his family, as well as David's (knuckle's). I'm not saying goodbye, we hate goodbyes right?

See you soon Monty. Our Mentor, Our Friend, Our Brother :)

'Keep Moving Forward'

"Building a future, and keeping the past alive are one and the same"
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