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Just Life Pt. 16Finally... I wanted to post this, now that my brother has Assassins Creed, heh, I spend some time on here doin nuthing but writin

Dimetri gets me to my bed and locks the door. "She shall be punished for what she did to you master", Dimetri says. "No... its fine", I whisper. "But she... as you wish", Dimetri says with a slight bow. "Dimetri, that girl... she doesn't seem right", I whisper. "The black ora around her... I saw it too master", Dimetri says with a slight nod. "What does it mean", I ask looking through my spell book. "I'm not too sure, but it should show why on the first few pages of your spell book", Dimetri says sitting beside me and turning the pages. The words in the book are still hard to understand, but I can make some of them out now. "I see it now... there is a curse on her", I say looking at Dimetri. "How do you know that", he asks tilting his head. "Right here, it says black ora means the presence of another spell casters magic", I say pointing. "I don't see anything there... but I think the book is only showing its master what she wants... this is just the begining of what will come with your magic master... but what should we do about Nami", Dimetri asks. "Nothing for now, I don't think she is The Warlock", I say. "Then who is she", Dimetri asks. "Maybe a victim of The Warlock", I say in a asking kind of way. "Ah, I see... would you like me to watch her for you", Dimetri asks. "Would you do that for me... well after we practice our magic again", I say with a smile. Dimetri and I changed into long black robes, then left our room. "I've got a new spell I would like to try", Dimetri says looking over at me with a smile. "Alright, what is it", I ask. "Its an elemental spell", Dimetri says proudly. "That's great", I say with a giggle. We get to the training room and I move. "Thank you master... now", Dimetri says holding his hands out; pointed toward a wall. "Hm", I lean closer. Dimetri pulls his arm back; only holding out his middle and index fingers. "Grow", he whispers. Lush green leaves burst from the wall and grow all over it. "Wow", I cheer clapping my hands. Dimetri's face goes red and he tilts his head down, then looks up at me with his beautiful eye's. "Thank you master... did you enjoy that", he asks. "I did, that was amazing", I say hugging him. "M...master", Dimetri says; puzzled. "It's really nice to have you here with me Dimetri... I feel like I need you here to feel safe", I whisper. "Master...", Dimetri slides his strong hands past my ribs and rubs my back. "Dimetri", I whisper blushing. "I... I think I love you master and I'm here for only you", he says holding the back of my head and pulling me closer. We hold and cherish each other for minutes, I wished it could have lasted forever.

I hope you enjoied it everyone ^^ -Christine
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