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Episode 78 of Red vs Blue is now available in the public archive. The best way to reach it is by clicking here. I have also added a new video feature, which is the episode with director's comments for Sponsors. I also started a thread in the Sponsor forum to discuss this and see what everyone thinks of this new addition.

Hope you enjoy Season 5!

8 years ago  |  Comments (319)
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wow, it takes me back to the older Episodes?? Is anyone else having this problem?
8 years ago
dude it doesnt bring me there i want to watch it
8 years ago
i wonder how tuckers baby will look like.
8 years ago
This link only leads to the rolling archive. It's been a week and I can't find the new episode on the site, please help.
8 years ago
season five - Five stars!!
Great work RT- nice episode.
8 years ago
quite possibly the funniest episode to date. bravo, RT staff. bravo.... and dibs... it's mine now...
8 years ago
The link won't work!
It keeps taking me to the archive.
And when I go to current season it only goes to 77.
8 years ago
sorry to say this but i cant view this at all
8 years ago
Muwahahahaha Seen it!

8 years ago
me neither. It links me to the previous seasons section.

Could you fix it please?
8 years ago
yeah season five is not here i can't find it anywhere
8 years ago
I don't know if this is just me, but when I clicked videos, I only saw season 4, and when I clicked the direct link, it took me there, but it took me back to that same page, so just a warning ppl CLICK THE DIRECT LINK FOR THE VIDEO OR ELSE YOU WON'T GET IT!
gratz RT, great job, hope this season rocks just as much as the last...and the one b4 that...and the one b4 that...and...well, you get the point
8 years ago
Awesome episode!!!!!! Thanx RT!!!!! Looking forward to another great Season!!!!
(Bow Chica Bow Wow!!!)
8 years ago
Why, why taunt us with hope and then bring death.
8 years ago
8 years ago
this si the best thing since sliced bread!
8 years ago
I feel like its christmas. I've been witing so long for Season 5. I love you Rooster Teeth!
8 years ago
Aigon Sponsor
I'm like almost everyone else; I can't find the video. I click on where it says to but it just takes me back to the old episode archive.
8 years ago
So is this going to be the last season?

8 years ago
this season just gets better and better
8 years ago  |  - 1 WTF
It keeps sending me to Previous episodes. Or when I click on Current season, it takes me to season 4! What the crap!?!
8 years ago
I dunno if I'm the only one this is happeneing to but, the link just sends me to the archives.
8 years ago
YES! rooster teeth is the bomb!!!
8 years ago
Wait a second... Why is it doing this to me... to US.... why. I want to see season five not this old (but still good) stuff? Whats going on here?
8 years ago
halo_dudette inHABITed
It had better not be the last season. I'd miss RvB like a sister.
8 years ago
what the hell the link is bringing me to epsodes 30-34
8 years ago
um... it's not there
8 years ago
I Love how everyone used like One Word to describe the Release to the Episode.

8 years ago  |  + 0 Funny
just in case you guys didnt know, whenever i click on the link u give it sends me to the rolling archive. whats goin on?
8 years ago
brex123 Sponsor
I think there must be a broken link somewhere as when i click on the link, it takes me to either the season 4 or the season 2 arcive
8 years ago
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