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We've had a number of people ask if we will be using Halo 3 to make machinima. In answer to that question, we proudly present the video below. This can also be seen on Xbox Live Marketplace in glorious HD. Thanks to Bungie and Microsoft for making this possible and we'll see you all online tomorrow on High Ground! The game rocks.

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8 years ago  |  Comments (377)
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ragingterror Forum Mod
The beta is a lot of fun, for sure. I wanted to play with you guys, but as soon as I joined up with Kay0s, you all bailed out. Oh well.

Love the video, and I hope to see you online.
8 years ago
Great Job Burnie
8 years ago
i loved the man cannon! i think i wanna ride that thing... and i would like to shoot griff into it with a rocket luancher
8 years ago
That was hilarious guys!!! Can't wait to see how you're going to use all the equipment!!! But I do have to say that it was kinda different from Halo 2, and not all that sharp... I don't know what might be the problem, whether it's the flash player, or it's because it's still beta but for some reason, I didn't enjoy it to the maximum. But, no matter what format you guys are on, it's still great!!!
Can't wait for the full version!!! Cya!!!
8 years ago
yay finally there will be enough people to make matchmaking find suitable matches faster.
8 years ago
Donut's creepy laugh will haunt me til I die.

But seriously, HD tbaggin'. Frikken awesome.

Caboose loses his pinky toe, and now his whole arm? Poor guy.

I want a man-cannon. For my backyard.
8 years ago
...we finally have....a grif cannon.

8 years ago
thats awsome you should use it for when halo 3 is up and runnin in a season 6 or something like that maybe the last episode
8 years ago
classic, er... red and blue team antics and such. awesome!
8 years ago
Wow, a real Grif Cannon!
8 years ago
haha "Co-ordinated offensive"
8 years ago
Jesus christ, how do you guys make these? with the new hud and everything lol
8 years ago
that rocks i am waiting watching the bungie timer as soon as it hits 0 i hit go lol
8 years ago
it sucks i have crackdown with halo3 beta but i can't download it because it doesn't se that it's available
8 years ago
8 years ago  |  + 1 Ditto
YEAH..... BETA RULES..... I just loved to play it..... Well, it is only the multi-player, but still. I haven't had any bugs yet thou....

And RT, it is a damn cool Intro you've made.... haha....


New Caboose Quote: Wich base is ours?
8 years ago
if anyone is on here that isn't getting the beta through crackdown I just want to let you know that you should be abel to download...actually you should have been able to download it since midnight...
8 years ago
Red Team FTW! Great episode RT I hope its on XBLM, and for the ppl saying the public beta is available right now you are lying mother fuckers and should die! The beta doesn't come out til 5am Bungie is even counting down until the beta is released.
8 years ago
Treb Sponsor
Yay!! Cool Graphics!!
8 years ago
Cool we get tear gas grenades in Halo3.lol
8 years ago  |  + 1 Cool
Teabagging & Machinima will never be the same.

I can't wait till the next Beta video(since I can't play it, Crap)
8 years ago
And I can't wait to see what Teabagging will be like on my first Halo 3 kill and on the Prophet of Truth (you're gonna get it you son of a bitch).
8 years ago
Jalnor Teal Tokra
This video's still really jumpy on my machine... is it just me? The audio and video get out of sync. It'd be good if it was available in the video archives, I've got friends that (believe it or not) still haven't played Halo 3 and this would be the perfect orientation/assimilation tool.
7 years ago
Just F-In Brilliant!!!

And Awesome to Boot....

Minister of the Church of PVt. Church

Dan"Bandit Eskimo"

END OF LINE.......
8 years ago
team_killer Sponsor
That was awesome....just pure awesomeness....man why are you guys ending rvb when that looked so cool with Halo 3....ah well good job rt
8 years ago
Can you upload this on youtube or something because I can hear the sound but all I see is black!!!
8 years ago

Now the series will continue!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!

Now normally i'd be placing emoticons except sponsorship is gone, I'll worry about it later. I'm too happy right now!!!
8 years ago
RT are gods among men...
8 years ago
Taenaran Sponsor
8 years ago
thats an awesome video, poor grif!
8 years ago
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