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Rooster Teeth Productions is proud to announce our newest series, Red vs Blue: Reconstruction.
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Geoff Edit: I didn't want to bump the vid, so today's comic is here.
7 years ago  |  Comments (793)
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7 years ago  |  + 117 Cool
A new series?

A new series! Yes!

Even if it isn't a comedy, it's better than nothing.

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7 years ago  |  + 11 Ditto
So... I guess this isn't a comedy series.

7 years ago  |  + 8 Ditto
jtmitchell87 78llehctimtj
Well, my interest has been peaked.
7 years ago  |  + 5 Ditto
Riley Riledotcom
Dear Rooster Teeth,

I freaking love you. More than words can possibly say.

7 years ago
It doesn't look funny but it does look freaking awesome! I love you Rooster Teeth!

Oh and appearances do fool me. All the time.
7 years ago
wow i cant w8 looks amazing
i dont care wether its a comedy or not its fucking mint

7 years ago
new series? i hope it comes out on DVD aswell,awsome
7 years ago
I hope they bering back the old chacters
7 years ago

EDIT: The servers gonna be raped soon.

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7 years ago  |  + 10 Ditto
mattstang86 Sponsor

Post edited 4/05/08 6:35AM
7 years ago
#503 "It doesn't look funny but it does look freaking awesome! I love you Rooster Teeth!

Oh and appearances do fool me. All the time."

rvb is good at comeby and acton
7 years ago
Why do I automatically think of Serendipity, The Sphere, AND Jacob's Ladder when I watch that?

Couldn't contract James Earl Jones for the voice though? C'mon, you know you wanted to.
7 years ago  |  + 1 Cool
Shabobble Sponsor
People do realize that every series RoosterTeeth has ever made had the same voice actors in it? Aside from that, It's definitely got to have our old characters back again. Hell, the two people we saw could have been people we already know...new armor, new voice filters?
7 years ago
Where's today's post?
Oh, vgameace : "I hope they bering back the old chacters", I think they are because if u read that little cast list at the end of the video, it says all the names of the voice actors of the original series.
7 years ago
chalkley3 Sponsor

That was the sound of my head exploding in joy.
7 years ago
sweet juicy RVB goodness. I love the plot twist too.

Thank you for making new RVB, it made my day.
7 years ago
7 years ago  |  - 15 Flamebait
so the pelican is it the one from RvB that might have crashed?
and that dude walking around was definitely from recovery
7 years ago
SO excited!!!
7 years ago
I can wait to see if you use the map creator to build some awesome modded sets. Though Lots of guessing going on, Reserved judgement until the episode is released.
7 years ago
Looks like it has potential
7 years ago
burnie Cast & Crew
So... I guess this isn't a comedy series.

Don't let appearances fool you.
7 years ago  |  + 62 Cool
i cannot wait it looks like its going to be a great series and with forge roaster teeth could make there own little set ups much easier and looking better then before great trailer
7 years ago
It looks like you guys spent alot of time on that.. I loved it!
7 years ago
What? No sponsor early-release? What do we pay you people for?!

Edit: Wait just a minute there, Mr. Burns!

Series? Or do you mean mini-series?

Post edited 4/04/08 11:31PM
7 years ago  |  + 0 Ditto
cool a new series guys looks interesting from the trailer looking forward to it
7 years ago
hehehe.....looks like my theory was right

Tex survived the andy bomb (as my friends call it) and jumped before it exploded (leaving andy behind or more likely throw out) so Tex and every one on board is still alive and the crashed ship is ok ok wait if your that stupid and I have to tell you then go watch season 5 again

if not well you know what happened last time remember another thing bungie's map pack comes out the 14th and the map where Tex's power was introduced....it's back and I think jimmy's skull is still there
7 years ago
Server raep inbound.
7 years ago  |  - 1 WTF
Oh. My. GOD!
Maybe we'll see some Caboose? Maybe? Please?

Anyway, series looks like something BAD-ASS!
7 years ago
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