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28 year-old female from Fort Lauderdale, FL
I am a left-wing African-American teenager with very little social life, working 2 jobs and has a wonderful car.
I am in college. Graduated high school CLASS OF 2005. I am the only Bridgette on this site and I like that way.

That result makes me a sad panda.
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OverallOverall in my life I'm just unhappy. I barely have anything in my life that I get out of bed for. I have my 2 god-kids that mean the world to me but other than that there's nothing of meaning in my life. I don't have many friends, the only people I see on a regular basis are my coworkers. The list of people that I care about has gotten progressively smaller has time goes on, There are a few people that I cared about, and thought that they cared about me, haven't seen or spoken to in months and in some cases years. When I love, I love hard and that just doesn't go away because you've decided that you don't want to be bothered with me anymore. My heart can't even seem to truly heal because one scar hasn't healed before I am stabbed again. And it seems that it's consistent in all of my relationships. When there is someone that I am truly close to they hurt me. I don't even know how I'll even learn to trust someine with my heart after all that's been done to it. I am alone right now (relationship wise) and I understand that I need to do some soul searching but it hurts. Hopefully, one day all of this pain will go away and be replaced with the love of a great person but until then...alone I stay.
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Name Bridgette
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