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30 year-old female from Commerce, MI
Daughter of Detroit.

Hockey fanatic, wielder of Nikon cameras, writer, musician, artist.

Friend of the Ood.
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Why?In the laundry room in my apartment building, there are three washers and three dryers. Having completed use of two of the washers, I transferred my clothes to two of the dryers.

As a sane person would.

When an appropriate amount of time had passed, I went to retrieve my clothing to discover someone had unloaded my (thankfully dry) clothing from one of the dryers and inserted their own.

Ignoring completely the unoccupied dryer, door open, clearly available for use and not presently inhabited by someone else's clothing and thus requiring exactly 50% less effort to use.

I, in all my imagination, cannot think of one logical train of thought that led to this action. I wasn't wronged (they hadn't damaged my clothes, and they were dry, so no foul there), so I wasn't angry, but my poor brain is suffering from an acute case of severe WTF.

So I taped a piece of paper to the occupied dryer that simply says, "Why?"

As these are the actions of a crazy (though not malicious) person, I do not expect a response.
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