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RvB 87 in a Flash

Episode 87 of Red vs. Blue, "The Nesting Theory," is now available to the public. If you have the latest version of Flash installed in your browser, you'll see that we've upgraded our video section to take advantage of the latest technology from 3 years ago. (We also just heard about this cool new thing called electronic mail, but that sounds too space-age to be real.)

The new flash video files are being re-encoded from our original source files for the best possible quality. You may notice we've made our public version a good bit larger, while keeping the file size low. This should mean faster streaming and a better viewing experience for everyone. And one more very cool thing: we've added the ability for anyone to embed our videos on your own website. (You can find the code directly under the main player on the video page.)

We've been working hard to update the entire archive, so please bear with us as we continue our improvements. We hope you enjoy the new features!

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This is practically the first time I've ever commented. I have watched RvB for ages now, and have each episode on my HD, and frequently go back and watch them again. Now it has been decreed that there is no downloads for non-sponsors? You're probably thinking 'stop being so stingy, give us money.' But i) I'm 17, still at school, so don't have a lot of disposable income (at least now the iphone is unveiled...), and ii) more importantly, i don't have a credit card. Also I'm not gonna pay for you to have a good time - your jobs are playing halo!!

Anyhoo, I don't really know what your motive is, but I'm gonna just be downloading the flv and converting to iPod size. My computer is too slow to play Flash correctly. So long, thanks for all the fish, and pleaaase reconsider!
8 years ago
Thanks Matt.
8 years ago
whats this
8 years ago
8 years ago
yay, new technology
8 years ago
FINNALY! its open to the public, another great hilarious episode RT! thx
8 years ago
spazpaul Sponsor
Yay for flash!
8 years ago
Omfg it Owned =}
8 years ago
nice update
8 years ago
love it love it.
8 years ago
8 years ago
8 years ago
Flash will make an awesome addition to the look of the site! Nice work!
8 years ago
dude that was like 80billion times better than the last i love red vs blue i got seasons 1 2 and 3 on my zune its awasome now i can watch caboose at work :)
8 years ago
Nice work Matt! That is bloody well awesome!
8 years ago
I really hope that the episode will be availble for downloading for non sponser for I am too a college student with little money to spear and I love having the episode on my computer to watch when I can't get an Internet signal. Please guys! Don't take my entertainment away! DX
8 years ago
Sweet new addition with the video in the post. I like it alot.
8 years ago
i love this
8 years ago
MichyGeary Forum Mod
I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate all the hard work you do for us! You're too good to us. Love you!
8 years ago
Signed up just to write this: The new flash player is certainly very nice, and I don't particularly care about downloading the files to keep, but for the love of crap, at least add a zoom or full screen option. As delightful as RvB is at an inch and a half, I'd kind of like to see what's going on.
8 years ago
You know it's sad, but I am about 20x more likely to watch these right as they come out now, rather than 'getting to them later'. You guys are crafty.
8 years ago
8 years ago
PvtChurch007 Sponsor
That is awesome and the episode is great
8 years ago
Better quality videos are always good.
8 years ago
The embedding thing is cool. I give that credit.

So, out of curiosity, does this mean public download is gone completely?
8 years ago
thats awesome

8 years ago
I saw you guys tried this before, I was wondering what happened to it. I think this is a great idea.
8 years ago
8 years ago
it is one of the best videos yet
8 years ago
Matt.... you rock!

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8 years ago
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