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It all came down to this...

So, the contest officially ended last night at 10pm when Burnie got the Mile High Club achievement. The final score was" Burnie-1,000. Geoff-910. However, it was much, much closer than that. The achievements he had that I didn't were all incredibly easy to get, and it was really just a race to get that Mile High Club one - and last night, he did. That fucking achievement has to be one of the hardest ever made. It requires you to storm two floors of an airplane and rescue a hostage in 60 seconds.


I can't eat a bag of airplane peanuts in that time, let alone kill 30 dudes with machine guns. But, apparently Burnie can. GG dude.
As the winner, Burnie can now either pick any achievement he has already gotten and make me get it, or pick a real-world achievement that I have to do (something gross I'm sure). The choice is mine...
I think I will spend tonight mulling it over, and let him know tomorrow.

What achievement contest should we do next?

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Welcome to the Club!!
7 years ago
That Sucks
7 years ago
Real-world sounds like it could get bad. I think I'd pick the first choice.
7 years ago
trekkiewheel s
LOL! nice work
7 years ago  |  - 1 Noob
Mass Effect or Assassin's Creed next!
7 years ago  |  + 2 Funny
SpiceyCarpet Sponsor
Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink!
7 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
Yo have failed us Geoff...:'(...ah well better luck nx time....

I can't eat a bag of airplane peanuts in that time...
...Sounds like a real life achievement right there..:)..cept instead of airplane packet....JUMBO SIZE ..>:D....
Try the entire halo trilogy over in the fastest time..on legendary...>:D

7 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
Do Dragonforce on GH on Expert!!!!
7 years ago  |  + 2 Ditto
Emessai Sandwich
Sometime in the far-away future of next year, you guys should race for UT3! That game's kickass...
7 years ago  |  - 3 Noob
Assassins Creed when it comes out tomorrow. that would be cool.
7 years ago
Mad props to you both! I guess I backed the right horse, tho... Congrats Burnie!
7 years ago
GG faggots
7 years ago  |  - 2 Noob
Assassin's Creed next. That'd be aesome.
7 years ago
the gears of war acheivments are fun to get
7 years ago
Make a contest between who can beat all the GH3 songs on expert first, and have a side bet on who's hands fall off first.
7 years ago
Rock Band, go gogogoo.
7 years ago

next time you guys should do mass effect...or something...fuck i duno... why not rock band when that comes out?
7 years ago
too bad Geoff i bet you tried you're hardest but it just wasn't that good no jk i'm pretty sure you put up a pretty big fight congrats Burnie mile high on that difficulty thats a pretty big feat
7 years ago
evilcrash9 DatGarrus
How about Lego Star Wars: The Complete Collection......
7 years ago
Spartan2177 Herpos
Do The Simpson Game...that takes a while.
7 years ago
gears of war acheivments are fun to get
7 years ago
you guys are insane. I couldn't gain that many achievements in a year let alone a few days.
7 years ago
So Sad.... What u need is some other peoples support...

Perhaps Guitar Hero III Challenge? U'd probably kick ass then
7 years ago
assasins creed,have a contest for that
7 years ago
youre living every kids dreams, get paid to play video envious
7 years ago
kyledakilla eyelash
Maybe get all the Mass Effect Achievements
7 years ago
OMG!! 2 seconds left, entering bullet time, precision aiming down the scope... shot the hostage...

i blew it... :X
7 years ago
Yeah Burnie, make Geoff do something insane!
7 years ago
Burnie Wins! (I knew he'd win)

I also got that Achievement just last night.

Took me approx 2h 30mins in a span of 2 days to get it. I have to say, I have never faced anything so hard on any FPS I've ever played.
7 years ago
mass effect
7 years ago
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